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  1. flyinhigh - Welcome to BetterBidding! You can still try to get it with NYOP option. I looked at HOTWIRE to you. They have a Convertible for $70.99 for your dates. Please use this HOTWIRE link if you decide to take it. Good luck. Henrik.
  2. The only thing that changes is that you don't have to split your stay. So the question is, do you want to gamble or go with GTA I have used GTA without any problem. If you decide to go with GTA please use the boards links. Henrik.
  3. Thanks for sharing your win with the board :) Henrik. PS. I secured a sleep number bed at Radisson in Orlando per your advice, thanx!
  4. aluap1234, I looked at HOTWIRE for your dates and Nort + South Disneland area is $99 - $109 for your dates for a 3*. I would keep trying around $50 for a time depending how soon you want to secure your hotel. But also keep track of the rates if they go up/down. You have the heavy summer crowds to fight against so maybe the hotels have loaded a higer rate at Priceline. Or maybe it's just the wrong day for Priceline. Look at the rack rates for the frequent priceline hotels to get an idea about the rates. Just ask if you need additional help. Henrik.
  5. enterreturn, if you're thinking of splitting your bid so read this http://www.betterbidding.com/show.php/showtopic/18 If you want to try to split your bid so please remember that you must secure 2 nights out of your stay first. And go for the most expensive dates first. It's a bigger chance to "add a night" for the lower rate if you hit the expensive first. Sorry to say that I can't comment on the rack rates but your budget feels low comparing to the higher rates. Have you looked at HOTWIRE for your dates? Good luck! Henrik.
  6. beachandsand, I looked at the rack rates for your dates. The best rate is $154 on hotels site. It's likley that you can hit the hotel around $75. That's a frequent PL rate for this hotel. But you can try lower if you want. But, there is nothing that says that you will get the Sirata with PL. Bilmar and Beachcomber are also frequent seen on Priceline for this zone. You have a long stay and I don't know the impact of that at PL. But the hotel is available for you complete stay. If you only want to stay at Sirata is GTA your source. If you want to gamble so go with priceline. Is splitting your stay an option? http://www.betterbidding.com/show.php/showtopic/18 You can also try PL for half of your time first and hope to get Sirata. If you get it, is there the "add a night" option. But only do this if you are willing to split your stay or book the remaning stay with GTA. There is nothing that says that PL will honor the "add a night" offer. If you choose this route, please rember that you must secure 7 days out of your stay first. Good luck and please post your outcome at the board. Henrik.
  7. lmogie, which HOTWIRE zone are we talking about? Your post say FLL. Do you mean the airport zone. And please post the date (s) for your stay. Henrik.
  8. Shibya is way to busy for me. And I will only be in Tokyo for 2 days this time. My main stay will be in Osaka. I will post my outcome for this hotel. Thanx again for your helpfull information! Henrik.
  9. What rating do you bid at? Is your bidds realistic comparing to rack rates since there is an event in town. Please also read the Priceline Re-Bidding Explained before bidding again to avoid what happend in your "Savannah Airport" post. If you feel unsure over your re-bid zones so please post them so the board can confirm them. Henrik.
  10. kym_vegas, your maximum bid is not realistic comparing to the hotels rack rate. I think you should re-consider your rating and budget for your stay. And you can't compare rates in the past with your upcoming stay. There is a big difference on low seasson/high season, weekday and weekend, nights of stay etc. PL is not that easy sometimes. I'm no expert on Las Vegas but I have understood that sometimes are there many circumstance involved with bidding at LV. also take a look at HOTWIRE for you dates if they have any deals Good luck! Henrik.
  11. mattrock, please see the related links in the PRICELINE FAQ And please share your wins with the board in the future so we all can be a part of your success with Priceline and HOTWIRE. Since that is what this board is about. Henrik.
  12. nychica - Welcome to BetterBidding! I have found a match for the 3* and the 2*, but not for the 2.5* 3* WinterHaven Hotel 2* Princess Ann Hotel Above hotels would be my best guess. If you decide to go for one of the hotels so please use the boards HOTWIRE link About Priceline VS HOTWIRE. Personally wouldn't I use priceline for a 2* in that area, but we all have diffrent demands. But to answer your question, yes I would go with Priceline when shooting for a 3*. I would start at $80 and work my way up on Priceline for a 3* on your dates. Are you familiar with and using your re-bid zones? If not, please read Priceline Re-Bidding Explained Henrik.
