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  1. Bid accepted at $95 for Luxor. 10/7-10/10. I was given the option to extend my stay at the same hotel, which I thought was at 95. It came back with $278 for 10/6 at Luxor which I declined. Thanks for your help. Now gotta figure out what to do about 10/6. Maybe hit the 3* hotels.
  2. All bids failed. I was countered with 108 for south zone.
  3. Shouldn't be any difference if I do the north zone first, then south zone?
  4. On Expedia, there is a huge price difference for Sat compared to the rest of the days. I will definitely be open to breaking it up. I am ready to bid and both zones are fine.
  5. 10/6 is a Sat and 10/8 is Columbus Day. How should I break up the bidding? Is LV a popular destination during Columbus Day weekend? TIA
  6. I'll be staying at the Downtown SF Marriott and they charge 45 bucks a day for parking. What are the alternatives? Thanks
  7. Didn't break up the dates. Someone else bid on it and got 95 at the Marriott San Francisco Downtown. 4* USE Went from 85, 90 and accepted at 95. Thanks
  8. I've tried 4 bids from 60-80 and used up all the free rebids. I assume that Wed and Thurs nights are cheaper than Fri and Sat nights? Should I be breaking this up to Wed/Thur and Fri/Sat? Judging from the recent posts...USE 4* are Omni and Hyatt Regency. Either one should be ok with me. Thanks