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  1. Provided follow-up as requested. Only looking for Downtown Toledo. Like to find something for around $50 if possible. Appears to only be one 3* hotel as the other is closed for renovations but I'm wary Priceline may add another unknown property because of that.
  2. Extended Stay America - Meadowlands - Rutherford for $65 a night. Used the PRICELINE EXPRESS Deals feature because none of my bids were accepted all the way to $62. Clean but a bit noisy location (thin walls). Sorry for the late follow-up.
  3. Haven't noticed a lot of bidding lately here. Need a room downtown within walking distance (safe) to 5th Third Park on August 27th. Any suggestions? Tips? Most recent action was 2015 and most of it is older. Appreciate any help I can get.
  4. I'm going to read up and I'll make sure to use the links if I decide to bid. I just need a quiet place to rest and handicap unless I can score something very nice for a great price. I'll let you know how this resolves after I do some research.
  5. Travel dates are 4/29 - 5/1. Stars are variable. Track rate is $139 at the Holiday Inn Express for registered members of the tournament I am in. I am trying to beat this price in the area or get a better hotel at a similar price.
  6. Would like to hear about hotel options in this area. Preference to hotels that are close to the track or ones that might shuttle be there or close. Thanks in advance
  7. This is great information. I'll start another topic this afternoon to explore my hotel options. Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together. The information is definitely worth more then 2 cents!
  8. Yes I'm going to be traveling solo. I do not have a hotel yet. I just used miles for my flight had some left over on Frontier and needed to use them up. Hotel was going to be the third part. If you can provide some suggestions there as well. I'm open to some help with that bidding process as well. We can do it on another forum if you want to start something.
  9. I am headed over to the Meadowlands track for the World Harness Handicapping Championships Friday and Saturday night. Just need a car to get me back and forth from the airport and my hotel and the track.
  10. Wondering if anybody has tips for renting a car in this area? I am flying in here and the prices seem higher then other areas. Priceline does not offer bidding. Is there a reason for this? I see offsite rental locations have some lower prices but I'm not sure how far they are away and if it's worth the trouble to/from the airport. Anything you have would be appreciated. The best price I've seen so far is $120.04 at Enterprise for the smallest car available.
  11. We ended up staying in the hospital provided accommodations. We did not bid this trip. Thank you for the input though.
  12. The dates are ASAP. My flight is inbound now and I will be staying through May 11th. I would like to keep it in the 40-60 a night range give or take a couple bucks.
  13. I'm looking for something near the Leigh Valley Health Network, 1200 S Cedar Crest Blvd. Wondering if someone with more experience might have some bidding suggestions. I am really not familiar with area and only noticed the two 3 star Holiday Inn locations. How are these hotels? My father in law has fallen ill and I am traveling with a baby (8 months). I will be bidding this afternoon if I can for the weekend. Any thoughts anyone has would be appreciated.
  14. Had been bidding steadily up from $51 - $5 increments. Caught it at $81. Tough area to bid it appears. But couldn't find anything cheaper even with a government discount.
  15. My minimum star level would be 2.5 or 3 stars for Friday. 3 Stars for Saturday. I would likely bid both nights in hope of getting something in downtown Pittsburgh first. Then bid individual nights after that.
  16. I would be willing to spend up to $125-$135 for Saturday June 23rd. (I have gotten some nice hotels for $65ish before, but it seems unlikely this weekend) I haven't tried to bid yet, but would prefer to be downtown. Been calling hotels and checking hotels online to formulate a solid bidding price. All quotes over $200 so far. Friday June 22nd is less important since we will be getting in about 8:30pm. Anywhere within 10 to 15 miles is acceptable and we will drive into the city early.
  17. Anybody know whats causing all the rooms in Pittsburgh to be booked June 22 and 23? I would entertain some help finding something nice near there since it doesn't appear there is anything downtown like I had hoped. I am bringing my wife there for our anniversary and to attend the Tiger-Pirates game(s). Thanks in advance for your help.
  18. Offer Price: avg. per room, per night $57.00 Rooms: 1 Nights: 1 + Add nights for the same rate! Room Subtotal: $57.00 Taxes & Fees: $15.24 Total Charged: $72.24
  19. If you are driving I would book at the Westin in Southfield, MI. It's 13 miles north of the Wayne State University off of 10 (The Lodge). It's an easy drive. You can usually bid $62 on PRICELINE and win a four star hotel which is very nice. The Hampton HOTWIRE rate is also a solid value. Clean hotel and a nice brewery next door to wind down out at after a long day.
  20. Room Cost (avg. per room, per night): $62.00 (USD) Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Guests Per Room: 2 Number of Nights: 2 Room Subtotal: $124.00 (USD) Taxes and Fees: $25.44 (USD) Total Room Cost: $149.44 (USD)
  21. I was denied at $55. Priceline counter offer was $66. I rebid and added Detroit downtown 4 stars knowing it was highly unlikely that I would hit anything for rebid of $61.
  22. It's been getting tougher to win the Westin. But the next best choice the Marriott has been coming up. Been denied at $52 multiple times, but it appears $54 is the low for acceptance at the moment during the week.
  23. I am going to bet it's one of the casinos. The Atheneum is reporting as sold out at this time.
  24. I think you will enjoy your stay there. My wife works in the Detroit area and we frequently take advantage of their weekday offers on hotel rooms when she has to stay over. I have noticed the lower floors seem to be quieter at night then the upper floors.
  25. Bid $40 yesterday and was rejected. Was given counteroffer of $51. Started back today at $44 and it was accepted first try. Not sure if $42 or $43 would work, but it might be worth a try if you have more time. As always i used the PRICELINE link to book my reservation.
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