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  1. I put the area in the topic, and left it out of the post... sorry about that SPOKANE DOWNTOWN yes that is the area
  2. Westcoast Ridpath Hotel city center three star Your Offer Price: $38.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 2 Subtotal: $76.00 Taxes and Service Fees: $14.84 Total Charges: $90.84
  3. My inlaws wanted 2 rooms and 3 nights only in the Bushgardens area of Tampa.... I tried 35.00 for Aug 13-16, 2003 received an option to add $9.00 to the daily rate. Won the bid at $44.00 for Aug Not thrilled,(Amerisuites is not my favorite) but is half off of the online price is good.
  4. chpcruzr, Very good question, actually I am a travel coordinator and do use Priceline for my clients when I can. But, always with the client knowing, If they save money they keep coming back to me for tours, cruises, and other hotel and vacation needs. A travel agent who knows his or her stuff knows the client and what the client is looking for. So bidding is not hit or miss. For most clients priceline only works for Hotel stays, not airline fares. I have been doing this for a 4 years now and have not yet incountered a problem in bidding for myself or for clients. I know when bidding will work and when it won't. It goes without saying for clients who change plans often I do not bid, for those I know will keep the reservation I bid. However, when I do bid, my clients know I am bidding and the price that is accepted is what they pay. I spend hours and hours researching the best deals. Because as a travel agent I do put my clients first. If they save money, they might travel more. Just thought Id put in my two cents. Lisa
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