  13. Rhonda - Welcome to BetterBidding! I have found following matches for your dates. And these hotels are my best guess 1. 3.5 Central Strip $129 = Ballys 2. 3.5 Near East Strip $89 = Atrium Suites 3. 3 Central Strip $96 = Imperial Palace If you decide to go for one of the hotels so please use the boards HOTWIRE link. Henrik.
  14. everyshadeofblue - Welcome to BetterBidding! Thank you for sharing with the board. You got a nice place for good money! Please start a separate post next time since your date is diffrent than the OP. Have fun with Mickey! Henrik.
  15. Thanx for the information! I might have a JR map somewere. I have allways stayed in Ikebukuro but this sounds like a nice hotel. And close to Roppongi, I like .. Do you remember the rack rate at the time of your win? Best rack rate for my dates is $240/night at hotels site. I guess I'm going to start try at $95 and work my way up. I have never bid for a 5* in Japan before. Any suggestion? Thanx again. Henrik.
  16. amirza, you should try your maximum $250 for a 5* before you go down to a 4*. Inventory and business change all the time on Priceline. It might not happen that you hit a 5* with a counter offer at $127 over your bid. But I would try my maximum before I moved on. Hotels and star ratings change all the time. You might not get a hotel thats on the Rome list. You could be the first to report a new hotel. But you allways get the star rating (or higher) you bid at. Good luck! Henrik.
  17. Here you go. If you have an accepted request you can contact Priceline Customer Service at 1-800-774-2354. If you call our 800 number please have your Priceline Request Number and the phone number you entered while making your request available. Henrik.
  18. moodihan - Welcome to the board! Please post your date(s) for your stay Henrik.
  19. BillKach - Welcome to the board! You need to post your date (s) for your stay Henrik.
  20. baldtomato, is the Hamamatsucho station the one that you use to get to the hotel? Or is there a closer station at Yamanote line? Thanx in advance. Henrik.
  21. travelAlot, Nice homework! Don't forget to search for 3 adults (or any other combo) on HOTWIRE even if your party is 2 adults. You get diffrent options by doing that. You have the Doubletree Universal for $63 on your dates on GTA Hotels found under boards support links if you don't want to roll the dice. I have tried before to ID the mysterious 2.5* without any luck so I can't help you with that. Metropolitan and Holiday Inn are not so frequent on Priceline. But you don't want the Metropolitan. The Holiday Inn isn't that bad if you can talk your way into a suite. It's the standard rooms that are bad. Good luck! Henrik.
  22. aaroncolorado, a word of caution. I would exclude the Fort Lauderdale airport zone. There are some very nasty places. Good luck! Henrik.
  23. travelAlot, I would say that most of the 2.5* are excellent value. Sure, there is a few you don't want but they are few and not coming up so much on Priceline. But this is the case for the 3* also. But I would not overlook the 2.5* for that reason. How high have you bid for 2.5* and 3* ?? I took a quick look at HOTWIRE for your dates and there is a 3* for $53 in the Universal area. There is a match for the Clarion Universal so the that would be a good guess. The summer crowds are starting to hit the parks the week that you are going. Have you looked at boards EasyClickTravel Search . You can get good deals for the Universal Doubletree there. Henrik.
  24. Hello snowglobe5 - Welcome to BetterBidding! Firts of all, start with reading the boards FAQ for HOTWIRE and Priceline. It's very good help sine you never used it before. It will cover the basics for you. You're traveling party is 3 people. So you can't go with Priceline since they only guarantee a room for 2 adults. So it have to be HOTWIRE for this stay. No, there is no way to tell in advance about hotels that will be listed during your stay. HOTWIRE and Priceline is all about excess inventory. Since you don't have a car, check the zones for the areas you are willing to stay in so you are comfortable with that. You say you're hesitant to use HOTWIRE, what are you thinking about? Please post the dates, amenities and price for the hotel you looked at so you can get help with the ID for this place. Henrik.
  25. Tried my luck today in the Universal Studios - Sea World. Started as allways with the SavingsBarn.com link. 4* US/SW. $80 - $85 - $90 - $91 - $96 - $101 no dice. Started over for 3* $45 - $47 - $49. And pulled this beauty 3* Crowne Plaza Universal Orlando (Universal Studios - Sea World) 7800 Universal Boulevard Orlando, Florida 32819 Check-In Date: Friday, May 4, 2007 Check-Out Date: Sunday, May 6, 2007 Your Offer Price: $49.00 Number of Rooms: 1 Number of Nights: 2 Subtotal: $98.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $20.96 Total Charges*: $118.96 Best rack rate on hotel site is $116. Very happy for this place. Henrik. This weekend is the Disney's Minnie Marathon Weekend (4-6 May). So I stay away from the Disney area.
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