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  1. argh! this is frustrating. bidded earlier for 3* Downtown started @ $110 rejected added bothell $115 rejected added everett $120 rejected added lynwood $130 rejected!... i also tried 2.5* lake union $135 rejected added everett $145 rejected. i think i'll aim for bellevue zone instead... must be a busy week in seattle the week i'm there :)
  2. correct... 3* downtown would be my first choice. then 3* Airport zone. i've bidded up to $95 with no luck. my last bidding session was on 8/5 (using the board link). thanks!
  3. how were you able to have a lot of rebids on 2.5* lake union? i thought there's only 1 free re-bid...everett. am i missing something? sorry, i'm new to this and still learning... :)
  4. my bad! documented wins are $120 for 4* DT zone. so maybe i can get lucky and get 3* for $95... i'll keep trying... :)
  5. i guess my rates would be a little higher because it's just a few days before labor day weekend...stronger demand for hotels as you said. with that in mind, i'm willing to settle for DT 2.5* to have a better chance of winning since i've seen others win DT 3* @ $120 per the win calendar. my max bid for 2.5* / 3* would be $95/night/room. 3* airport zone is fine as well. so parents can take shuttle instead of leaving with us and waiting around the airport waiting for their flight to depart. max bid...$95 for 3*. as far as back-up, i have a few options: - stay with aunt who lives in south seattl
  6. i've been bidding for almost a week now (using your PRICELINE link) sometimes bidding up to $95/night for Downtown and Airport zones with no luck. i need 2 rooms for 2 nights (08/26-08/28) for my family [2 adults + 2 kids, 3yr + 5yr] + my parents. we will have a rented a mini-van, so ideal location would be Downtown or Seattle Airport zone...even 2.5* @ lake union is fine (i've bidded up to $80 with no luck). i've seen some people win airport zones @ $60/night...i'm wondering how come i can't seem to win that rate :) is it because i need 2 rooms? should i bid on 1 room @ a time? but then a
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