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  1. Thanks for the speedy reply! I had no idea... I'll keep it in mind.
  2. Tried doing a search, but it failed... So my apologies if this has aleady been discussed elsewhere on the board: I'm looking at the results of a search for the Quincy Market zone in Boston. Depending on the dates I enter, the same number of hotels show up: one 4* hotel, one 3.5*, and one 3*. Every date has the same results, never more, never less... But each time, the hotels have different amenities. What's up with that?! Does Hotwire intentionally change the amenities listed to confuse us, or can it be that Hotwire has a large number of participating hotels in this zone but only displays one in each star rating for each search? Makes no sense to me... Anybody have any input? Cheers, DeltaPurser :)
  3. Hi there Fig, Although my experience was the opposite of yours (the retail rate listed was HIGHER than the actual retail rate), what's to say that it can't be the other way around? If it's true that Hotwire just takes a hotel at random to list the retail rate, then it would be entirely possible that the listed retail rate could be LOWER than the actual rate... right? If you are sure there are no other hotels with suites in your area, then the hotel you found on Hotwire could still be the Omni. Just a thought... DeltaPurser :)
  4. Just in case anybody STILL doesn't believe the retail rate is bogus... I, erroneously, assumed I had narrowed down a recent Hotwire purchase in Munich to be the Arabella Sheraton in Westpark. The listed "retail rate" matched EXACTLY... to the penny!... this hotel, also when I tried different dates. I was surprised to find out that the hotel on Hotwire was a Holiday Inn with a rate, when booked directly thru the hotel (they didn't show up on Expedia.com) was somewhere in the neighborhood of $100... So... long story short: the retail rate is NOT to be relied on. DeltaPurser :)
  5. Aaaaahhhh... and does it show up on Hotwire from time to time? Also as a 3.5* hotel? I'll keep that in mind for next time. Thanks for the headsup! :)
  6. I started bidding at $48 and inched my way up in $1 increments using free rebids until I hit the big one at $51. It's a Saturday... The best rate online was $93 ($104 with tax). My total incl. tax: $65.05...
  7. Here they are: Fitness Center, Restaurant(s) & High-speed Internet Access Using the supposed "retail rate" listed on the details for the hotel, I foolishly compared it to the rates on Expedia and found an exact match with the Arabellasheraton in Westpark. I figured the odds of it being this hotel were high since no other hotel had the exact rate match... down to the penny!!! So much for that theory :)
  8. I'm baaaack!!!!!!!! :) Here's what I got for an upcoming weekend getaway: Holiday Inn Munich Effnerstrasse 99 Munich, 81925 Germany $68 came to $87.11 with all the taxes and fees. I've never stayed in a Holiday Inn that I consider a 3.5*, so it will be interesting to see what this one's like... I had tried bidding on Priceline first, but was rejected up to $65, so I took a chance and went with Hotwire.
  9. That would help, wouldn't it?! May 1st thru May 6th. Hotwire has the 2nd and 3rd at over $200 per night and the other nights at $70-80. And if I put in all dates, 1st thru 6th, it comes up as $228 per night. Hotwire is not the problem though as they only seem to have one hotel in the 3.5* category. Just curious how this translates to Priceline, as they seem to have more than one 3* hotel. Any input greatly appreciated.
  10. Hi everybody! I'm looking for some input here for an upcoming stay in the NYC area. I've bid up to $65 for a 3* hotel in Jersey City hoping for the Hyatt. All bids have been rejected, but I managed to score a counteroffer on the last try. If I am willing to accept a price of $82 they can get me a room somewhere. I've never seen the Hyatt come up at anything higher than around $60, so I'm curious to see if anybody else has had a bid this high accepted by the Hyatt, or if I will end up at the Doubletree or Sheraton. I have also checked Hotwire, and they have rates in the $78-84 range for my dates, EXCEPT for two days in the middle when their rate is $230'something. Btw. I'm looking at the first week in May. Anybody?! DeltaPurser :)
  11. They are turning this place into a condo-hotel and are in the process of painting the exterior right now. I have no clue as to what will be done to the rooms or if this has even yet begun, but if I were you, I'd make a point of asking when you check in to make sure you get a room away from any noice. And make sure to take the WaterTaxi while you visit our beautiful city! It stops at the hotel and will take you into downtown and the Las Olas area where most of the restaurants and shops are... DeltaPurser :)
  12. Hi Canes98, I recently flew on Swiss within Europe and was offered both a meal and a drink free of charge. Unless their policy has changed, I would assume the same applies to international flights. Zurich is a beautiful city, so if you have half a day or so between flights, make sure to take the train into the city from the airport. It's well worth the visit! Have a great time in Poland! DeltaPurser (We started the whole "charging for drinks" thing a few years ago and never did I imagine it would catch on... SORRY!!!!! ) :)
  13. Bid up to $63 three days earlier without success. Was hoping for the Marriott and got it! This has got to be the best deal in Europe right now... If you can get it, that is. Room: $136,00 Tax: $30.59 TOTAL: $166.59 The lowest rate found on marriott.com was EUR. 159 per night ($207), so we got two nights for less than the price of one... :)
  14. I'm not as "cautious" (read CHEAP :) ) when I'm bidding for someone else, so this one was won on the first try... Anyone else bidding around this date could start lower and use the four free rebids to inch his/her way up. Room: $96.00 Tax/Fees: $19.28 TOTAL: $115.28 Hotwire had the same hotel coming up at $172 ($195 with taxes and fees), and lowest rate on hyatt.com was $235.
