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  1. Super duper excited to win this hotel!! I had guessed that's what it was but still seems like a screaming deal. I did not see this offered on PRICELINE. Pet friendly, Boutique hotel, Smoke-free rooms, Fitness center, Restaurant(s), Business center, Children's activities Total came to $145.52 but evidently there is $20 due at the hotel.
  2. Hotel Amenities Pets Allowed Free Parking Business Center Restaurant Airport Shuttle Free Internet Indoor or Outdoor Pool Fitness Center $103/night for 2 nights, $249.96 total but I used your BBSPRING code and it came to $239.66 total. Thanks!
  3. Scored the Sheraton, very happy. I had guessed this was the hotel I'd receive based on amenities and using TripAdvisor to narrow it down. Amenities (that I noticed prior to booking) Business center Fitness center Indoor pool(s) Internet access Pet friendly Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Smoke-free rooms Spa services 90% recommended Favorite! (1181 reviews) based on TripAdvisor reviews according to Hotwire, also 4 out of 5 stars on TA. Extra amenities i didn't notice before booking... Accessible for visually impaired, Accessible path of travel, In-room accessibility, Accessible bathroom, Accessible parking, Roll-in shower PS - love all the upgrades to your site! I haven't used it in ages but it's great! So user friendly! Used your HOTWIRE links for this win. TY!
  4. Ended up just taking the Hotwire 3* deal because it was $57 and we needed it for 6/9 (changed dates), so short notice and didn't feel like dealing with priceline. hotwire 6/9 3* amenities Business center Fitness center Free Internet Free breakfast Free parking Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Self-service laundry Smoke-free rooms $57, $69.63 total with taxes. Ramada Inn Palmdale thanks for your help! :)
  5. I haven't even looked at Hotwire, silly me! WIll check it out now!
  6. Looking to stay in Aptos or Capitola 6/11. Bid on Capitola 3* at $85, rebid Aptos and 2.5* at $95, rebid adding Ben Lomond which doesn't have any 2.5* at $95, rejected. How high should I go? Thanks!
  7. Ah, that makes sense now! Thanks. It's super annoying to have to keep going out, it's harder for me to keep track of what I've bid where! It was nice and easy just going back thru the link here since it saved my city and dates. I'm looking at Palmdale 3.5* for 6/10-6/11 for myself, hubby and two kids. I started at $45, got up to $70 (with tax that's like a total of $96) with a combination of Palmdale 3.5* and a few other spots that don't have the 3.5*. I may just do a PRICELINE EXPRESS deal that's $108 because that has a restaurant so is probably the courtyard or Holiday Inn Palmdale-Lancaster. I didn't see others with a restaurant. For Aptos CA it's for the same trip, different night, 6/11-6/12. I used Capitola at 3*, then rebid Aptos & Ben Lomond at their 2.5*. I want to stay in Aptos, but Capitola is perfectly fine as well. I think I started bidding at $65. I think I'm going to need much higher. I haven't looked to try to figure out express deals yet.
  8. I haven't bid on priceline for a while and keep running into a new issue for me. I usually can bid in a 4* area, then rebid in an area that doesn't have 4*. However I keep getting this message from Priceline and they remove the name your own price option and all I can see is the regular price and the Express list. This is the message I'm receiving... Thank You for Naming Your Own Price – Unfortunately, we can't accept your offer. During our search, however, we did find special priceline rates available for your travel dates at the hotels shown below. Ideas? Specifically this happened in bidding for a hotel in Aptos CA and then again in Palmdale CA. It lets me go back in and start over, but for Aptos it took me 4 tries before it let me rebid 3 times and for Palmdale I am only able to rebid once. I've tried it 4 times now, starting with 3 1/2* palmdale, adding lancaster the second time and Phelan the third time. Is this a new Priceline rule? Sorry if a million people have been asking and I haven't seen it!
  9. Needed a place to stay for an early flight out of Reagan Airport. 3.5* Pool, Restaurant, Fitness Center, Internet, Business Center Guest Rating: 7+ $61/night plus tax for a total at $75. Very happy with this win since they participate in the airportparkingreservations program and I can park there for the entirety of my 10 day flight for $7/night. Total for hotel and parking is $150, same as if I parked in Reagan's economy lot but I get to sleep nearby instead of driving with two toddlers starting at 3:30am to get to the airport on time! Thanks for a great site better bidding!
  10. Bid $80 for 9/18 to 9/19 on a 2.5 with Pool, Parking, Fitness Center, Free Internet, Restaurant and Business center. I was pretty sure it was the Holiday Inn Conference Center but wanted to make sure. I bid $80, rebid offered for $106, I accepted that to satisfy my curiosity. They have a PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal listed at just $96, so I was wondering if it was the Hilton Garden Inn up the road. Still need to book for 9/19-9/23 but at least now I know for sure that the 2.5* is the Holiday Inn.
  11. Oops, I've been seeing a 2.5* and a 1*. Sorry. Totally brain lapse!
  12. Thanks. Do you think my guesses are accurate on the Holiday Inn and Comfort Inn?
  13. 2 1/2 stars Amenities listed: Pool, Free internet, Free Parking, Fitness Center, Business Center, Restaurant - I'm guessing Holiday Inn 2 stars Amenities listed: Pool, Free internet, Free Parking, Free breakfast, Restaurant, Pets Allowed - I'm guessing Comfort Inn On the name your own price bid I have re-bid using the add a star option, so starting at $80 for Solomons 2 1/2 star they offered a free re-bid at $106. I declined and added a 2 star and raised my bid to $91 and still no bites... Since $91 is just a few dollars less than $96 for a PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal, I was thinking it'd be the most sensible to get a PRICELINE EXPRESS Deal. But then how is it to PRICELINE's advantage to also have a name your own price bidding? In Solomons we only have 3 hotels. A Comfort Inn, a Holiday Inn w/conference center, and a mile up the road a Hilton Garden Inn. I'd prefer the Holiday Inn since it's walking distance and considerably nicer than the comfort Inn. I don't see the Hilton Garden Inn on Priceline even in the regular buying section.
