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  1. I think I tried the East and West zones first, so I may not have had the shrewdest bidding sequence (not sure), but as is too often the case, I was in a rush. :) :) Total was $60.01.
  2. I saw that others had previously succeeded with $13, but I had no time left to wait the three days in case I ran out of bids. (I had already tried LGA for $21 Economy, $23 Compact, and $25 Mid-size to no avail.) Very happy to see Hertz come up. :) Total was $71.18. Hertz.com is showing $52.79/day; Hotwire is showing $37.95/day (total $145.26). :)
  3. I saw recent bids of $65 and even higher on the "other" bidding board, went for $60 (bidding last night), and got it. I see a recent bid posted here for $50, but I stil feel okay about this since I managed to avoid the Extended Stay place in Henrietta. :) Total was $76.22.
  4. Maybe having gold elite status with Priority Club would help avoid the worst rooms? All one has to do is get the Priority Club Visa...
  5. I separated my bid to re-bid quickly and get one night taken care of... 9 June had been rejected at $40, so I tried 10 June at $45 and succeeded. I'll try 9 June again tomorrow for $41. :) Total was $58.83.
  6. Successful first bid. I would've tried lower to start, but this is very last minute... I tried for 9:PM tonight and was rejected because it was too soon! Made the time a little later to allow me to bid... $55.76 total. I think Hotwire was posting $28.95/day for economy.
  7. First tried $20 for compact, then succeeded for the same amount for an economy car. I'll cross my fingers for a Toyota! We got 38mpg this past weekend with a Corolla driving around middle Tennessee (some highway, some mountainous roads and curves). Anyway, total for this was $26.98. Rate on Avis.com was $74.99 ($85.02 w/ taxes). :)
  8. Got it on the first bid. I would've tried to go below the other recent successful bids I found, but alas, no time. :) Total was $44.79. Rate on Hyatt.com was $99 and it required prepayment.
  9. Total $57.73. Now to hope that they have a Toyota around so I'll feel like I'm renting from Hertz... :) Btw, I had tried up to $22/day with Priceline to no avail.
  10. Airport Shuttle, Restaurant, Pool, Business Center, Laundry Facilities (Sorry for the delay! I'll ask the acquaintance who stayed there what he thought of the place.)
  11. I see this hotel listed as the Bloomington East zone, but I'm quite sure our screen said Bloomington West... In any case, a good deal, and they have 24-hour shuttle service to MSP. Total was $76.56. (This was for a party of four, so we couldn't bank on Priceline for this one. :) )
  12. First bid $37 for 3*, and decided to up the bid with a drop in star level since I (and many others) equate Courtyard with 3* quality. Total was $53.59. :)
  13. Thanks for the offer of help, but I really just use JC as a place to sleep while in the NYC area. :) And in case anyone else notices the MetroCard logo on the PATH train faregates: No unlimited ride NYC subway card use on PATH... :-( But you can use the regular MetroCard. http://mta.nyc.ny.us/metrocard/where_accept.htm I think that page needs to be updated since I know I saw the MetroCard logos on the faregates at Newport/Pavonia (the nearest station to the Courtyard Jersey City), not just WTC.
  14. Quickly and in a panic after my alleged accommodations fell through :-/ , I bid $65 for 3* and was turned down, and succeeded at $65 for the Courtyard. Apparently there is some sort of food show happening in NYC this weekend... Regular rate on Marriott.com showed $139. Total is $157.06.
  15. My bidding strategy was a little off, I think... suppose I should've done MTW, UM/CPS, then MTE and the free re-bid zones (UWS and UES), but I did MTW $110, then added UM $113, then added UES $116, then added MTE for $117. Location is actually perfect since I intend to dine that night practically under the same roof as the hotel (Grand Central), and it'll be easy access to the 7 train to the wonderful borough for foodies, Queens. :) Total was $144.10.
  16. Total is $204.13. I would've tried to bid a tiny bit below that to start but have been too overwhelmed to obsess about a dollar. I'll try to do better next time. :)
  17. $182.66 total for the two nights. Link to the hotel: Hyatt Regency San Francisco
  18. Parking info from the City of San Francisco See the Sutter-Stockton Garage info - it is one of the most popular options for parking.
  19. thereuare, Could you please fix the title line to reflect three stars? Thanks in advance! Now to plan my HNL jaunt - $289RT from DCA! :)
  20. I had bid all the way up to $70 for the Plaza area to no avail, and restarted at $45. Perhaps I paid a little too much, but there was little time. I'll try to remember to post some notes about the stay when I get back. Total charge was $58.95. I tried to pull up the regular rate, but their site showed no rooms available! Guess I got the last one. :)
  21. Got it on the first bid. Fairly last-minute for a friend, so no time to allot to fiddle with much re-bidding. Total was $54.95. The rate (before taxes) pulled up by SideStep was $99. :)
  22. $200? Was that perhaps in CDN$? It was a nice property. Rooms were a bit older, but only a bit really, and the most important factor was there: A nice mattress. But do note that they charge a fee for using the gym unless you're on the club floor, and apparently Gold status with SPG (Starwood Preferred Guest) is not enough to get that :) , so I skipped it. (I think it translated into US$7 maybe?) I know one cannot depend on any perks when on a Priceline reservation, but part of why I often bid on 4* properties (and obviously pay more to do that) is to have a gym facility; if I must pay even more to use that facility, well, I'd probably be just as happy at a Courtyard and pay a fee to use a nearby gym. Except for that rather minor blip, a lovely stay.
  23. Bid downtown for $65, then added the Markham zone (which has no 4-star properties) for $66 and got it. :) Total is $79.56 (just bid today).
  24. Total is $46.56. Regular rate looks like it's $66.99/night. Thanks as always to "thereuare" maintaining this friendly Priceline bidding resource!
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