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  1. roni1717, You might get lucky with a 2* for around $60. But $40 for a 3*, can't see that happen for a 6 night stay. But give it a try, you never know. Are you aware of that many hotels have parking and resorts fee's in both areas? Good luck! Henrik.
  2. I hit the dice for a 3* in Sea World/Universal zone today without luck. Went $43 - $45 - $47 - $50. Started with savingsbarn.com link Henrik.
  3. yscloskey, The Hyatt dont have the EMH option when staying there. The Hilton across downtown Disney is your only chance for EMH if you dont hit the Dolphin or the Swan, when talking Hotwire/ Priceline 4* and Resort ratings. Good luck! Henrik.
  4. Welcome to the board! Please take a moment to look around the board and read the FAQ's for Hotwire if you plan to use it. All hotels reported to the board are listed in the Florida section for Hotwire. If it's the Claridge on Collins Ave you mean, this is how it looks at the board list 3.5* Clarion Claridge Hotel (previously 4*) Amenities: Boutique, Beach Access, Restaurant, Fitness (may also now have Business icon) But to be on the safe side ask for ID help if you find the hotel on HW. Amenities can look diffrent from time to time. And allways include the dates for your stay. Good luck with your stay! Henrik.
  5. Swiss - You must post your dates for the search. Henrik.
  6. I asked at when I checked-in. I got a suite, it's twice the size of a regular room. Tower room was never mentioned by the clerk. And I never asked. Since I was happy with the offer they gave me. Breakfast buffe is $15. Burger with imported beer $27 W/tip. Pool bar is very expensive. Enjoy! Henrik.
  7. soxcited, for what date do you need a second room? Please have in mind that you are going to Disney at peak time. It's just christmas that draws more people than spring break/easter period. Yes, you can get Hilton cheap but you have a one night stay on a saturday, that may have an impact also. The price you got on Hilton Indicates that this is a very bussy time in Orlando and the hotel has no panic to sell rooms. But you saved $30 on the rack rate. And Hyatt got a $15 resort fee. About the staff at Hilton. I thought they were very nice comparing to many other places I have stayed at in Orlando. I got an upgrade for $10/night. But I allways go off seasson. Be nice and ask in a polite way for an upgrade. Please remember that bidding higer don't secure the Hyatt. You never know what you hit on your way. Good luck and keep us posted. Henrik.
  8. soxcited, don't feel bad. The Hilton is a nice hotel with a 5 minute walk to Downtown Disney. The rooms are nice, service and food(bit pricey) is great. Free parking and no resort fee. Can you please post your bid history on your win? Hyatt is still with PL. Enjoy Mickey! Henrik.
  9. Change of plans for the this leg. We will stay in Orlando. Topic should be "Rejection orlando 5/4 - 5/6" I will try and hit a nice 4* or Resort in US, SW/CC or WDV zones for this stay. Or there might be a bargin 3* showing up in the zones. Went $65 - $68 - $71 - $74 - $78 for 4* in SW/CC Went $65 - $68 - $71 - $74 - $78 for Resort in WDV Started with savingsbarn.com link Henrik.
  10. Tried $75 - $85 - $91 for 3* beach today but no dice. Started with savingsbarn.com Rack rates for the 2 Sheraton's are $209 and $229. Current HW rate for one of the Sheraton's is $142. I really dont know if I'm favored to wait or not or go higher. I'm pretty sure that the rack rates won't be much lower untill my dates. No, I never went with the Hilton, I found out that the parking is $27/night. I think that is so stupid in Fort Lauderdale. I understand that parking is expensive in NYC and S.F. etc. But $27 in Fort Lauderdale :) I have made a backup at a Best Western with boards support links for my stay. The saga .... Henrik.
  11. Are you favored to use the add a night feature directly after your first win or how is the odds using the offer 3 weeks after your win? Henrik.
  12. Duffman - Thanx for getting back on this one. Sounds like a great stay. It's a shame I'm only booked for 1 night. Henrik.
