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  1. The "deal" was titled "Hot Rate 4-star". Amenties: Free internet, Boutique hotel, Fitness center, Restaurant(s), Business center, Internet access, Golf nearby. Accessibility: In-room accessibility. With all the charges, the total daily rate is $211. I did sign in here to start my Hotwire search/booking session. Been a while since I booked hotels and used the BetterBidding service. Lots of new useful features. Thank you.
  2. This is what I see: Amenities Free Internet, Boutique hotel, Indoor pool(s), Smoke-free rooms, Fitness center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Internet access, Spa services Accessibility In-room accessibility
  3. Late report on booking this on Jun-26. Fees added $41. Stayed the 1-night on Jul-14 and couldn't be happier. This was a great experience on the top of Nob Hill. The beautiful room we (2) got was 9th floor; big with 2 queen beds, a great corner view looking south across the city. 4.5* for sure. The only surprise was a $20 fee for internet on checkout, which they waived.
  4. I started bidding at $130, got rejected. Waited 24-hrs. and bid $135, rejected. Another day, bid $141 accepted.
  5. I did a preliminary survey and got spooked by the high prices on hotwire for my desired zones; USW and USE. At 3*, I only had 1 other re-bid zone. So I started at $230 and got rejected. I rebid at $238 and got accepted. Seems high price to me for a 3* but info about hotel looks good.
  6. The good news is that I got what we hope to be a good 4.5* hotel; Royalton, at 44 W.44th for $230/nite (plus tx & fees) for the 5 nites. I started the Bidding process exactly as you listed above (56 bids) , going to PL each time, entering this board. At Bid #49 (bidding $208), I got a popup offer to accept a hotel at $261. I continued your bid plan except (getting worried) I increased bids to $5 increments . At Bid #53 ($230), offer accepted. I assume that title/subject of this thread will be changed to the Win-info ? Thanks for all the help and backup info. Ed
  7. Many thanks for your revised bidding plan (from 4* to 4.5*). I'll start thru the links on the board and post my results.
  8. For CPS, MTE, MTW and TS; I am thinking ~$240-250 for 4.5*; the dates 11/14 through 11/19 Would like your opinion on winning price and suggestion for a bidding strategy . I am familiar with the rebid concept and see 6 rebid zones. Thanks for your long-time efforts on this website.
  9. Many thanks for this plan. Now we want to consider a 4.5* in same 4 zones CPS, MTE, MTW , TSQ. I will start a new topic on that. Thanks again.
  10. CPS, MTE, MTW and TS I am thinking ~$170-$190; the dates 11/14 through 11/19 Would like your opinion on winning price and suggestion for a bidding strategy . I am quite familiar with the rebid concept. Thanks for your long-time efforts on this website.
  11. Started PRICELINE thru Betterbidding. Started bidding at $75 and increased bidding in $4 steps using the many re-bid (non-4*) zones available. Good price , about 25% less than web rate. Thx for this useful website that I have used for a very long time.
  12. Finally got a win. Original plan was to get 4* in USE-E only, as we wanted to stay off Nob Hill. Win was after 2 set of bids, using the 6 rebid zones. 1st set , USE-E, rejected at $116. 2nd set, USE-E only, rejected at $125. Last set, USE-E only until last (8th) bid. Threw in USE-W for last bid, and got USE-W Hilton for $140. Happy enough. Good location for us. Started bidding with the PRICELINE link thru this website. Thanks for this great forum.
  13. Glad to see all the info on this board. I would like help in bidding specifically for 3.5* in Bellevue in the Seattle Priceline Page . I'm familiar with the re-bid zone system and would like to use that here. I see where there are 13 areas in SEA. 5 areas (including Bellevue) have 3.5 * (or higher) so there are 8 re-bid zones. My price target is $65/night for the 4-night stay. I would appreciate a re-bid plan and any comments on my bidding. Thanks.
