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  1. bid 4* hotel in the area at $37, rejected, add 3.5* got this 4* hotel, nice! :lol: The parking is right under the hotel and $15 parking ticket can be validated at front desk and it becomes FREE parking!
  2. Bidding $40 all sections in the area on 3*, got nothing, lower to $35 on 2.5*, got nothing, lower to $30 on 2*, got this one ... :lol:
  3. Just bid $35 from all zones from highest star, rejected, lower star, and rejected, till 2.5* got it ... :P
  4. It is right next to Borgata Casino, $5 parking, where we spend the whole night before coming back to the hotel, free parking, was Trump Marina. You may ask the front desk to see if they can give you a newly renovated room which is wonderful!
  5. Bid $40 on all 4* hotel, rejected, lower to 3.5* on $38, rejected, lower to 3* on $36 ... got it
  6. This hotel is the best in New Jersey and no worse than top hotels like Ritz Carton Battery Park; I was invited to both hotels when they newly built and had a first hand comparison. Even better, across street from this Heldrich is New Jersey State Theater that often has wonderful shows.
  7. This is a very nice hotel, well worth the money. When you arrives, they gave you home made delicious big cookies to greet you that I never seen in past 300 hotels I stayed ... In today's greedy economy, business still want to give you a free treat is rare. While you are here, do not miss the wonderful Rutgers Concerts nearby, many are free as well, and have the wonderful all you can eat breakfast at huge newly built Rutgers Livingston Dinning Commons for only $8, and watch out the traffic camera at Rt 527 (Easton Ave) and Park Ave at New Brunswick that costed me $85.
  8. Went to nearby Ruby Tuesday for dinner. It is a very nice restaurant with parking lot all full ... It is, in fact, right at Courtyard by Marriott. The check was a surprise low, may be because they had $9.95 dinner ...
  9. Too bad! Just got a traffic violation ticket from New Brunswick Police Department. It seemed they had a traffic light camera at the intersection of Easton (Rt 527) and Park Ave very close to this hotel on the way to New Brunswick downtown. Be aware. $85 plus $2 convenience fee total; so the saving on staying at this hotel all "donated" to New Brunswick ... :)
  10. want to buy a new house at Piscataway and bid $33 on 3.5* hotel in the area, got immediate counter of $40, tried again add $2 and lower to 3* and got it! Was raised to this wonderful 3.5* hotel.
  11. The room is very nice and comfortable, and they gives you nice homemade big cookies; the a/c is very cool. There was minor problem, but their engineer came fix right away! The tennis court and basketball court are very nice too with outdoor pool next to them. There is also an indoor swimming pool, very nice too.
  12. I found out the reason. Before Hurricane Irene, the local authority predict there might be flood in the area, so hotel instructed all staff to stay at the hotel, instead of going home, so many rooms became unavailable ... but the good news is that this hotel is not flooded, although the nearby canal did ...
  13. Now I know why it seems so crowd here. It is because there are huge wedding going on, everyone dress up so formal and nicely, and there is another huge Indian reunion. It is amazing! There are even charter buses bring lots of crowd. Did not look like there was a Hurricane Irene. The good news is that we were told this wonderful hotel was not flooded at all by Hurricane Irene because they have several big basin lakes to suck all the water ...
  14. Then I come back to extend one day today because, for some reason, after numerous bids could not get anything anywhere within 100 miles of drive just like last time, Priceline seems to have very mean computer program, the BIG BROTHER program to monitor us. Anyway, they would not let me extend to today unless I DOUBLE the price!!!! The feeling is like all supermarket within 100 miles ran out of milk, and you have to come back to this particular one that want you to pay TWICE the price ...
  15. just want to bid a hotel to see impact of Hurricane Irene on NJ, tried many places and got nothing, the most fool price I was given was Atlantic City, $9,999 !!! :) so, come back to see how I did last time, and bid $33 on 3.5*, countered $42, add another zone bid $3.5 on $35, rejected again, add another zone again bid 3.5* on $37, and got it ... :)
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