  14. Thanks. At first I didn't understand because we never have been to key west. Guess I started researching it then we couldn't afford it. Thanks for your help with Solomons!
  15. We decided we couldn't afford this trip and never went. Key West is still on the bucket list! Maybe once the kids are older!
  16. Hi there, I'm looking for a hotel room for my mother for Sept 18-23. I need the hotel IN Solomons MD, so there are two that Priceline lists, Holiday Inn and Comfort Inn. On the Express Deals it's easy enough to tell that Holiday Inn is at $96 and Comfort Inn is at $59. When I bid on Solomons, 2 1/2 stars, at $80, I get a rebid offer of increasing $26 for a total of $106. Why would the bid be more than the Express Deal? Should I just take the Express Deal? Is there any chance that I"m going to be able to bid and get it lower than the $96 Express Deal? Thank You!! :)
  17. Hi there, My husband and I are hoping to take an anniversary/babymoon trip down to Key West this February. Our dates are quite flexible, so we decided to start at the beginning of the month and see what rates were like. Can you please help me ID this hotel? Key West area hotel $179/night 4.0/5.0 Trip Advisor - Via Hotwire still gathering reviews for this property Suite Near Beach Smoke Free Rooms Airport Shuttle Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center Since it seems like every other hotel in the area (thru conventional means) is priced at almost double this, it seems too good to be true. Ideas?? Also, any suggestions on if we'd get a better deal using Hotwire or Priceline? We'd really like at least a 4* hotel with a max budget of $200/night. I like contemporary modern hotels ,like the Orchid Key, vs. the standard kitschy Key West rooms. That might be too picky tho! TIA!!! :)
  18. Just booked the Best Tahoe West Inn through your HOTWIRE link, thanks!!! 2* Amenities shown: Pool 60% ratings overall thru Hotwire, 3 stars on TripAdvisor. Room for 2 adults: $33/night TotalPrice:$45.18 Best Tahoe West Inn 4107 Pine Blvd, South Lake Tahoe, CA, 96150 (530) 544-6455 Review on TripAdvisor don't look too shabby, so hopefully it is a nice, clean, cheap stay.
  19. Traveling for business to Rancho Bernardo. Per your fabulous website bid using your PRICELINE links.... Started bidding at $30, increasing in $5 increments adding the free re-bid zones w/o 3.5* or higher hotels. Won the Rancho Bernardo Inn for $65 for the night of Monday, May 10. Hopefully the hotel is as nice as the Tripadvisor reviews indicate! Was offered to add on a night as well, but I didn't need it. Thanks for a GREAT website!
  20. Decided I was tired of figuring out where I wanted to stay and how to get the best deal, so I went with the safe best deal bet.... Hotwire (used the link here) 4.5* $119 Beverly Hills - West Hollywood area hotel Fitness, Pool, Restaurant, Business, Internet Sofitel ... no surprise there! Also signed up for the Accord A-Club membership card, will see if I can get an upgrade on check-in. Thanks for your help!!!! :)
  21. Tried bidding on PRICELINE through the link here: Bid 4* Hollywood at $115, rejected added Culver City at $122, rejected added Lawndale at $127, rejected added Redondo at $132, rejected, added Santa Monica at $135, rejected (yes, I realized that Santa Monica "should" have 4 stars, but so far none recently have been reported, so I risked it). ARGH, no dice. Guess I just might have to go the traditional route, or do the W or Sofitel on HOTWIRE.
  22. Thanks so much for all your input!!! Still deciding...... Now W on Hotwire is back down to $159, so debating just going for that. However, on HOTWIRE today I see: Beverly Hills - West Hollywood Hotel 4* $109 Boutique, Fitness, Pool, Restaurant, Internet Any guesses as to if this is the Orlando or the Avalon ... or something else entirely? And yes, I used the HOTWIRE link! :)
  23. Still lurking and trying to decide which hotel I want. Most likely will go through PRICELINE in the interest of saving a few dollars, but clicked on your HOTWIRE link tonight just to check and found this.... Beverly Hills - West Hollywood Hotel 4.5* @ $119 Amenities: Fitness, Pool, Restaurant, Business, Hi-Speed Internet Recommended in 90% of customer reviewers with 500+ total reviews is this the Sofitel again just for much less? If not, any idea what hotel it might be? When I search TA for 4-5* hotels in Los Angeles I don't find any with 500+ reviews..... Could this be the London? The only two 4.5* that show up in your Hotwire list are the Sofitel and the London.... but with the extra amenities it matches the Sofitel. Would the Sofitel really drop that much in price? And from past wins I don't see the London won that cheaply either. THANKS!! :)
  24. Any suggestions for bidding on PRICELINE? All I see that folks have won recently in the area is the Hyatt, and that seems like a decent hotel, but it's a bit far from the Magic Castle. Would I be crazy to start bidding at $115 and hope to get a more expensive PRICELINE win? I really want the Mondrian. Thanks in advance...
  25. Thanks for the input!! ARGH, now the "W" is showing as $188/night? What gives? How can they up rates that quickly??? Any idea if I'd have a chance to score the Mondrian or something similar for less on PRICELINE? Thanks!!
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