Hotwire Hotel Thailand Refund

By 13years,

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Me and the girl had a trip planned for Thailand. Recent, that place is a warzone, so were not going. My chick called Hotwire and they said no FU no refund on the Hotel we booked through them.

I'm going to call them myself, just was looking on some opinions suggestions on a refund for the Hotel we booked through Hotwire. I feel its a BIG exception to the rule.

Here is the letter

April 22, 2010The State Department alerts U.S. citizens traveling to and residing in Thailand of ongoing demonstrations in Bangkok. Due to escalating violence in central Bangkok, all U.S. citizens should avoid nonessential travel to Bangkok. Those traveling outside of Bangkok in Thailand should be aware of the possibility of disturbances elsewhere and should exercise caution and good judgment. This replaces the Travel Alert dated April 12, 2010, to update information on security concerns. This Travel Alert will expire on July 22, 2010.

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Welcome to BetterBidding.

Please start with posting your details (dates, amenities,zone, price etc) for the stay and well have a look at the above.

From Our Rules and Polcies:

While we welcome both positive and negative experiences, please keep in mind that the spirit of this message board is helping users.

If you have a complaint, problem, or question with a recent or upcoming Priceline/Hotwire stay, we will be happy to do what we can to help, but please be considerate of the board's primary goal of helping others and first post the details of your 'win.'

It is important for everyone to know when problems and customer service issues arise, but the majority of the users come here to see winning bid information... so please oblige them with this information before asking for them for help.

Thanks! :)


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