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  1. Wait... The Redbury can be won using name your own price? Since when? Has there been any reported wins? That hotel is NIIIIICE.
  2. That's the hotel I want, but it doesn't show non-smoking, so I'm thinking it could be something else. I'm going to try to snatch it on PRICELINE.
  3. ^ I booked that room through Priceline instead, and I made a thread on it in the Priceline forum.
  4. Hollywood area hotel: 3* Pool Restaurant Laundry High-speed internet This is for Sunday, Feb. 20th.
  5. Well, I decided to just bid and see what happens. I ended up with Le Montrose at $299. I guess that beats the $359 that Hotwire was offering. Failed at $225, $255, and $285. And I'm sorry, but I forgot to use the PRICELINE link. I always forget to use that after I close my browser for rebidding.
  6. I'm trying to book a room right now for February 18th in West Hollywood. I need to be in West Hollywood...I don't want to be in Beverly Hills or Century City. Hotwire has Le Montrose Suites for $359. They also had The London for about $365, but it's no longer available. Those are the only high-quality hotels that are available. I didn't want to use Priceline for this stay because I don't want to end up in Century City at the Hyatt or InterContinental. Here's my question: The Hyatt Regency Century Plaza's website is showing no rooms available for this date. The InterContinental website shows no rooms available for this date. When I search for West Hollywood hotels on Priceline for this date, here's what I get: Andaz West Hollywood- $687 Mondrian- $808 Le Montrose- $499 So these are the only 4* (no 5*'s) hotels available on Priceline for this night. Does that mean that if I bid 4* in this zone for this date, I will likely get one of these hotels? I would LOVE to get the Mondrian or Andaz because those are literally within 300 feet of where I'm going to. Le Montrose is a mile away, but it works. I just don't want to end up 5-6 miles away in Century City. Should I be pretty safe considering that the Century City hotels' websites show that those are sold out? And because Priceline is only offering these 3...?
  7. 4-star hotel in Beverly Hills - West Hollywood This hotel features the following amenities: Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center Laundry Facilities Golf Nearby Tennis Nearby Le Montrose?
  8. Yeah, just one night. I could stay multiple nights if I could get a 4* in that area for a decent price (Mondrian, Le Montrose, Andaz, etc.), but I just know I'll end up with Hyatt Regency Plaza or the InterContinental.
  9. First of all, let me say that prices are ridiculous in the L.A. area for NBA all-star weekend. I'm getting a 4.5* hotel in West Hollywood/Beverly Hills with... FITNESS CENTER POOL RESTAURANT Is this going to be The London? I'm trying to be within a walking distance proximity from the House of Blues for February 18th. I don't need a 4.5* hotel...but it's literally the only decent hotel available within a mile or so of the House of Blues.
  10. I'm getting 4 hotels in this region for November 20th. Can someone help me identify them? I'm guessing the 4.5* FITNESS, POOL, RESTAURANT, BUSINESS, HI-SPEED INTERNET is the Sofitel. The 4* FITNESS, POOL, RESTAURANT, HI-SPEED INTERNET is Le Parc Suites? 3.5* with FITNESS, POOL, RESTAURANT, BUSINESS, HI-SPEED INTERNET is Crowne Plaza? 3* with FITNESS, RESTAURANT, BUSINESS is what...?
  11. There are too many hotels with the same amenities. I need one of these hotels for November 20th: London West Hollywood Petit Ermitage Grafton Sunset Chamberlain West Hollywood Le Montrose The Mondrian Sunset Tower The Standard Andaz West Hollywood Polihouse Holloway Any advice? My top 2 choices are The London and Le Montrose
  12. I need to book his hotel for November 20th. Am I able to distinguish this one based on amenities?
  13. They did give me two beds. The hotel isn't the greatest, but the location IS. I'd prefer to save $50 and get the Hollywood Heights instead of paying the extra $50 or so for the W.
  14. You should forget about bidding on a 4* in West Hollywood if you want something close to the nightlife. Chances are, you'll get placed in Century City. Do this: Bid 3* in the Hollywood zone, and you'll likely land the Hollywood Heights hotel. That's where you want to be. Not to mention, you'll save $35 per night or so when you factor in parking.
  15. Colfax, the 2 beds thing was about a different hotel. You had stated that one of the downtown hotels typically doesn't give you two beds.
  16. I may of forgot to use the BetterBidding PRICELINE link on the Marriott purchase...but I know for a fact that I used it on this Hollywood Heights win.
  17. Got the Hollywood Heights hotel. $80 + fees = about $100 flat. This is for Sunday, May 16th. I went from $60 to $70 to $80. I didn't have many outs because of only one rebid zone and one day before my trip. What's the general reviews on this place?
  18. Got the Downtown LA Marriott for $57 for the nights of May 17 & 18. Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $57.00 Subtotal: $114.00 Taxes & Fees: $24.54 Total Charges*: $138.54 Parking is $30.
  19. I want two beds...hopefully they'd provide a rollaway bed as the worst case...? I'm deciding to aim for Hollywood or West Hollywood for the first day. I remember the days when getting the Hyatt West Hollywood was damn near a given for the 3*s. They changed to a 4*, now I'm likely to get stuck around Westwood instead of Sunset...
  20. I'm looking to book a room for 4 nights... May 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th. It seems like the Westin Bonaventure is the hotel that is most often won in this area for 4*. Am I correct? And if not the Westin, then it's the Omni. Does anybody know what parking is like at each of these hotels...? I honestly don't mind any of the 3.5* or 4* hotels in this area. I'm going to two basketball games at Staples, and all 6-7 hotels are walking distance (0.5-1.25 miles). I guess I'll start bidding at 3.5 because the 3* Kyoto is about 2 miles away. Actually, the 3* Wilshire Grand is also VERY close to my destination. If I get a 3*, does the Kyoto come up more often, or the Wilshire Grand? So I need a hotel for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights. Should I split my bidding? How low should I start for a 3.5*? $50? Lower?
  21. I'm very familiar with bidding on hotels and the rebidding zones. How does it work for booking flights with priceline? I'm looking to leave Saturday to Minneapolis, and returning to San Francisco/San Jose on Monday. Flight times don't matter. What exactly do I do?
  22. Anybody know if most hotels increase their prices for New Years? I see that the Palazzo has been going for $80 recently, anybody know if it might be winnable around that price range for New Years? Well I'm just trying to get a 5* on the strip for $100/night or a 4* for 70$/night for the dates of 12/31-1/2/2009.
  23. $130? Wtf? Were you trying to get this particular hotel? You probably could have got a 4* in the same area for the same price.
  24. Okay I'm not bidding for a specific flight, I'm just trying to gain some knowledge for future reference. If Priceline shows a flight from San Francisco to Vancouver @ $352 ($401 including fees), how low can I expect that price to drop if I name my own price? Are the savings similar to the hotel prices? Also, how does bidding for flights work as far as re-bidding goes? With hotels you can change star levels, dates, and areas in order to re-bid within 24 hours. How does it work for flights?
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