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  1. Hi Looking for bidding advice on the above. I know you are listing 4 hotels. All are fine, except the Millenium Hilton. Any guide as to which are tending to come up and also some tips on levels to bid at. I know all are showing about $500 per night on their own websites. Thanks
  2. Thanks May try skipping the Saturday.
  3. Started bidding today at $100 and worked my way up using $10 increments to $150 with no luck. Any reason these dates are not looking good? I am not aware of any conventions etc?
  4. With still no success, we have given up on this trip. Thanks for all the help
  5. Thanks for the update - that must have been a very recent change, but good news!
  6. To update: Bid again at $80 and $90 and rejected......see you in 72 hours!
  7. I don't think so - I am doing this for the in-laws and can't see them changing hotel!
  8. It was rejected so will try again in 72......thanks BTW, I added the Sunday 4/23 to make it 5 nights - would this impact on bidding advice?
  9. Sorry - I seem to have a problem remembering to close these things out! Hopefully all up to date now. The Vegas option is now out due to the price.
  10. Got the Caribe Hilton in the end for $130, just from trying and trying.....
  11. I think Vegas is out now as the prices that week are prohibitive
  12. Recently stayed in San Juan Marriott Resort and Caribe Hilton pre and post cruise - both great. Looking to go back on the above dates - happy with either hotel, or any of the resirts to be honest. 1) What should I be looking to bid? 2) Any idea what is most likely to come up? Looks like the Caribe Hilton a lot recently. Thanks, as always.
  13. Thanks for that advice TBQ. Looks like we'll have to revise the budget. So the best I can find from easyclicktravel is $267 per night. Any chance of getting Venetian on priceline between $150 and $250?
  14. When I went last July I paid $99. I know this is as low as it goes, but I guess around $150
  15. Any thoughts on what I should be paying? I am ready to book now, but haven't really thought of a budget yet....
  16. Hi Hope you had a good weekend away Anyway, Bid today $140 REJECTED $150 REJECTED Reading the next topic, this does not seem surprising. I have booked the Normandie Hotel as a mid price ($180) back up. Looks the best in its class (maybe you know better) but would not like to chance my arm on which hotel I get through Priceline below Resort level in San Juan
  17. I remembered what to do as soon as I posted (can you remove or amend a reply once posted?) Anyway, I added the rebid zone (Mayaguez - Isabela) which has no resort. I upped the bid to $125 but got reject. I have added the boutique also (hotels are extremely short supply that weekend from reviewing their own websites) Was rejected again at $135. Now see no choice but to wait 72 hours. Can you recommend somewhere I can book an 'insurance' hotel that can be cancelled if I have Priceline success?
  18. Not sure what you mean. When I made my bid yesterday, it told me I could only rebid using the same parameters by waiting 72 hours
  19. OK, so following on from my precruise success (see previous thread): $110 rejected $115 rejected today Plan is to go up in small increments as I have time. If there are any ways to reduce the 72 hour wait time (eg zones with no resort that act as a free rebid) or any other ideas, these would be appreciated.
  20. Given the time before my stay, I got greedy and went for $110....and it was accepted! I got the Marriott San Juan 02/10/05 for 1 night. For post cruise, tried the same on 02/18/05, but got rejected....will try again in 72 hours. Thanks, as always, for your help.
  21. I know, I know. Fair enough, on reflection, I am happy to go with Resort. The rates of the hotels themselves are very high. Given that I have to stay there pre and post cruise, I will pay what I have to, but obviously do not want to bid more than you think necessary. The maximum, of course, is defined by the hotwire price.....
  22. Not sure how I didn't see that before but anyway..... The Resorts were my initial thought, but if the boutiquw is the Water Club, and is cheaper I am very happy with that for 1 night at either end of the stay.
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