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  1. The "deal" was titled "Hot Rate 4-star". Amenties: Free internet, Boutique hotel, Fitness center, Restaurant(s), Business center, Internet access, Golf nearby. Accessibility: In-room accessibility. With all the charges, the total daily rate is $211. I did sign in here to start my Hotwire search/booking session. Been a while since I booked hotels and used the BetterBidding service. Lots of new useful features. Thank you.
  2. This is what I see: Amenities Free Internet, Boutique hotel, Indoor pool(s), Smoke-free rooms, Fitness center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Internet access, Spa services Accessibility In-room accessibility
  3. Late report on booking this on Jun-26. Fees added $41. Stayed the 1-night on Jul-14 and couldn't be happier. This was a great experience on the top of Nob Hill. The beautiful room we (2) got was 9th floor; big with 2 queen beds, a great corner view looking south across the city. 4.5* for sure. The only surprise was a $20 fee for internet on checkout, which they waived.
  4. I started bidding at $130, got rejected. Waited 24-hrs. and bid $135, rejected. Another day, bid $141 accepted.
  5. I did a preliminary survey and got spooked by the high prices on hotwire for my desired zones; USW and USE. At 3*, I only had 1 other re-bid zone. So I started at $230 and got rejected. I rebid at $238 and got accepted. Seems high price to me for a 3* but info about hotel looks good.
  6. The good news is that I got what we hope to be a good 4.5* hotel; Royalton, at 44 W.44th for $230/nite (plus tx & fees) for the 5 nites. I started the Bidding process exactly as you listed above (56 bids) , going to PL each time, entering this board. At Bid #49 (bidding $208), I got a popup offer to accept a hotel at $261. I continued your bid plan except (getting worried) I increased bids to $5 increments . At Bid #53 ($230), offer accepted. I assume that title/subject of this thread will be changed to the Win-info ? Thanks for all the help and backup info. Ed
  7. Many thanks for your revised bidding plan (from 4* to 4.5*). I'll start thru the links on the board and post my results.
  8. For CPS, MTE, MTW and TS; I am thinking ~$240-250 for 4.5*; the dates 11/14 through 11/19 Would like your opinion on winning price and suggestion for a bidding strategy . I am familiar with the rebid concept and see 6 rebid zones. Thanks for your long-time efforts on this website.
  9. Many thanks for this plan. Now we want to consider a 4.5* in same 4 zones CPS, MTE, MTW , TSQ. I will start a new topic on that. Thanks again.
  10. CPS, MTE, MTW and TS I am thinking ~$170-$190; the dates 11/14 through 11/19 Would like your opinion on winning price and suggestion for a bidding strategy . I am quite familiar with the rebid concept. Thanks for your long-time efforts on this website.
  11. Started PRICELINE thru Betterbidding. Started bidding at $75 and increased bidding in $4 steps using the many re-bid (non-4*) zones available. Good price , about 25% less than web rate. Thx for this useful website that I have used for a very long time.
  12. Finally got a win. Original plan was to get 4* in USE-E only, as we wanted to stay off Nob Hill. Win was after 2 set of bids, using the 6 rebid zones. 1st set , USE-E, rejected at $116. 2nd set, USE-E only, rejected at $125. Last set, USE-E only until last (8th) bid. Threw in USE-W for last bid, and got USE-W Hilton for $140. Happy enough. Good location for us. Started bidding with the PRICELINE link thru this website. Thanks for this great forum.
  13. Glad to see all the info on this board. I would like help in bidding specifically for 3.5* in Bellevue in the Seattle Priceline Page . I'm familiar with the re-bid zone system and would like to use that here. I see where there are 13 areas in SEA. 5 areas (including Bellevue) have 3.5 * (or higher) so there are 8 re-bid zones. My price target is $65/night for the 4-night stay. I would appreciate a re-bid plan and any comments on my bidding. Thanks.
  14. Many thanks for the bidding help. Considering the noise comments for the Parc 55 (we're sensitive) and a Hotwire offer for the Handlery, we decided to accept the HW offer. Hope the Handlery is quieter. I posted that offer on the BB-HW posts. Thanks again.
  15. We were going to bid on PL for this but saw this offering on Hotwire on Sunday 11/20/11 and took it. The amenities shown were (many): Boutique, Smoke-free, Fit Ctr, Pool, Rest., BusCtr, and H/S Int. The tipoff was the Pool. The web-rate is $134/nite. We used the HOTWIRE link on BB. Many thanks for help.
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