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  1. The Liberty Hotel "Extravagant 5-star boutique hotel in Downtown Boston area" Downtown Boston 5/13/2016 - 5/14/2016 Paid $200 per night ($250 after taxes and fees) Amenities Boutique hotelBusiness centerFitness centerPet friendlyRestaurant(s)Smoke-free rooms Complimentary Free Internet Hotwire customer reviews: 95% recommended Walkscore: 98 This is showing as 4.5* on the Hotwire hotel list so I thought this was going to be for the Langham, apparently Hotwire has upgraded this hotel to 5*. Don't know if I should be happy about thi
  2. Priceline, RESORT... Bid $50, WDW Then $60, WDW and West Disney Then $69, WDW, West Disney & Winter Park Got Wyndham Palace Resort and Spa at $69/night Subtotal: $138 Tax: $24.41 Total: $162.41 BTW, Interestingly enough my wife bid up to $79 today on these same zones with 4* and did not get anything so it must not consider resort an "upgrade" from 4*. But when I went to bid for the resort it said it was a duplicate request despite the fact that my wife had not selected resort, so I had to pull out the old work credit card/address trick.
  3. Be careful, I followed the exact same bid pattern hoping for the Dolphin and hit the Wyndam Palace Resort and Spa at $69/Night for 5/7/04-5/9/04. I'm happy with the Wyndam but anyone with their heart set on the Dolphin should stick with Hotwire.
  4. The Omni was very nice, excellent deal at $46/night, it was about what I expect in a 4* hotel. The rooms are very spacious and comfortable, large comfortable beds and a large sitting area with overstuffed couch and armchair. I think you'll be pleased. It's in a nice area but not too much to do right around the hotel. I would highly recommend driving just a couple miles to Coconut Grove and spending some time in the evening there. We were there until 2am and had an incredible time. Cocunut Grove is a very nice, upscale area with lots of shopping, incredible restraunts of all variety's, so
  5. I found the Miami Westin on HotWire (ended up booking it on Priceline though, quite a bit less).
  6. I booked airfare for a new employee a couple of weeks ago and I didn't realize that he goes by his middle name. On the priceline reservation I used his Middle name as his first name and he noticed the mistake. I called Priceline thinking they could easily just correct the first name but they told me they could not make any changes, not even a simple name spelling correction, to the reservation. They told me that I could resubmit my request using the exact same request information I had initially used and the same or higher bid price and if it was accepted they would cancel my original reser
  7. Also, just about a month ago I booked a hotel on P/L in Cincinnati and had an employee check in, but as I hadn't hired the employee yet I just put it in my name (didn't know who it was going to be until less than a week before the trip). As usual I sent him with a printed confirmation and at least I haven't heard anything about him having a problem. Usually if I know who I'm sending I'll of course put their info. on the hotel room.
  8. Hmm, Maybe they have asked and I just don't even think about it. I can't recall being asked for one anyway, but then I can't recall a lot of things :-). I do know however that I've had other people check in before when it was in my name using my priceline reservation sheet. I travel frequently with my business partner (by frequently I mean about 7-8 times in the last year, not all the time) and he often checks in before me but I almost always book the hotel on Priceline. I'll have to ask if they've given him a problem, he hasn't told me that they have. I've also had my wife check in but
  9. That's an incredible hotel - what a deal. Glad you posted, I'll have to shoot for it next time in Maui.
  10. Does anyone have any experience using Priceline's travel insurance? I've added it a couple of times but I wonder how strict they are when it comes time to use it (i.e. If you have the flu but are not hospitalized will they accept that as cancellation due to illness?)
  11. Given the # of discrepencies (with location & ammenities) I think you could probably get at least a partial refund when you return if you're not happy with it. I also read somewhere about a hotel paying Hotwire guests the day use rate at a local gym when their fitness facility was closed for remodeling.
  12. Anyone have any idea of Ceasar's is on Hotwire or Priceline? If so any tips on how to target it?
  13. Has anyone tried to combine a hotel stay booked with priceline with an adjacent stay booked conventionally? I am going to Vegas for a conference and as part of the conference package was booked for 4 nights at Ceasar's Palace. I'd like to add two nights to my stay and would prefer not to pay the published rate. If I can get Ceasar's through PL or HW (not sure if that's possible) for the 2 nights preceding my already booked stay, anyone know if I would be able to stay in the same room?
  14. Does anyone know of travel agents that specialize in finding the best Priceline/Hotwire prices for people? Using the information from this board, and other information available on the web, you can easily blow away most travel agency best deals. It seems it would be fairly simple (and well worth the extra $ to the customer) for a travel agent to specialize in placing knowledgable bids for people and then just charge a small fee for the assistance. I can save hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars on trips using PL for hotel & air but I would sure like to just be able to call a travel
  15. So WT, any verdict on which engine seems to get the best deal most often? I book a lot of airfare and would be very interested to find a site that consistently beats Orbitz and Priceline/Hotwire rates.
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