  13. Two things I found that not got changed in my previous post. 1. PL 2.5* Doubletree Club (DWV) is re-named to Orlando vista 2. HW 3* "Holiday Inn Universal" on the board list is the same hotel as the 2.5* Orlando Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Universal on the list. Henrik. New changes for Florida. Orlando. PL *Resort* Renaissance Resort (SW/US) now show 4* (PL VP 5/14-5/17) I think this downgrade is temporary due to the ongoing construction. So the Peabody is not "alone" anymore in the 4* PL 4* Grand Bohemian (Downtown) is now rated 3*, so the 4* zone in Orlando/Downtown zone is gone. PL 3* International Plaza Resort and Spa (US/SW) now shows 2.5* PL 3* Grosvenor now shows 2* (DWV) (PL VP 5/14-5/17) PL 3* Holiday Inn Express (MCO) now shows 2.5* (PL VP 5/14-5/17) PL 2.5* La Quinta (Winter Park) now shows 2* PL VP 5/14-5/17) PL 2.5* Radisson Barcelo/Barcelo Orlando (SW/US) is now called Orlando Metropolitan Resort HW 3* Radisson Barcelo (SW/CC) is now called Orlando Metropolitan Resort and shows 2.5* (HW VP 4/26-4/28) Miami. PL 3* Holiday Inn (University) (Coral Gables) now shows 2* (PL VP 5/15-5/17) PL 3* Shelborne Beach Resort (South Beach) now shows 2.5* (PL VP 4/26-4/30) PL 3*(?? possibly 2.5*) Circa 39 Hotel (Beach) now shows 2.5* (PL VP 5/15-5/17) PL 2.5* Wave Hotel (South Beach) now shows 2* (PL VP 5/15-5/17) PL 2.5* Holiday Inn North Golden Glades (North) now shows 2* (PL VP 5/15-5/17) PL ?* Extended StayAmerica (Coral Gables) shows 2* HW 3* Holiday Inn Miami Airport (believed to now be 3*, previously 2.5*)shows 3* (VP 4/24-26) HW 3.5* Beach House Bal Harbour (Beach zone)now shows 2.5* (VP 5/10-12) HW 4* Doubletree Hotel (Coral Gables - Coconut Grove)now shows 3* (VP 4/26-30) VP shows: Boutique Hotel, Fitness Center, Pool, Restaurant, Business Center, High-speed Internet Access, Tennis HW 3.5* Catalina Hotel and Beach Club (South B)now shows 3* (VP ??) Tampa. PL 3* Tampa Park Plaza (Airport (TPA) and Westshore)is closed. PL 2* Homestead suite (Airport (TPA) and Westshore)now shows 1* PL 3* Radisson (St. Petersburg - Clearwater (Clearwater)) now shows 2* (VP 4/24-26) HW 2.5* Clarion Hotel and Conference Center (Bush Garden) VP shows: Airport Shuttle, Fitness Center, Pool(s), Restaurant(s), Business Center, Laundry Facilities, High-speed Internet Access Misc Florida. PL 3* Hilton Palm Beach Oceanfront Resort (Palm Beach). Is not Hilton anylonger. Have not found any info on new name. PL 2* Homestead Studio Suites (Boca Raton - Deerfield Beach) now shows 1* (VP 4/10-12) PL 3* Holiday Inn (Cocoa Beach - Merritt Island)now shows 2* (VP 4/10-12) HW Fort Lauderdale, got a new sub zone called "Lauderdale-By-The Sea" It's 3-4 miles north of the Fort Lauderdale beach area on A1A. Mostley mom and pops and lower rating places in that zone. It's a nice and quiet area.
  14. Tried for 3* today. First bid $75 Added South St. Pete for $80 No dice! Started with savingsbarn.com Henrik.
  15. Tried $75 - $80 - $85 for 3* beach today but without luck. Started with savingsbarn.com Henrik.
  16. Some changes for the Florida PL and HW list. Henrik. PL 2.5* Doubletree Club (Lake Buena Vista/WDW) is re-named to Orlando vista PL 2* Clarion Universal (US/SW Orlando) now shows 2.5* (PL VP search 1/5-4/5) PL 1* Days Inn Convention Center (US/SW Orlando) now shows 2* (PL VP search 1/5-4/5) PL Orlando (Kissimmee zone)3* no longer offered in this zone. PL Orlando. 3* Holiday Inn International Drive Resort (US/SW zone)now shows 2* (PL VP search 5/1-5/3) (6515 INTERNATIONAL DR) HW 4* Rosen Plaza Hotel (SW/CC) now shows 3.5* (HW VP search for 26-27/4) VP now shows Golf icon. HW 3.5* Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Orlando Universal Studios now shows 2.5* (HW VP search for 6-9/5) (5905 KIRKMAN RD) 3* "Holiday Inn Universal" on the HW list is the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Orlando Universal Studios HW 3.5* DoubleTree Club Orlando/Lake Buena Vista is re-named to Orlando vista The now graded 3* Orlando Vista is allready at the list but the DoubleTree Club appears "still active" on the list. It's the same hotel.
