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  1. Actually I just tried to extend my one-night win (Dec. 30) for one more night and they were asking for $285 ($336 after taxes). I'm not paying more than $200 (including taxes) so my max bid will probably be $160. What do you think my chances are?
  2. ^ Ummm after I won at $110 for the 27-29, I tried to extend my stay for the 30-31st, but it gave me something ridiculous like $222/night. So I re-did the 30th at $108, and I'm going to try the 31st at $150 and above for the next few days. Should I start lower than $150? And do you think $150 is reasonable if they tried to sell it to me for over $220?
  3. Okay, I got the 3* Sunset Hyatt for $110 (nights of Dec. 27, 28, 29) and $108 for the night of Dec. 30th. I'm still working on a hotel for New Year's Eve, I got shot down up to $125 for a 3* in West Hollywood, but I will try again in the next few days. Also, what is this GFS thing? Are they really going to refund me 15% of my priceline purchase?
  4. ^ I'm staying from Dec. 27 - Jan. 1st so I might be willing to split the stay between 2 hotels. And I checked earlier regarding availablity. I put Dec. 27th- Jan 1st and it showed availability. I read your message about it being sold-out, so I checked again. If you put Dec. 31- Jan. 1st as your stay, it says sold-out. But the 27th-1st shows availability.
  5. I think the 4* hotels in the West Hollywood zone are going to be too expensive. I'm going to try to bid upto maybe $110-$115 in hopes of getting the 3* Hyatt on Sunset, otherwise I'm considering the 2.5* residence Inn. It looks like that hotel can be won for under $80, so that might be the one. Is that the only 2.5* in the West Hollywood zone? So basically if I bid 2.5*, I will end up with the Residence Inn and I might even be upgraded to the 3* Sunset Hyatt (or possibly the 3* Crowne Plaza, but that's a very slim chance)....?
  6. This probably isn't the right forum. but does someone know what other hotel chains are owned by the same parent company that owns Days Inn? Basically...what other hotels can an employee of Days Inn get discounts towards?
  7. I'm interested in seeing how this goes for you because I am planning on staying in the same zone on similar dates. I'm planning on going from the 27th- Jan. 1st. And remember you have 5-6 rebid zones because only West-Hollywood/Bevery Hills, Hollywood, LA Airport, and I think maybe one other zone that I'm forgetting have 4* hotels. But it's not good news for me that you got rejected at $125....
  8. ^ Yeah I bid 4* hoping that I would land the Mondrian (I said I liked it based on location, but I have never stayed there). Atleast now I know that the Hyatt in BevHills is something I could live with so now if I bid 4* in West Hollywood I know I will be happy with Hyatt and Mondrian, and hopefully I will be happy if I land a 4* other than those 2 in that area.
  9. I just want to say that this hotel was really good. It was very clean and very comfortable, I felt right at home. They also let us check-in early at 11 am (normal check-in time is 3pm). Also, they gave us late check-out and let us stay until 3 pm. This hotel is much nicer than the 3* Hyatt on Sunset (but I will also stay at that one again too because of the location).
  10. Got turned down at $85, $95, $105, and accepted at $115. One night, Dec. 1st.
  11. What do you mean there are no convenient places to eat breakfast at the WH Hyatt? There's plenty of places, and the SaddleRanch is literally a 10 second walk. And parking is $18 a night at Hyatt I believe, which is fairly normal for LA.
  12. "I'm seeing $579 now, but that's for a suite. There's a Penthouse room for $390....no rate for a regular double bed so maybe it's sold out?" That's referring the New Years Eve. The prices for the 4 nights before that are lower.
  13. I'm seeing $579 now, but that's for a suite. There's a Penthouse room for $390....no rate for a regular double bed so maybe it's sold out?
  14. ^^ I think you are looking at the Hyatt Regency, I'm talking about the 3* on Sunset.
  15. Thanks guys....the Sunset Hyatt rates aren't anywhere near $579. I'm going to start bidding in the next week or two.
  16. ^^^ WOW, are you serious? $579 for the 3* Hyatt on Sunset???!!!!??? That's crazy. Well that's for New Year's Eve, how about the other nights? Dec. 27-30. What are the prices looking like for those nights. And if it's $579 for the Hyatt, that probably means we can't get it through Priceline.
  17. What do most of these hotels do for New Years? I'm planning to spend Dec. 27-Jan. 1 in LA, and would like to stay at the 3* Hyatt or maybe get a 4* (I would hope that it's the Mondrian because I want to be on the strip). I'm expecting the prices to be higher than the typical $95 winning bids for the 3* Hyatt or the typical $120 or so for the 4*'s in WeHo-BevHills. What do you guys think? Is there even going to be any supply available to Priceline for these hotels for the New Years time?
  18. Let me update what happened with this bid: I usually get the 3* Hyatt in West Hollywood, but it was sold out for this night. I wanted to get a 4* hotel in West Hollywood/BeverlyHills, and I went all the way up to $190, and couldn't get ANYTHING. I bid up to $140 for a 3* in the Burbank-Glendale-Universal City zone. I've won this zone twice in the past for under $80, and I've seen it go as low as $48. I bid up to $140 and didn't get a win. I had no choice but to get a 2* in West Hollywood (or it may have been Holllywood?) zone, and finally I got the 2* Ramada for $90. This was the absolute worst experience I had with priceline's name-your-own-price system, I have no clue what was going on on this date which was a Tuesday night. The one positive thing that did come out is that my 2* Ramada in Hollywood is actually a nicer hotel than the 3* Holiday Inn in Burbank that I stayed at last time.
  19. Is there a way to see wins in a specific area? For example, if I want to only see wins in the BevHills/WeHo area instead of the whole LA area....is that possible? BTW, great feature.
  20. I'm going to LA this Tuesday for a concert at the house of blues. I usually stay at the Hyatt which is literally 100 feet from the HOB, but I couldn't win it with a 3* bid upto over $100 and I called them and found out they were sold out. So now I have to get a 4* and I just bid upto $125 but no luck. I would really like to stay on Sunset...and I think the Mondrian is the only one right there. It is a couple hundred feet from House of Blues also. What are the chances that I get the Mondrian if I do end up winning a 4* in West Hollywood/Beverly Hills. I don't want to get stuck 3-4 miles away in Beverly Hills....I used all my rebidding zones so I will be rebidding tomorrow. The stay is only for one night, check-in Tuesday and check-out Wednesday.
  21. I want to go to SB for Halloween....any ideas? Are most hotels sold out by now? If not, what price ranges should I bid for let's say a 3 star? I wasn't able to find any threads about SB wins.
  22. ^Thanks. Funny I didn't win this hotel because I was bidding between $80-$100 trying to get the Hyatt....
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