  15. One word.... Famous Amos Chocolate Chip and Pecan!!! And a glass of milk. End of discussion. Period. :)
  16. Got tickets to see "the Graduate" at the Fox Theater with Morgan Fairchild and got the Doubletree to rest our heads Friday night... Bid: $44 (first bid, accepted immediately) Taxes & Fees: $13.48 TOTAL: $57.48 Lowest rate found on doubletree.com was $109 + tax. I don't know what I look forward to more, the play or the cookies at the hotel... Then again, I hear they have something like 30 grams of fat each, so I'm going to' have to starve myself before I go :) !
  17. Bid $37 three days ago and got the "nice try!" response... Came back today and bid $50 and got it. $50 for the room, $14,34 for taxes and fees. TOTAL: $64.34 And just for the record: I hate not having free re-bids!!! :) I'm excited about trying the hotel for the first time after having read so many reviews about it! :)
  18. Oh, I'm afraid it was a typo... 3* it is! Didn't mean to throw anybody off here.
  19. Went for $45 first as I've never seen a bid that low accepted... failed. Added North Miami and upped to $46. Bingo! (Like that was a big surprise!?) Two nights totals: Room - $92.00 Tax - $20.40 For a grand total of $112.40 which is about half of the going rate when booked online thru hyatt.com ($210 per night).
  20. Here's one I won for a friend going up to see Wanda Sykes... Started bidding at $37 and inched up $1 at a time til' we "hit gold" at $41. Total with taxes and fees: $53.37 Best rate on hotel website: $69 (AAA rate), or $95 for all the rest of us.
  21. Picture it... Zone A has only one 3* hotel participating on Priceline, and only one 4* hotel participating on Priceline. The rate "usually" accepted for the 3* hotel is $40. The rate "usually" accepted for the 4* hotel is $35 (lower than the 3* hotel!). Both hotel have availability for my date of travel. I bid $40 for a 3* hotel. Do I still run a chance/risk of getting "upgraded"? Or will Priceline first attempt to book me in the star level I bid on? The reason I'm asking is because I'm willing to pay a little more for a place like Residence Inn (and get free WiFi, parking and breakfast), rather than stay at a Sheraton and get charged an arm and a leg for every single local phone call, etc... Anyone have ANY input/experience in this?????? DeltaPurser :)
  22. Just thought I'd chime in here... I'm pretty sure I've gotten charged the $3 local tax on all my SFO stays at the Sheraton, Embassy Suites or at the Hyatt, so the original poster shouldn't feel s/he is being targeted here. It really does seem to be local tax issue. DeltaPurser :)
  23. Initial bid of $24 was rejected with a counter offer to add $6. I said "h*ll NO!" and added the beach zone and bumped up to 27 ($36.24 with taxes and fees). Lo and behold... there it was! The beautiful Homestead Suites in Plantation!!! Their own website shows a rate of $63.99. Weather is great so come on down to Florida folks!!! DeltaPurser :)
  24. Last minute decision... Got the Fairfield Inn for $32 ($41.01 incl. taxes and fees) which shows a rate of 119 CAD on their website (about $95 USD). I'm happy... But I'm bringing a sweater, 'cause the weather is crappy and if I'm lucky it might... I repeat: MIGHT!... get up into the 50's. Happy travels! DeltaPurser :)
  25. Hi Chris! Thanks for finally figuring out what that 5* hotel in Cologne is!!! I'd never have thought it was the Sofitel... Go figure. This is what I hate about some of these deals though: Your accepted price of 90 Euros comes out to be more than you could have paid if you had booked thru accor.com since their rate is 116 Euros WITH breakfast (and we've all gotta' eat, right?!). Breakfast alone at the hotel is 17 Euros per person, so you'll end up spending 124 Euros (assuming there's 2 of you). What a rip!!! And there's no way to file a claim under their best price guarantee since technically, their rate IS lower than if booked directly thru the hotel. I hope you find the time to give us a review after your stay... I for one would be very interested in what you think of the place and if you can recommend it. Happy travels! DeltaPurser :)
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