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  1. Tiny bathroom indeed... Could just about sit on the toilet and brush one's teeth at the same time. I've been in a fair number of hotels in Europe but this bathroom was unusually small. While the other factors were decent (though as mentioned, "City Center" is a misnomer), I would look into a Hotwire option next time which might allow me to pick a property I'd like more.... (with the homework one can do on BetterBidding :) ) On the plus side: Yes, the modest grocery stores nearby (one of which is a small, crappy version of a Delhaize, I believe, on Rue Dejoncker close to "the ring" (Boulevard de Waterloo at that point in the circle)) did prove handy for snacks... The Bonne Maman yogurt with apricot was tasty. The walk to the Grand Place is 2 km (per Google Maps), about 27 minutes (though I walk faster than average). Grand Sablon (and the wonderful chocolatier Wittamer) is closer. The pleasant and linden-tree-flower-aroma-filled Parc de Bruxelles/Warandepark was fairly close as well. Easiest route to the airport from there was to walk to the Louise/Louiza station and buy the 3 euro fare to the airport which includes the local public transport leg to the Zuistation/Gare du Midi on the Koning-Boudewijn-bound 6 line or the Simonis(Leopold)-bound 2 line. Could be confusing since the 2 line ends at Simonis on either end, but the (wrong direction for going to the Zuidstation) is the Simonis(Elisabeth) direction. Anyway, the 3-euro ticekt to the airport connected us at Zuidstation to the train to the airport.
  2. Total is $81.26. Last unsuccessful bid was $57.
  3. Total was $19.34. Keep in mind wiith Avis that if you drive less than 75 miles, you need to submit your receipt showing you filled the tank.
  4. It'll be a fair walk (24 minutes) to the Grand Place, but it's June, so it should be a nice walk. Total was $194.15 with taxes for three nights. :)
  5. Got it on the first bid, which always gives my cheap self pause... :) Total was $61.11.
  6. Last unsuccessful bidding attempt was $85. So $87/night turned out to be $998.46 for two rooms total.
  7. I got it on the first bid... I hate it when that happens. :) But there was no time for re-bidding, really... Total is $121.04.
  8. Whoops... Late-night travel booking. :) Waikiki North zone on Hotwire. Amenities: near beach; smoke free rooms; complimentary breakfast; pool; restaurant; business center; laundry facilities; golf nearby.
  9. My cotraveler made an "uggg" sound when this came up... I'll have to report back soon. :) (An addition for the list here, anyway...) Total was $68.04 with taxes.
  10. Total was $84.89. (This was a friend's purchase. He liked the place. Room was booked for one person.)
  11. Tried $34, then added Apache Junction (free re-bid) for $35, and got the Fiesta Resort. :) Total is $86.56.
  12. Got it on the first bid... Should've bid lower! :) Total is $69.70.
  13. runNgun, would you mind posting a review? Last two reviews on TripAdvisor weren't so hot... :)
  14. I just realized I need to take better notes on my bidding sequence so I can post it, but I'm pretty sure with my bidding strategy I didn't pay more than a dollar or two more than I absolutely had to. :) Total was $86.46.
  15. Something new for your list! :) I purchased this at the last minute today. Here's their site: http://www.waikikigateway.com/ Amenities listed on Hotwire: complimentary breakfast (continental, not something substantial), pool, restaurant, laundry facilities, high-speed internet There's a business center on 3 with computer terminals with free internet access. Very handy. Also, my room has a kitchenette, but only select rooms have that. There's currently a 40% discount offer for Nick's Fishmarket for "guests who book directly with" the Waikiki Gateway, but I was offered this discount upon check-in anyway. (Good thing, since the place is quite pricey.) I might try it out tonight. The current rates from their site for tonight are $78+tax for single and $100+tax for standard. Not a mind-blowing deal via HOTWIRE, but good... I'm content. Total came to $75.85 with tax.
  16. I'm rather late posting this one, but I suppose better late than never... Total was $86.42.
  17. Decent place, but poor / inaccurate info about the shuttle schedule to LAX... One person said every 15 minutes, so I said 5:30am, 5:45am... Yes, he said. Well, no, not quite... I raced down for a 5:15am shuttle, and around 5:20, I asked someone what was going on. They guy said it's every 15-20 minutes, so apparently no set schedule as the check-in guy had stated. Shuttle left around 5:23. So keep that in mind... Total came to $66.55. P.S.: I guess this is confirmation of the belief that this property is now considered 3*. :)
  18. Got it on my first attempt! I hate it when that happens... I might've been able to get it for less! :) Total came to $205.02.
  19. Edged up up over the past couple of weeks to this successful bid yesterday. Total is $163.22.
  20. I started with $13 for economy. They offered me another chance to bid with the same details but just with more $... So I bid $14. :) Rejected... Tried $16 for compact and got it. $58.55 total. Now to hope for a Hyundai...
  21. Figured 4* would do for the last night since a 4:am wake-up will come quickly for the early morning flight to NRT. :) Hope this place isn't as bad as some of the reviews I've read. $71.90 total.
  22. Thanks for maintaining the board! :) I forgot to post the regular rate for last night from the Hilton/Doubletree site: $149.xx.
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