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  1. #1 3-star condo in Universal Orlando Area $74 per night, no retail price given Amenities: Suite, Fitness Center, Resturant, Tennis Nearby, Children's Activity Programs, Pool, Laundry, Kitchenette From what I can tell from the list it's the Enclave Suites which go for $79 on their website. Does anybody agree? Also does anybody have any reviews from there? I've searched and gotten mixed reviews. #2 3-star hotel in Disney Main Gate - Champions Gate $75 per night, $99 retail Customer Favorite Amenities: Resort, Pool, Business Center, Hi-Speed Internet, Fitness Center, Restaurant, Laundry, Tennis Nearby There are no 3* resorts on the list so I think it's the Radisson Celebration. What do ya'll think. How are the reviews for this?
  2. I am comfortable with how to find the free rebid zones. I just checked and the only one with a 4* is the Sea World one. That's not the only zone I'd stay in but I saw the 4* going for the price I was going to pay for a regular hotel and decided to try for it. We're going to Sea World and Busch Gardens but not Disney. I'll wait until tomorrow morning and try again.
  3. I just checked on the peabody website and the lowest room they have then is $225. I bid at $75 because that's were others have gotten it. If I try say tomorrow at $88 would I have to add a new free-bid area because it hasn't been 72 hours? Thanks for your help, like I said I'm new to this.
  4. Thanks for the help. I guess I'll have to go with a three star. I've bid up to $88 (about $300 total stay) and added 6 free zones and still denied. I forgot about the referal link the first time but I used it this morning when I started rebidding. edit: When I did my first rebid this morning I added a new free zone, I didn't just start from scratch.
  5. I've never bid on Priceline before tonight and reading lots of material on this forum. I'm trying to find a hotel in Orlando for 3/4-3/7. It's for my honeymoon so I tried for the Peabody. My FW has been wanting to go to SeaWorld for a while so I'm suprising her and we're going there one day while we're down there. Anyway, I bid $70 on the Universal Studios - Sea World 4* area after seeing the Peabody going for $75 and got denied. Then I rebid for $75 and added Sand Lake Corporate Park 4* and resort (added automatically.) And got denied again. And now I'm stuck on what to do. I don't mind getting one of the resorts in the Seaworld area but I would rather have the Peabody. So should I add another zone (which one?) and bid $80 or what do ya'll think. P.S. I'm trying not to break the bank I just graduated and she's still in college.