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  1. Great hotel! Nice beach. Kids enjoyed the Keiki club very much. Staff were very nice. We were upgraded to an ocean view room, but there are really no bad room locations, as all the guest rooms face the ocean. Walking on the beach under the stars, sitting on the lanai hearing the sound of the waves and the bird chirping, swimming in the pool watching the sunset and then the dive-through movie ... What a vacation!
  2. congratulations on your winning bid! HHV is a great resort. We stayed there several years ago. they are usually very nice at accomodating bed request.
  3. We've been to Disneyland and LA area many times. IMHO, the best place to stay is Anaheim. You can get a 3* Priceline hotel near DL for about $50, or you can book one of the hotels directly across the street from DL on S. Harbor Blvd (Best Westerm, Park Vue Inn, etc.) for about $100. Most of them have free parking, 2 double beds, and are walking distance to DL. Some of them have free shuttles. There are lots of restaurants and stores in the area. For big families, Embassy Suites may be good choice. There is one in Anaheim and one in Downey. The suite can fit 6 people and their rate includes breakfast and evening receiption. We stayed at Hilton Woodhill, and I agree with others that it is a business hotel. Also, the fitness center and the pool are not inside the main building; it's across the street in a different facility. Hope that helps.
  4. FYI - my experience with regards to how Priceline counts car rental days: I tried to bid for a car 3pm 4/11 - till 10am 4/16, it showed as 5 days. After a failing bid, I changed my drop-off time to 11pm 4/15 instead, it was still counted as 5 days, but I was able to get a free bid because the pickup date was different than my 1st bid. Car rental agreement (with Avis) indicates that as long as we return the car by 3pm on 4/16, there is no additional charge.
  5. Last failing bid was $15. Got counter-offer at $17, but didn't accept. Also tried to bid $14 for a full size in Palo Alto area and failed.
  6. We won the bid in early/mid July. Last failed bid was $30. Just came back from vacation. We had a great time. The SUV is a Ford Explorer which can sit 7 people.
  7. Got Hapuna Beach Resort for $180 for the last 4 days of my trip, so I tried the same bid for another 3 days of my stay. Won at first try. Hotwire has the same hotel for $243.
  8. Started my bid from $178 and failed; then tried $180 and got Hapuna Beach! Thanks everyone for the good information.
  9. I got banned from TOBB today. At first I thought it was some network error, as my last post on TOBB was at least 6 months ago. After reading the posts here, I think it was probably because I didn't use their link for my past biddings. I never read private messages to my mailbox, so don't know if she sent any. I used to post my winning bids on both sites. Now I'm glad things get simpler - I'll just post on this board fulltime. Someone posted a failed bid last summer, and I saw a message from Sheryl saying it was useless because it did not include the regular price of the hotels. I replied to let her know that the failed bid was actually very helpful to me, as I was bidding for the same thing around the same time frame. I guess she's angy about that also...
  10. Yes, $78 was today's bid. Here is my bidding history: 6/20: Downtown (w/ 3 free bid zones that have no 4* hotels) $60, $65, $70, $75, $80, $85, $90, $95, $100, $105, $110, $115, $120; No luck. 6/21: Burnaby (w/ Downtown and the 3 other free bid zones) $60 $63 $66 $69 $72; No luck. Burnaby $75 No luck Burnaby+Downtown $78 No luck Burnaby+Downtown+Delta $81 Accepted! Hope that helps.
  11. I was trying to bid for 4* hotels in Vancouver downtown area and failed at $120 yesterday. Today knowing that I'm probably not going to get a 4* downtown hotel at a reasonable price, I changed my plan trying to get the 4* Hilton Metrotown (with downtown as a free bid zone) instead. I was pleasantly surprised that Marriott Pinnacle showed up at $81! My last failed bid was $78 (with both Burnaby and downtown areas selected).
  12. Bid (for 2 rooms) was accepted at first try. The rate on hotel's website is $269.
  13. $45 for me, but I saw someone failed at $47 from another board.
  14. I was trying to get a 3* hotel in Buena Park or Disneyland area for that night and didn't get anything up to $36. Then I figured that Irvine area was OK for us too, so I added the "Costa Mesa-Irvine" zone and got SNA airport Hilton for $37. Maybe overbid by a few dollars, but still not bad - the rate on the hotel's website for that night is $89.
  15. Yes Buena Park - Cerritos - Cypress. I also tried to bid for the same * hotels in the same area for the night of 11/25 and didn't get anything for $37. Radisson is sold out for that night according to their website.
  16. got accepted on the first bid. took a while for priceline to accept the bid though.
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