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  1. I followed up but I think I'll just skip hotwire this time around. I think it may be Extended Stay America and I do not want to stay there at this price. thx
  2. guess I goofed on this one, happens sometime when you plan a big last minute trip. Anyway...I decided to take my chances for a resort on Maui in same area. Won Hyatt for about $180 (if memory serves correct from over a year ago.)
  3. Hello, the following comes up in my search for 2/10 1nt stay: 2 Star Hotel in Santa Barbara $88 Amenities: Suite Laundry Facilities I tried to to pinpoint by using vacation packages but there was no 2* listed. There was a 2 1/2* for a Days Inn but the only amenity for that was complimentary breakfast. Any assistance appreciated. BTW..what is the latest link method for hotwire/priceline through this site. Been ages since I've used bidding for a stay. Thanks!
  4. Hi, just a little note, we were placed in a 9th floor room which the desk clerk advised was classified as city view but still had an ocean view. Indeed it did have an ocean view and without the upgrade charge...so maybe you can at least ask for one of those. Have fun on your Honeymoon...we're getting married on the island the week before.
  5. Depending on what your travel time is, you can book for as low as $183 for an island view room at the Marriott Ko'Olina Beach club, nearby to Ihilani and from what I've heard, nicer pool areas and rooms. I believe there's a link on the support page to the Marriott website, has to be booked through there.
  6. Hi, haven't checked the boards in a while. There is only one resort on Oahu's North Shore...Turtle Bay Resort. All rooms are oceanview, I think I posted photos to the Real Hotel Photos site. I usually see their standard room in the low $200's on various web sites and have seen it on Hotwire for lower as well but summer is peak for family travel at that resort = higher rates. FYI...the JW Marriott Ihilani isn't considered to be on the North Shore, it's on the western part of Oahu. When we stayed near the North Shore, it took over an hour to get to the Ihilani.
  7. you can always pray that priceline downgrades the Park Shore again...Prince Kuhio was just about guaranteed, boy that was a great few months! Hope you can score it on Priceline. Keep an eye out for other winning posts. IF things don't work out with Priceline, you might even want to look into using the Entertainment Book for Outrigger. Have to say, wouldn't pay the regular $150 a night rate for the Radisson Prince Kuhio but if you can get it under $100 it is a great little place and good location. Good Luck! Edit: Oh...also, last year we used the ET coupon book to get discount at Aston Pacific Monarch. I think discount rate for studios w/ a partial view were about $90. They are condos, so you won't get all the amenities of a hotel but views from the rooftop pool were wonderful, they all have kitchens and it's less than a 5 minute walk to Waikiki Beach, by Duke's Statue area.
  8. I agree what I saw originally was probably the Westin. Now they've changed it...only 4 1/2* showing up is $90 more and has the laundry icon, probably the Hyatt. It's a fun guessing game and certainly not fooproof but I'm hoping for the Westin so I think I'll hold off to see what changes. Maybe I should try on a different PC? If / when I do decide to make a move, just want to reconfirm what the steps are for Savingsbarn link when I want to use the hotwire rebate. Do I just click link on Savingsbarn first then open a new window and go to the rebate address? Thanks! *edit* Okay..found the answer to the above in the hotwire coupon thread.
  9. thanks for the info. I thought, regardless, with a 4 1/2* and if I use the $30 ET book rebate, plus the giftcode coupon (if that's working still)...it would come out to be cheaper than priceline. But I'll see what the winning bids have been lately for that region. Another reason I thought it was Westin was because a customer comment said something about the "bed was most comfortable ever slept in" ...maybe heavenly bed?? lol *EDIT*well I just double checked on Hotwire packages and something I didn't notice before was that they all have self-serve laundry in packages but not in the hotel only section. Also Hyatt is listed but Westins aren't... So I guess that's not an accurate way to identify...I guess this is the Hyatt. The price went down to $199 but Hyatt some recent reviews have been questionable for all those $$$. Staying in a condo for the rest of the time so we may skip the *splurge*. If it's $199 on Hotwire, how much do you think it may go for on Priceline? Thanks!
  10. Hi, for 1 night, 6/29 ck-out 6/30 I'm getting the this 4 1/2* for $208 with the following amenities: Customer Favorite! Read reviews Selected amenities include: Resort, Beachfront, Restaurant(s), Pool(s), Fitness Center, Spa Services, Children's Activity Program, Golf Nearby. I figured it probably isn't the Hyatt because self-serve laundry wasn't listed. I didn't realize this, but the problem is that Expedia lists that there are 2 Westin Maui's: 1) North Kaanapali, The "Westin Kaanapali Ocean Resort" $600 OR 2)South Kaanapali, "Maui Westin Resort and Spa" - $489 I'm thinking and hoping that it is the 2nd one, since Expedia prices it lower, but would like 2nd opinions. Couldn't find a distinction in relevant Westin posts either. Any help appreciated...thanks!
  11. Was rejected for Saturday 5/28 ck-in for 4* in downtown, coronada & coastal areas up to $140. Decided to stay Friday instead, started with 3* coastal at $85 because those hotels seemed closer to the action and was "upgraded" to 4* Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines. Looks like a nice hotel but it's a little isolated plus there's a $16 parking fee, think I would have rather NOT been upgraded. Rates for this hotel on Expedia are $179. 3* on Expedia for this area were $149-159...perhaps I overbid? Your Offer Price: $89.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 1 Subtotal: $89.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $17.97 Total Charges: $106.97
  12. sure... amenities were: Resort, Casino, Restaurant(s), Pool(s), Children's Activity Program, Golf Nearby, Tennis Nearby I'm a little surprised at 2 1/2* it classifies as a resort, but heck it does have a roller coaster and Buffalo shaped pool :) Have been there a few times and it's just fine by us. oh..btw, I specifically typed in "Primm, NV" in the city field. Not sure if it comes up any other way.