  14. Many thanks for the bidding help. Considering the noise comments for the Parc 55 (we're sensitive) and a Hotwire offer for the Handlery, we decided to accept the HW offer. Hope the Handlery is quieter. I posted that offer on the BB-HW posts. Thanks again.
  15. We were going to bid on PL for this but saw this offering on Hotwire on Sunday 11/20/11 and took it. The amenities shown were (many): Boutique, Smoke-free, Fit Ctr, Pool, Rest., BusCtr, and H/S Int. The tipoff was the Pool. The web-rate is $134/nite. We used the HOTWIRE link on BB. Many thanks for help.
  16. Planning 2 nites in SF and would like PL bidding help for 4* in USW or USE. Will use BB website to start the bidding. Have used this board before and always found it be of great help. Appreciated.
  17. The 3 amenities shown for the Moderne were: smoke-free, Bus. Ctr., and Hi-Spd. Internet.
  18. Could not get a PL acceptance for max of $230 for our desired 7-zones. Thanks to BetterBidding, was able to identify this HW listing as Moderne, was sold on reviews and location, and booked it. Booked thru link on this board.
  19. I don't get it. Date Mistake? "Can't wait for your trip of 4/14/11" ?
  20. This is a continuation of my bidding for a NYC hotel for Sep 19 to Sep 26. For several reasons, we changed our trip dates to these 5-nites in Oct. I had great help from BetterBidding but was not able to get acceptance up to $250 for a 3.5* for the Sep. 7-nites, in our desired 7-zones. Using the last bid-plan from BetterBidding of Aug-8 (for the Sep dates), for the same 7-zones, I tried for this 5-nite Oct. trip. I adjusted the prices to max at $230. I did not get an acceptance. That was discouraging. We found the Hotwire offer for the 3.5* Moderne Hotel (MTC) for $231 compelling and booked it. I used the HOTWIRE and PRICELINE links on this Board for all the bidding/booking. Thanks again for all the help.
  21. Again, many thanks for all your help. We reconsidered our schedule and decided to change our trip dates to 20-25 Oct. for several reasons. So I did not use the latest bid plan , above. I will start a new topic for my efforts on the new dates. Thanks for your useful and timely help.
  22. Thanks for the reply and the idea about "starting over" with our full stay (actually 7 nites) with the increased bid price of $275. And, based on your reply, I understand the reason for the "thorough bidding"; possibility of a getting a unusual low rate. At this point, I would like to work with a bidding list of just 20-30 bids, with a minimum of browser closings. If you can, please give me a new bidding plan for that. I will start all my bids thru the Board link. Thanks again.
  23. Finally got back to bidding for our NYC stay. Was encouraged by the recent win for the 4* Barclay for 27-Sep, 5 nites, at $225. Despite this topic title, I switched to 3.5* bids some time ago. So I just finished another 40-bid set as you originally listed, but for just 6-nites, 9/20-9/26, with a top bid of $250. I did the 6-nites (dropping our 1st nite, Monday) because I noticed that Mondays (our 9/19) were hi-priced. I started all the bidding thru BetterBidding board link. Alas, no acceptance. So, based on today's rejection of the last 6-nites, my next bid plan is to try for 5-nites, 9/21-9/26 , with a top of $275. Based on my rejections, I now wonder about the value of the 1st 20 bids (40 total) on your bid-list of 12-July. Do you agree that I could just do the last 20-bids on your bid-list? I appreciate all your help and look forward to your suggestions.
  24. I did go thru the same set ( full-stay, 3.5* , 7-zones) as before , but with the $130-start and $250-max bids. No acceptance, and no counter offers. I have noticed that for the early part of our stay, many hotel sites show "not available". Also, for the last-nite, Sun., the nite-rate is significantly lower. Maybe all this is relevant ? So, I'm ready to start split-stay bidding; 9/19-23 and 9/22-26. I might raise the 9/19-23 to max of $270. Appreciate any comments. I'll start all bids thru the Board PRICELINE link. Thanks
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