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  1. Started my Priceline bidds with SavingsBarn.com PRICELINE link Rejections for 4/16/08-4/19/08 5* South Strip up to $150 several times 3* South Strip 2/5. Tried $50, got offer at $83. No love at $60. 2/6. Tried $65 and $70. Got offer at $100 :) Question. I have second thoughts for South Stip location. I would be happy with Hooters or Tropicana. But doing some reading it looks like the more North part, around CP, TI and Bill's, is better for me. We are not a big gamblers. And will stick to the low limit tables and slots. In my book, O'sheas sounds like place for me. Am I better located more North on the strip? Back-up made at Gold Coast with boards travel links.
  2. Priceline name change Las Vegas (Strip South) 3* Barbary Coast Hotel and Casino This hotel is now called Bills Gamblin Hall and Saloon (3*)
  3. discodouglas, can you please post your date(s) for your stay.
  4. rpinadk, looking at "belived to be" hotels rate and compare it with HOTWIRE's discount quoted is a no good clue. The quoted price you see at HOTWIRE is only an average price for 4* hotels in the area. Sometimes can you find a match for the prices but most of the times not. So this is a big NO clue. One good clue is to look at HOTWIRE's vacation packages part. Search for the same date and people traveling and compare the amenities for the hotel. This is how I did your hotel. Allways look a both Car and Flight options. You get diffrent resaults many times. There are many other things you can do. But the best thing to do when you're new at this is to visit the board and keep updated with posts for the areas to frequent stay in. Sure, I can't promise you that the hotel is Westin. But the chance is big. But zones and ratings change all the time. So you must allways doublecheck if you have waited a few days after your first ID. prices and inventory change all the time. About the HOTWIRE link. I think this is a Firefox issue. Boards moderator will read this post and help you with that problem. Just post if you need any further help. Henrik.
  5. mak136, can you please include your date(s) for your stay. Henrik.
  6. shylita, I don't want to bring bad news for your holiday but your max at $120 for a 4* is a very hard win, if it happen at all. Prices are high for your dates. And getting a 4* in this area many times equal a resort fee at $15-$20/night and some hotels even charge for parking also. Please keep trying for a 4*. But I would say use your max for a 3* and include North Miami Beach zone and the Miami Beach zone. Just post if you need any further help. Good luck! Henrik.
  7. jfpTexas, your trip is pretty far away. Prices and inventory change all the time. And it's look like you not have booked a ticket for your flight yet? And are sure you want to stay in an airport area so many nights? 3* at LGA is a match for Crown Plaza. 3* at JFK is a match for both Holiday Inn and Doubletree. Sorry but I can't help you with the subway issue. Please use this HOTWIRE link if you decide to book any hotel. Henrik.
  8. discodouglas, Please start a new topic. Include your date(s) and the amenities for the HOTWIRE hotel so we can have a look. Henrik.
  9. msolberg, I have done a fair try to ID this without luck, sorry. BUT do you want to gamble with a place that got 2 out of 5 as TA rating. I would not do it in this area. You can do better for the money. Let us know if you need any further help. Henrik.
  10. rpinadk, there is a match for the Westin Ottawa. It looks like the Westin has changed the amenities since this hotel was last reported to the board. Please use this HOTWIRE link If you decide to book this place. Henrik.
  11. Used boards HOTWIRE link to book this stay Best Western Lakeside (2.5*) 7769 West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway Kissimmee, Florida34747 Amenities: Fitness, Pool, restaurant, Laundry. This is not the regular set with amenities for this place. But I think the board should have this as an alternate set since this set has been reported before. VP shows (for the same dates). Smoke Free Rooms, Fitness Center, Pool, Restaurant, Business Center, Laundry Facilities, High-speed Internet Access. If you're ok with staying at a 2 story motel style place is this by far the best value (I think) you can find. The quality is better than most HOTWIRE and Priceline 3* in the same zone. Henrik.
  12. Steak2007, I think the gap between your bid and counter offer is to big. I do understand what you're trying to do. But try around $110-$120, I think you're closer to hit at that amount. Or $100 is your max? The Hilton Paddington has not been reported for a long time. I hope you get, great hotel with a super location. If you're looking for a nice 3*. The Bloomsbury-Marble Arch zone got a very nice Holiday Inn Kensington Park that is frequent. It's 3 stops from Paddington. One of the better stays I have had in London for the money. The 3.5* for kensington is a match for the Holiday Inn. If you decide to go for this so please use this HOTWIRE link. Good luck and keep us updated. Henrik.