  13. Was happy to discover they had Stateline. Staying in Vegas on Friday 4/15, but prices are just too high for Saturday too, so now we can have another night of fun b4 the long drive back to LA :) Priceline didn't offer anything for this city and the booking thru hotel's website was sold out. Total was $84.95. Used the savingsbarn.com link.
  14. just posted in the hotel reviews section and posted pics at Real Hotel Photos on this stay. In a nutshell...thumbs up! :)
  15. We absolutely loved this place. Stayed here on a Friday night during spring break 2005. Called a week before to request non-smoking and king bed if available but told was sold out and would have to check on arrival. We arrived for check in 1 hour early and requested n/s, highest floor available. Though we were told there were no upgrades due to 100% occupancy, the friendly desk clerk moved us to the 9th floor, the highest available for our "standard, city view" category. She told us we could probably still see the ocean from there, and indeed we did! Our room faced straight ahead to the beautiful pacific. See the Oahu, HI section of Real Hotel Photos for our pics, but they did not do the view justice. The room had all the typical amenities, even with 2 dbl beds the room felt spacious enough, and was nicely decorated and furnished with tropical/bamboo theme. The lanai, though a lil small was just fine to seat 2 people with a small table. As the previous poster said, the poolside bar with TV monitors was great, various deals throughout the day, including a small pitcher of Mai Tais for $8 bucks (served about 4 drinks). From the deck, through the glass walls you could see to the ocean. The pool hours had just been extended to midnight, a nice plus since we decided to go for a last minute dip in the jacuzzi at 11:30 pm. All of the staff from the valet, to the desk clerks to the bartenders were very friendly and helpful. This place was a great bargain and we will definitely stay here again...kudos to priceline!!
  16. congrats tlocher. I'll be staying at Radisson Prince Kuhio in a couple of weeks so I'll be sure to post some photos at Real Hotel Photos (link is at top of the page) if you want to check them out. Everyone says this is "the" place to get for a 3* in the south zone, so it should be a good deal.
  17. don't mean to but in, but another thing to consider regarding zones is if you want to be in the center of the "action", where most consider to be the south zone. If you haven't been to Waikiki before, you may want to research a lil about where the most likely hotels you may end up in are located in proximity to what your plans are. As for beachfront, many hotels in the South zone are either across the street or a block or two away from the beach. Easy walk.
  18. your welcome, glad to help. You can always check back as it gets a little closer to your dates too....my rental has went down a bit since I originally booked it, for some reason I couldn't just reprice the lower rate with the same reservation, it kept pricing higher so I just booked a new one and then cancelled the old one. You'll have a great time touring the island in it!
  19. I just booked a convertible jeep wrangler with Alamo on Oahu for 8 days at $231 including taxes :) They're fun to drive in Hawaii. I've been searching weekly for almost 2 months and have noticed that Alamo website consistently offers the lowest prices. The problem with priceline car rentals is that they charge higher fees than most so a $25 daily price turns out to be A LOT more after the fees than booking directly with the car rentals website. You can get the jeep wrangler on your dates for $200 if you use walmart i.d. code 430710. The convertible Sebring is quite a bit more, but still lower than most.
  20. Thanks for the link lonestar, I haven't registered for that site, so haven't got a chance to read it yet but will definitely check it out. This will be 4th trip to Hawaii, first was to Oahu & Maui, then Oahu, and last was to Kauai. I loved Kauai but by far Oahu is my favorite because of the fun mix of busy Waikiki and the more secluded North Shore. There's just so much to do there. This Oahu trip is in March and there is still much we haven't seen. I would just love it if Turtle Bay Resort showed up on Priceline sometime, IMO, the North Shore of Oahu rivals the beauty I have seen on the other islands and Waikiki has world class dining and lots of shopping. It's nice to hear that Waikiki is finally losing some of that stigma that's been attached by so many who have only passed through on their way to a neighbor island.
  21. Thanks for the tip Lonestar...I made a new post for a winning bid at Prince Kuhio..and for only $69 bucks.
  22. :) I'm glad we got this one on the first try. Looked at packages and it was the lowest of 3* Waikiki South. First toyed around with 4* at $110 & 120 but rejected then started over with 3* and got the Radisson on first try. Your Offer Price: $69.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 1 Subtotal: $69.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $15.98 Total Charges: $84.98 I guess that downgrade of my previous Beachcomber win worked out to my advantage since this hotel has gotten much better reviews.
  23. well we got our refund for Waikiki Beachcomber, I was hoping they would just switch us to another 3* in the South zone but won't be that easy :) Now I get to start all over. I definitely don't want North zone, so maybe I can hope to get the Radisson Prince Kuhio. Any suggested bidding strategy? I guess it's safe to say I won't get the Beachcomber again since it's 2 1/2 now, and I think most of the 3* in South zone are safe..hopefully.
  24. I think I will complain....though availability doesn't look too good now. I'm willing to go up a lil for something better, but if that's the best deal we can get, I don't know if I want to lose it. Might be time to check ET book rates too. I'll post an update.
  25. :) I found out that my hotel has been downgraded to a 2 1/2* , my original bid was for a 3* and I have a copy of the printout which states so. Am I entitled to a refund, I wasn't sure I was so happy with this hotel anyway...so I suppose it's a chance to see what else I can get for the night. For me, a 2 1/2* isn't worth $70 (86 after taxes and fees).
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