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  1. For the first time in ages I actually used NYOP in late February. My first bid was denied, but in the response informing of the denial I was able to rebid and used the time-honored strategy of the good ‘ole days. The hotel I won (Burbank, CA Marriott) was available through Priceline Express for $108 per night, but I was curious to see if NYOP would be less. I ended up winning via NYOP on my 3rd try at $105. So although NYOP has been reduced to entering through the back door (🙄), it’s still there, albeit a shadow of its former self. 


    One note of interest I observed was the difference in taxes/fees on Priceline Express vs NYOP. Although there was only a $3 per night difference in price between the two, the difference in taxes and fees was $25 for a 2 night stay in favor of NYOP. Not sure if that’s standard everywhere or only in my circumstance. 


    Apologies for not posting the bid. I was in a hurry and also frustrated that I couldn’t support this site since NYOP is only available through the app. 


    I came here today today to see if there’s any chatter about NYOP. Wonder if we’ll see it return to popularity in our new environment as the travel industry struggles to rebound. 

  2. New hotel for your list.  


    Bay Landing

    1550 Bayshore Highway

    Burlingame, CA


    Amenities are:

    Complimentary breakfast

    Complimentary Internet (in room)

    Free parking


    Airport shuttle




    Handicap Accessible


    Bed Choice was available $118 King $125 Two Doubles 


    Only $10 less than Priceline’s direct rate of $128, however I knew this was the hotel I’d get and was fine with it. Best rate on hotel website is $249.


  3. Priceline Express listed what I figured was the Marriott for $78, however when I clicked to purchase I received the reply "no longer available".  I closed my browser and tried again however this time the price listed was $152.  Although I wasn't agreeable to that price, I clicked to continue to see what the response would be, and again received the "no longer available" reply.   So I instead went to "name your own price", entered $74 and the bid was accepted.  I have experienced this same thing with the Express product in this zone many times.  


    Booked through the BetterBidding link to PRICELINE.  

  4. Reno, NV zone changes:


    The former Reno South Airport zone has been split into two zones:  


    Reno Central - Airport RNO

    4* Grand Sierra Resort

    4* The Summit (17th floor and higher of Grand Sierra Resort)

    3* Best Western Airport Plaza

    3* Hyatt Place Airport

    2.5* La Quinta

    2* Baymont Inn & Suites


    Reno Airport South Convention Center

    4* Atlantis

    4* Peppermill

    3* Courtyard by Marriott

    3* Residence Inn

    2* Extended Stay America

  5. Priceline has separated the former Concord-Lafayette zone (Oakland/East Bay) into two zones (Concord-Pleasant Hill and Walnut Creek-Lafayette).  Below is how each hotel in the former zone now lie within the two zones. 


    Concord-Pleasant Hill

    3.5 Crowne Plaza Concord

    3.5 Concord Hilton

    3 Courtyard by Marriott Pleasant Hill

    3 Residence Inn Pleasant Hill

    2.5 Clarion Hotel Concord


    Walnut Creek-Lafayette

    4 Lafayette Park Hotel

    4 Renaissance Club Sport Walnut Creek

    3.5 Embassy Suites Pleasant Hill-Walnut Creek

    3.5 Walnut Creek Marriott

    3 Holiday Inn Express Walnut Creek

  6. Late post for very last-minute purchase.  


    Pretty easy to identify this property based on two amenities of Children's Activities and Self-Service Laundry (the other 4 stars in this zone don't have either amenity).  Not to mention Hotwire discloses the Resort Fee before you purchase.  A simple Google search of the Resort Fees points to the Grand Sierra while Atlantis and Peppermill have higher fees.  


    Current amenities for the Summit are:



    Fitness Center

    Business Center




    Self-Service Laundry


    Airport Shuttle




    Children's Activities


    Purchased via the Better Bidding link to Hotwire.  

  7. The Financial District Hilton gets a 7 point Customer Satisfaction rating on PRICELINE, while Le Meridien and Hyatt Regency get 8 points or higher. If you're looking at PRICELINE EXPRESS in this zone, you can rule out the Hilton if it displays 8 points or higher. If it displays 7 points or higher, then you pretty much know you're going to get the Hilton. I like to avoid the Hilton, and the ratings display helps to avoid!

  8. San Francisco NYOP changes:


    4.5* Intercontinental San Francisco (upgrade from 4*)


    4.5* Taj Campton Place (upgrade from 4*)

    USW/Nob Hill

    4.5* bidding now available. (Fairmont is only 4.5* in this zone in Priceline retail product)


    4.5* Omni (upgrade from 4*)


    5* bidding now available (Fairmont Heritage Place is only 5* in this zone in Priceline retail product)

    4.5* bidding now available (unsure which hotel)

    Oakland/East Bay NYOP changes


    4* Renaissance Club Sport (upgrade from 3.5*)

  9. This was a Priceline Express purchase, not "name your own price" bid.

    I was all too happy to pay a little more than I probably could have through NYOP as I specifically wanted this hotel. It was easy to target that Hyatt House was the hotel they were selling through the Priceline Express model due to its 9+ rating. The other 3 star hotels in San Ramon zone were rated under 9 points. Also, the amenities offered easily matched that of Hyatt House.

    Hyatt House

    2323 San Ramon Valley Blvd

    San Ramon, CA 94583

    Check-In: March 3, 2013

    Check-Out: March 4, 2013


    Taxes & Fees:


    Total Charged to Card:


    Rate on hotel's website: $170

    Amenities: Free Breakfast | Free Internet | Indoor or Outdoor Pool | Free Parking | Business Center | Fitness Center

    Used the Better Bidding link to PRICELINE to purchase.

  10. The link below waives the $50 membership into the LMT "Club". When you join the club, it applies an additional member's discount over the usual LMT rates you find on the regular LMT site. Also, when logged into the LMT Club, the identities of all hotels is displayed - no opaque listings. Aside from creating a username and password, nothing more is required to join the LMT club.


  11. For what it's worth, the 5* in Union Square West/Nob Hill is once again displaying for May 11-13 @ $342 per night. Oddly, the only amenities listed are handicap/accessible-related as well as a 4.5 Tripadvisor rating.

    Also for these same dates is a new 5* in Union Square East/Moscone zone @ $404 per night. Only amenity listed is indoor pool as well as a 4.5 Tripadvisor rating.

    Not sure if some SF properties have been upgraded, or we have new 5* contenders.

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