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  1. 1/30/10 $70 $70.00 Winning Bid $16.85 Fees + Taxes $86.85 Total Opening bid $45 added the many free re-bid zones including one zone that also had resorts (zone 4) Jumped from $65 -rejected to $70-accepted based on historical winning bids. Internet price was listed between $189-$249. I understand this resort also will add parking and resort fees for approx. $30 extra upon arrival. 1.5 miles from Disney maingate. Thanks BetterBidding, this forum always helps me get a great deal!
  2. Bidding History: Bid $38 Added Madison SW $40 (free bid zone) Added Madison South $42 (free bid zone) Added Madison East $45 (free bid zone) Winner! $45 + $13.57 Tax =$58.57 Internet price $139/night Thanks!
  3. 1st Bid....4* NMA $40 rejected 2nd Bid...4* NMA and Loop $45 accepted. Although the Loop has 4*'s either location was ok with me but I was hoping to get the Hyatt! I would have started higher but as there have been several postings lately for $45 at the Hyatt - I thought I would try even lower just for kicks. Chicago in January, I wonder why this us a deal? ...brrrrr! www.betterbidding.com saves me $$ again!! thanks!
  4. I should add we enjoy Italian, Thai, and Cuban food (in that order) and are looking in the cheap to moderate price range ($10-$30).
  5. Just wanted to post that this hotel FAR exceeded our expectations. The hotel is only about 4 years old, beautifully decorated and spotless. The rooms were very large and comfortable and the hotel is in a good location. They honored our requests. *This is a little after the fact - so please delete this post if it is inappropriate* Thanks again to this site for helping us with an affordable vacation.
  6. We are back, and I wanted to note that this property was fantastic. When we called to request a non-smoking room, my husband mentioned we were coming to celebrate our first wedding anniversary, which was true :) When we arrived they bumped us into a suite which included a huge sitting room and fantastic view! The property was newly renovated and nicely decorated. A great deal.
  7. I truly appreciate your responses and would love any recommendations for must try restaurants/coffee shops. This is my 2nd time to NY, I am traveling with my mom, aunt and my friend - all first timers. All of us love finding a place with fantastic food - regardless of the atmosphere. Also looking for a place to relax for a while after evening shows - something mellow where we can talk and people watch, maybe get dessert (within close proximity to the theaters). I don't know how you keep up with all of these posts!!! So any suggestions are appreciated. One thing I wanted to mention about t
  8. Bid $160 4* rejected, re-bid $170 accepted Your Offer Price: $170.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 2 Subtotal: $340.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $58.45 Total Charges: $398.45 I have been attempting to book a room in this area for about a month with rejections up to $200 for 4* (MTW). Today hotwire.com had 4.5* for $209 for my dates. Given the description, it appeared to be this same hotel, so I thought I would try priceline.com (thru www.savingsbarn.com) first and am happy I did, given my winning bid. Thanks again to this site, I rely on the advice written here every
  9. I need 10/28 (thursday) - 10/30 (saturday). I have been playing around with bids for the last two weeks with hopes of getting something in the theater district for around $150. I have bid up to $160 for 4* and 3* in MTW, and up to $150 for 4* in central park and MTE. I have pretty much used up all of my bidding options today :) I am really familiar with the free zone rebidding practices and so forth - just surprised (and happy) to see a lower winning bid. Should I just chill out until the room blocks are released? When typically are they released (4 weeks prior?) I guess I am just to
  10. I was wondering WHEN you got this accepted offer - I have been playing around with 4*'s today trying to get something in Midtown west or Central park and have been up to $155 today. Just hoping to get a good deal like you!! Congrats by the way :)
  11. Started with 4* downtown at $55 and added regions without 4*'s and increased our bid up to $95 without success. We then changed the star rating to include three and four star hotels. Bid $45, added a region $55, and then added another region and bid $66 and won. We bid $66 based on a post here of a winning bid for the same. Thanks for the service, this forum was extremely helpful!
  12. First time user of priceline - after reviewing the posts here we bid $55 (tax was $9.53 per night) and won the bid immediately. We are thrilled! Thank you for providing this service!! edit: I am sorry I put in the wrong dates above - the dates are 9/7-9/9 -sorry!
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