  17. Got this today. Started with the savingsbarn.com link Went $39 - $42 - $44 Best Western Lake Buena Vista Resort 3* Disney World Vicinity 2000 Hotel Plaza Boulevard Lake Buena Vista, Florida 32830 Check-In Date: Mon, Apr 30, 2007 Check-In Time: After 03:00 PM Check-Out Date: Fri, May 4, 2007 Check-Out Time: 11:00 AM Your Offer Price: $44.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 4 Subtotal: $176.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $32.37 Total Charges*: $208.37 Best rate at $125 on the Best Western page. And there is a $7 resort fee and free parking. I have tried for a 3* + Resort for some time now. I saw this for $52 at HW this weekend and allmost jumped it. I tried PL up to $43 and failed this saturday. Hotel has perfect location and smookers room. I looked at this place in October when I was staying at the Hilton across the street, so I'm very happy with place and price. Thanx to "judygregt" for posting your win! Henrik.
  18. Tried again today for 3* in the beach zone. No dice! Started with savingsbarn.com Started with $85 Miramar for $90 Hollywood for $95 (I have no problem with the resort in Hollywood) Henrik.
  19. The 3* Grosvenor, Orlando (Disney vicinity) now shows 2* at PL. Henrik.
  20. gea888 - some of the common 3* (Disney vicinity, US/SW zones) PL hotels got 50% higher rack rate than normal for this busy spring break period. I just thought you should know this when deciding about maximum rate VS rating. also take a look at this post. Priceline Disneyworld Good luck! Henrik.
  21. aumonkey - I can see you're still searching, don't give up! Is you dates still 3/4-3/7, 2 adults? I can't see any of the hotels you're talking about. Please do a new search and include the dates you have searched for. And please rember that the retail prices on HW can be way wrong. They just list an avarage rate for the rating. Radisson Celebration is listed as a 3.5* Resort when I searched today. Last time I saw the Radisson Worldgate was it listed as a 3*, I can't get it to appear today. Reviews for the Celebration is mixed but on the better side. Are you still bidding in the SW/US zone for a 4*? Have you raised your limit? Henrik.
  22. I know that HW not always expose all amenities that is associated with the hotel. But my question is, would HW leave out a bigger amenitie like condo or kitchenette that is significant for the hotel? Henrik.
  23. dwarte - the 4* Hyatt Pier 66 is sold out for your dates. This is how I should do for this stay. 1. Book a cancellable reservation as a back-up since the area is running low on rooms. And this will allow you to have some peace when bidding and keeping your budget. Try boards EasyClickTravel. 2. Not keep trying higer then 3* in this area since your max rate is $110. 3. If you don't hit anything on priceline and really want to stay in this area so ask admin for help. There is really no easy answer your question about to bid closer to your stay. Please read this post "www.betterbidding.com/index.php?showtopic=23274&" for information. I wouldn't wait in this case since rates are high and many hotels are sold out for your dates. Maybe there is "block reservations" made on some hotels. if so, are you favored to bid late if the hotels don't sell all the rooms. But like I said, there is no easy answer. But get a back-up so you have time to play. And read the post about "when to bid". Please post your outcome on this. Henrik.
  24. kilarney - Yes, it's a great catch. I have been thinking about this hotel. I'm arriving 2 days after you to Orlando. Best pre-paid rack rate is $60. I have never stayed there but I was there and looked at the place in October. And I have to say that it looks like a bargin for $34. Enjoy you stay. Henrik.
  25. Jason - Welcome to the board! 1. Please post the area you want to stay in, rating on hotel and maximum rate you want to pay. 2. Please read this post "www.betterbidding.com/index.php?showtopic=23274&. You will also find some very helpfull information under questions and suggestions. Are all 4 people staying in the room? You know that you can't bid for a room for 4 people on Priceline. You can only bid for a room with 2 people staying in it. If you all are going to stay in the same room is Hotwire a better option for you and your company. They have some hotels for your dates open. Henrik.
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