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  1. Hi. I was wondering if someone could help with any bids they may have posted over the Oct 14th weekend. I was looking at hotwire and the 4* are all around $200 and higher. So I am worried that Priceline is going to be expensive at this time as well. Plus some hotels are all booked...I guess there must be something going on over this weekend. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Forgot to write that this was for the Hyatt Regency Embarcadero. I got a winning bid of $68 for my first try in USE. Now I just wish I had started lower since I didn't think I would get a room for $68 based on other posts. :)
  3. I live in the bay area and parking in SF near the hotels is a pain in the arse over the weekdays and saturday. One option is to park in the Mission District area near 24th st and Mission and take the BART from there to Powell St Station near Union Sq. But make sure to park closer to the Guerrero St and 24th area since it is safer than on Mission St and only 2 blocks away...the parking there is not metered (though can be hard to find) and the only thing you have to look out for is the street cleaning signs. A much cheaper options since the BART ride is like 5 minutes and costs you only $1.25. I hope this helps.
  4. Sorry. I think the zone was downtown and the star rating was 4* according to priceline. Surprised to see that they didn't rate it a 5* as most books and hotwire does. I wasn't expecting to be able to get a 5* on priceline...especially since I didn't see any Sutton Place wins on this forum.
  5. AFter trying to get two nights through Priceline for 6/11-6/13 and not being successful. I decided to split up into two hotels since hotwire had a good rate for the first night. But this winning bid is for the 2nd night on 6/12. Started out with a bid for $67, $73, $80, $86, $93, $100...nothing worked. Then my girlfriend tried it out and bid as follows: $95, $103, $110, $117, and finally $124 was our winning bid. With taxes it came out to $145 or so.
  6. After trying all sorts of things on priceline I finally booked one of my two nights at the Crowne Plaza in Vancouver. 6/11 was much more expensive than the 6/12 so we split up hotels to get a good rate. I just booked the 3.5* hotel in the entertainment disctrict on hotwire with restaurant, fitness center, internet and business center for $105/night before using the promo code: GIFTCARD06. The total with tax was $118.95. Does anyone know if you get any of the taxes back being an US citizen?
  7. Where on the hotwire page can I enter the GIFTCARD06 code? I don't see that as I go through the pages.
  8. Yeah, the Coast Plaza hotel is still available but only for the 12th night. I think I would rather go with trying to get something on priceline at the 4* level. I would also like to be where all the "action" is in terms of bars/clubs. And it seems like the Crown Plaza is better situated for that.
  9. Yeah, I think I might split my bid in order to get the best deal since there is such a price difference for the 11th and 12th. I might go for the Crowne Plaza on the 11th using hotwire and try priceline for the 12th night...hoping to get a better hotel than the Crowne Plaza for the 12th. I am assuming most of the 4* on priceline are better and hopefully one of them will have a cheaper rate as well. Are there any other good cheap hotels I could check out separately for the 11th night? Oh and is the Crown Plaza also called the Crowne Plaza Hotel Georgia...just making sure I have the correct hotel.
  10. Thanks Scorps for looking into this. Do you recommend I try going a little higher to around $105? Or should I just try for the 12th night and hope to find some cheaper hotel or motel when I get to Vancouver on the 11th? Me and my girlfriend and I are fine with staying somewhere cheaper on the 11th night if that saves us money.
  11. I tried the bidding strategy based on the posts in the hotwire string but it looks like I was rejected. I started with Vancouver at $67, rejected added zone 1 and bid $72, rejected added zone 2 and bid $77, rejected closed browser and re-opened added zone 3 and bid $82, rejected added zone 1 and bid $86, rejected added zone 2 and bid $90, rejected Then I was shut out of the system... Anyone have any advice on what to do next. I guess I have to wait 72 hours at least and then try again. What price should I start at in 72 hours? Do I start at $90 or lower? And I really would not like to bid more than $100 if I can help it. I know from some other sites that people are having trouble with $100 for the following weekend cause of some conference. Should I just try booking a room for the 12th night? Is the sat night stay causing the higher price? I could just try and find a cheap hotel for the 11th night.
  12. I have never bid on priceline and was thinking of trying to use it to get a 4* hotel in downtwon Vancouver. All of the pinned ones seem to be pretty nice if I can get a price below $80 US. Can someone help step me through a bidding strategy to get a 4* for the dates of 6/11-6/13
  13. Hmmm...I just checked again for the June 12th night and I still get the 3.5* for $86. Maybe it was the timing.
  14. Can you bid on priceline and get any better hotels than many of the std 4* listed on this site? I was wondering if you could big from the any of the boutique hotels or 5*. From what I can tell the answer is no but I wanted to verify from all of the experts out there. Cause otherwise I might use Hotwire since I have a better idea of the 4.5* and 5* I can get.
  15. Will this GIFTCARD06 work for everyone on HOTWIRE? This is a grea deal if it does...thanks.
  16. Also, do you guys have a recommendation of which hotel is the best to stay at for a couple in there late 20's that want to go out at night and have fun. We would like to be in walking distance to fun places and the sites during the day.
  17. Just checked again this morning for the 12th and there is a new one in Vancouver West 3.5 star for $86 with restaurant, pool, fitness center, tennis, business center and laundry. This seems like a good deal. but which hotel has tennis? Also is the Sutton Hotel worth it for all that money? Thanks so much for your help "thereuare". Oh and I am a Michigan grad as well. Great to see other Wolverines out there.
  18. Hi, I am going to Vancouver for the nights of June 11th (sat) and 12th (sunday). The first night we wanted to stay in a cheaper hotel in the downtown area since we may drive in late and the 2nd night we wanted to stay in a 4 star or higher hotel in downtown again (essentially any area where you can walk to bars and restaurants). I looked up Hotwire prices and I can't figure out which hotels are which. The only ones that I could really tell for the 12th night from the postings are the Crowne Plaza at 3.5 stars for $108 and probably the Westin Grand 4.5 star for $174. I was really curious as to what the 5 star hotel (downtown west) with restaurant, pool, fitness, spa, gold and business center is for $144 (best value) and what the 4 star (downtown west) customer favorite with boutique, restaurant, pool, fitness, spa, kitchenette, laundry is for $135. Thanks, Ankur
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