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  1. oops. Sorry!! Friday, Oct. 27 & checking out Sat. Oct. 28. I also forgot to say that it was "restaurant(s)" I just put "restaurant" in my first post. The price is now $85.00 instead of $84.00 THANKS!!
  2. I'm not sure if I am at the correct place; I had a HOTWIRE question. The area: "Busch Gardens--University of South Florida area. The amenities are as follows: All suites hotel, free breakfast, Business enter, Fitness Center, internet, kitchenette, pool(s), restaurant, self service laundry, suite 3* AND $84.00/nigh Would this be the Embassy suites?? The restaurant tells me probably not, but yet it has kitchenettes.....ANY GUESSES??
  3. Whenever I change the time to 1:00 for pickup, I get the $240.00 charge. HOWEVER, after I read your post, I then looked at it more carefully--what Hotwire did to me every time was then change the city (I noticed that changed the city to Orlando in very small, tiny print). Goes to show one ALWAYS to be on their toes!! THANKS for answering me! I am still quite surprised that a rental car (ECONOMY) is so expensive. (I think I'll go into the rental car business!! :)) Have a GREAT day & thanks for this AWESOME site!!!! Willow Branch
  4. I went to Hotwire to book an economy car at Sanford, FL airport-- March 16 (5:30PM) & drop-off March 24 at 7:AM. The price is about $380.00. HOWEVER, if I change my pickup time to 1:00PM rather that 4 1/2 hours later, I would save $150.00!! WOW! I would have the car for a longer period of time & would be paying $150.00 less. Unfortunately, our flight doesn't get in until 5:30 pm. What would happen if I booked it for 1:00 & then called them that I would be arriving a few hours later. Has anyone done this before? Would I loose my reservation? I have never read anything about this before, so thought I would get some advice from all the experts. THANKS in advance for your opinions! Willow Branch
  5. I needed one more night to my previous bid for 3* on Thursday night (8/26); I bid again since I couldn't "extend a night" cuz I had bid for 2 rooms & only needed 1 room for Friday night. I lucked out & got the same hotel :) :) and got it for $106.00 for 8/27; not bad for New York!!
  6. THANKS Yellow Dog--you are AWESOME!!! Have a WONDERFUL day!! Willow Branch
  7. Hey, just a dumb question......I have never needed to "extend a night", so I have never tried it--Please help! I bid for 2 rooms for 1 night & got a hotel room; now I would like to extend it for just ONE of the rooms--is this possible? OR, would the "extend a night" only be possible for both rooms??? THANKS in advance!! willowbranch
  8. I wanted a 3.5*; I bid up to $209 (per room) for August 26 & then decided to quit. I then decided to lower my star level & bid on a 3* & got the Courtyard by Marriott for August 26--2 rooms for 1 night at $107 per room. You might beable to get it a little cheaper as my last bid was $99.00 & I was getting tired of rebidding. THANKS priceline & THANKS Betterbidding!! I do have a question for you. I would like to extend the night to one more night, BUT, just for ONE room only; is this possible? I have NEVER used the "extended a night" feature, so I am not sure what the regulations are. THANKS in advance for all you wisdom :) :) Willow Branch
  9. Hey, THANKS soooo much for your expert information!! I just needed to be sure about the hierarchy. THANKS for your willingness to help me!! Since I had the information about the "resort" level, I was able to figure out all of my rebids! WOW, I could have bid all day long as I had COUNTLESS rebids! It was a lot of fun!! I was able to get the Omni Resort at Championgate (Orlando FL area) for $76.00 for June 17, 18, & 19. Yes, I bid through your PRICELINE link! Was VERY happy with this; although they really need to get rid of their stupid resort fee of $16.00 which is really more like $18.00 with all the taxes added on!! Willowbranch
  10. I am trying to figure out all of my rebids. I just want to make sure that I understand about the hierarchy...... Does the "Resort" level fit in between the 4 star & the 5 star level?? I believe it goes like this: 1 star, 2 star, 3 star, Boutique, 4 star, Resort, 5 star.......IS THIS CORRECT?? I WANT to get the Resort level at the Disney Maingate, but I just don't dare get very "creative" with re-bidding until I know for sure what I am doing! THANKS for your help!! Willow Branch
  11. oops! SORRY!! I did them in separate posts becuz at first I was looking at Palm Beach & the other post was for Fort Lauderdale. I ORIGINALLY was flying into Palm Beach (thus my 1st post), then the airline changed my schedule & they are now flying us into Fort Lauderdale, so that is why I am looking into Fort Lauderdale. Doesn't seem to be much available for cheap. Willowbranch
  12. I have been bidding on PRICELINE for an airport hotel in Fort Lauderdale for 3/19; no success! Just looking for 1 night--cheap!! For a 2 1/2* airport location, I have bid up to 74.00 so far. For a 2* airport location, I have bid up to $62.00 so far. Now, I am looking at Hotwire. I looked up the "Hotwire list of hotels" on this site & did not see this one listed. $45.00, 2* Fort Lauderdale--Holly Int. airport, FLL. Amenities: Swimming, Laundry Facilities. (when I look up "show all amenities, it does not change the amenities at all). Some Roadway Inn?? THANKS for your help!! willowbranch
  13. I am thinking that this is probably the Holiday Inn Conference Center at the airport location in Palm Beach; is this correct in your estimation???? THANKS They are giving me $54.00/night for March 19 & 20; not bad since I have been bidding on PRICELINE & have bid up to $62.00 & no bites. THANK you in advance!!
  14. The ICONS are: shuttle, Wt.Room, Pool, On site Restaurant, Bus.Center, Laundry, High speed internet. They are giving me $54.00/night for March 19 & 20; not bad since I have been bidding on priceline & have bid up to $62.00 & no bites. THANK you in advance!!
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