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  1. #1 3-star condo in Universal Orlando Area $74 per night, no retail price given Amenities: Suite, Fitness Center, Resturant, Tennis Nearby, Children's Activity Programs, Pool, Laundry, Kitchenette From what I can tell from the list it's the Enclave Suites which go for $79 on their website. Does anybody agree? Also does anybody have any reviews from there? I've searched and gotten mixed reviews. #2 3-star hotel in Disney Main Gate - Champions Gate $75 per night, $99 retail Customer Favorite Amenities: Resort, Pool, Business Center, Hi-Speed Internet, Fitness Center, Restaurant, Laundry, Tennis Nearby There are no 3* resorts on the list so I think it's the Radisson Celebration. What do ya'll think. How are the reviews for this?
  2. aumonkey

    Noobie needs help w/ Bidding

    I am comfortable with how to find the free rebid zones. I just checked and the only one with a 4* is the Sea World one. That's not the only zone I'd stay in but I saw the 4* going for the price I was going to pay for a regular hotel and decided to try for it. We're going to Sea World and Busch Gardens but not Disney. I'll wait until tomorrow morning and try again.
  3. aumonkey

    Noobie needs help w/ Bidding

    I just checked on the peabody website and the lowest room they have then is $225. I bid at $75 because that's were others have gotten it. If I try say tomorrow at $88 would I have to add a new free-bid area because it hasn't been 72 hours? Thanks for your help, like I said I'm new to this.
  4. aumonkey

    Noobie needs help w/ Bidding

    Thanks for the help. I guess I'll have to go with a three star. I've bid up to $88 (about $300 total stay) and added 6 free zones and still denied. I forgot about the referal link the first time but I used it this morning when I started rebidding. edit: When I did my first rebid this morning I added a new free zone, I didn't just start from scratch.
  5. I've never bid on Priceline before tonight and reading lots of material on this forum. I'm trying to find a hotel in Orlando for 3/4-3/7. It's for my honeymoon so I tried for the Peabody. My FW has been wanting to go to SeaWorld for a while so I'm suprising her and we're going there one day while we're down there. Anyway, I bid $70 on the Universal Studios - Sea World 4* area after seeing the Peabody going for $75 and got denied. Then I rebid for $75 and added Sand Lake Corporate Park 4* and resort (added automatically.) And got denied again. And now I'm stuck on what to do. I don't mind getting one of the resorts in the Seaworld area but I would rather have the Peabody. So should I add another zone (which one?) and bid $80 or what do ya'll think. P.S. I'm trying not to break the bank I just graduated and she's still in college.