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  1. Thanks I will post my score when I get a hotel, I always use the link!
  2. Business centre, restaurant, pool, fitness centre, guest score 8+. I can’t see any matches it’s the pool that I can’t find, thanks for any help, the dates are September 11-17 $267 per night
  3. It did have Business Center. when I clicked on the offer it expanded to show more amenities. Another thing I noticed for the first time was when I went to look at PRICELINE EXPRESS offers for the Monday it showed a massage "hint you have stayed here before" indicating it is the Envoy. Only this offer was $360 not the $176 I paid.
  4. I am running the Boston marathon and its been a challenge to get a deal, I wanted to book for 3 nights but everything is very expensive so I changed my strategy and bid only for sat.and sun. and will try to get Monday in a few days. Looks like I scored big. Looks to be a new hotel with really good reviews. Amenities include :Wi Fi Fitness, Pets, Restaurant. Thanks...PS I started out using the board PRICELINE link
  5. Started out using the Link. I am running the marathon this weekend and very happy winning the hotel W. Used the Priceline and Hotwire Calendar of Wins saw someone else had won the Hotel W so I bid the same.
  6. fitness center, airport shuttle,Business center, not sure why thats the only ones showing. I know there is more.
  7. Great value seeing its Marathon weekend in DC. I always use the PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links. Thanks
  8. Checked the forums before bidding, the lowest I saw the Hyatt go for was $60. The Hyatt was my bidding target and I was successful at $60 my first bid. I would also add that I used the [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] link before bidding to support this site......Thanks
  9. First off I use the PRICELINE link to support this site! Bid $50 and was offered a counter offer of $62. Decided to except it rather than using rebidding zones just to save a few $$. I am happy with the win for a first rate hotel...........
  10. Used the PRICELINE link, first bid $60 refused, second bid using rebid zones $70 refused but offererd a counter bid of $88. Closed down browser and started over using another re bid zone, bid $75 and it was sucsessful.
  11. I am running the marathon that weekend and needed a hotel only for the friday night. First bid was $110 and was offered a counter bid of $140. I closed down the browser and reopened it and bid $125 and added Fenway as a rebid zone. Have been trying the same bids for 5 days with no luck until today. I must also add that I used the link everytime.
  12. I have run the marathon many times and again this year. Its best to stay right in the Downtown area its worth the extra money. Cambrigde area also works very well and you might have a better chance on getting a deal there.
  13. I started off by using the PRICELINE link. First bid was $60 and was rejected but was offered a counter bid of $88. I closed down the browser and reused the PRICELINE link to log on again and used a re bid zone and re bid $70 and it was accepted. Marriott is the best hotel in Buffalo, what a great deal.........
  14. First off, I used the link to get to the PRICELINE site. My first bid of $100 rejected but I was offered a counter bid of $126. Instead of accepting the counter offer. I closed the browser and opened a new window and rebid $110 by adding Wembley as a rebid zone. I am happy with my win. The hotel looks good on Trip advisor. Thanks Betterbidding
  15. Thanks for the suggestion, great idea I will e mail the hotel ahead of time.
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