  13. Started bidding with SavingsBarn.com link 3* Radisson Hotel At Los Angeles Airport Los Angeles Airport (LAX) 6225 West Century Boulevard Los Angeles, California 90045 Was rejected up to $90 for a 4* at LAX and changed to 3*. Missed at $69 and hit at $70. Best rack rate is $189 at Radisson site. There are better deals (value) around this date in diffrent zones. But I don't want to hit the rush hour after a 18 hour journey. And parkings fess are high. This is perfect me, and I don't have to get my rental untill the day after so the saving I do is great. Henrik.
  14. neodog - Welcome to betterBidding! Is a room with kitchenette a must for you?? If it is, don't use priceline. And priceline only guarantee a room for 2 adults. Might not be a problem in this area with a child. But you might have to pay an additional fee. Your best chance is to go with HOTWIRE for the "Sea World - Mission Bay - Shelter Island" zone for additional zones, please look at the HOTWIRE map. Look for a "kitchenette" icon when searching at HOTWIRE. Can you please post your date(s) for your stay so the board can help you search for a hotel. Henrik.
  15. Aurora134 - Welcome to BetterBidding! This 3.5* place is a match for Hotel Angeleno. Boutique Hotel, High-speed Internet Access, Golf Nearby, Tennis Nearby Please use this HOTWIRE link if you decide to take the hotel. Henrik.
  16. Franvan - Welcome to BetterBidding! From the top of the Priceline Hotel List: also take a look at HOTWIRE for your stay. Just post if you need any further help. Henrik.
  17. cotekitchens - Welcome to BetterBidding! Can you please post the amenities for the hotels. When to bid, read the link in the faq: PRICELINE FAQ Please remember to use the boards HOTWIRE link Just post if you need any further help. Henrik.
  18. Started bidding with SavingsBarn.com PRICELINE link 4* The Westin Los Angeles Airport Los Angeles Airport (LAX) 5400 West Century Blvd Los Angeles, California 90045 I missed at $89 and hit $90. I might got carried away with all the zones you can use :) and paid a bit too much for this stay. But I wanted to secure this stay since we have an early overseas flight in the morning. And I can leave my rental 1 day before and use the hotel shuttle. But best rate at Westin was $235 and leaving the car early make this a great deal. Thanx BB! Henrik.
  19. SvenLE, Priceline got diffrent zones for Maui. So please post what zones you're comfortable staying in. also take a look at HOTWIRE for your stay. Current prices are high for resorts during your stay. Just post if you need any further help with questions or zones. Good luck! Henrik.
  20. NJgirl, please start a new topic for your stay including the date(s) Henrik.
  21. JAZZYJ - Welcome to Betterbidding! Can you please post your date(s) for your stay. Henrik.
  22. cowpeer, 4* The amenities match both the Hyatt Regency and Inter-Continental Montreal 3* I can't get a clean match for this. But a guess for this would be the Residence Inn by Marriott Westmount or the Clarion Hotel Suites Downtown. I'm a bit unsure about the smoking for the Clarion. But I do belive it's smoke free. I looked at the Clarion site but there is no info regarding this. But Expedia only show smoke free rooms for this hotel. Maybe someone got a better guess/info for the 3*. If you decide to go for any of the hotels so please use this HOTWIRE link Henrik.
  23. kcgirlie1, 4* Main Gate - Champions Gate is a match for Gaylord Palms 4* Lake Buena Vista - Downtown Disney is a match for Walt Disney World Dolphin I'm sorry but I can't help you with the 4* condo Please use the boards HOTWIRE link if you decide to go for any of the hotels. Have fun! Henrik.
  24. Crash - Welcome to Betterbidding! The board has not had any 2* for Kelowna reported yet. But please post the date(s) for your stay. Henrik.
  25. richierich - Welcome to BetterBidding! The $36 rate is not the typicall rate for this hotel. Please start a new topic for your stay so we can take it from there. Henrik.
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