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  1. This sounds like Diamond Resort. See what you think when you check it online. Good luck.
  2. I could easily be wrong about this, but I thought Hilton took over the Radisson. You could check.
  3. If none of these suggetions work out, try Hotwire--there is a 3.5*hotel for 127. LoneStar always has some great deals! Hated to see anyone frustrated bidding. FWIW, I don't think Hilton has resort fees, but call and check. I do think Sheraton charges 15/day and ResortQuest Kauai Beach at Makaiwa (think it's 3* on PL) charges 12/day. If this makes a difference to anyone planning a trip--nice to know the fees in advance.
  4. Using BetterChecker, I see Sheraton has availability at 179. Hilton also 179, with internet direct (no refund) at 161. Marriott starts at 419, so I think PL may not have access to rooms. You can use the resources HERE to book, if you want a Resort. Sorry I can't help with 3* options, but look at Tripadvisor before bidding.
  5. Fabulous deal on Kauai as well! You can probably thank LoneStar for the tip on Entertainment Book. Hold onto the confirmation email for checkin. Just got back from Kauai last week. We really had great weather, and I was worried about rain. You should have a wonderful trip!
  6. I would add this--if you want a resort, bid that first to your max before going to 4* I'm sure Thereuare will add to this. Good Luck! Hope you get the Hyatt. It may be rated Resort.
  7. It may be that the hotel has been re-rated. Not sure. There is a lot of wiggle room in PL definitions for 'Resort', or there was last time I looked. Could be they have tightened up the definition. Resort hotels were supposed to be on/accessible to beach in coastal areas. Hyatt is just across the street. Maybe there were complaints about it not being on the beach. Still I would be very happy with it. It's a nice property with a lot to offer. As to whether you get a better deal by waiting, who knows? As far as I recall, this hotel was to be auctioned off in a bankruptcy bidding, and Hyatt who manages, was hoping to acquire it. Don't know if this has happened. This may have something to do with ratings and availability. If you are happy with any 4* go ahead and bid. Don't expect to be upgraded to Resort though. It CAN happen, but not as a rule. Someone else may post more of a strategy, but I would start at 130-135 and go up to my limit in 5.00 increments, adding areas to rebid. If you need more specific help, I'm sure someone will be glad to respond. Good Luck! (PS--would not call myself an expert but I have been to Hawaii more than a few times.)
  8. It could be that the Mauna Kea being closed for repairs has some bearing on room availability/price. Still I think you are close to a win, if PL has access to inventory, as PL is usually less than Hotwire. I would try 149-150 if you think the savings are significant enough. LoneStar does make a valid point about booking direct and joining a frequent guest program. At 166 with fees, you would not save very much. And there are times when properties have similar/same amenities, and people are surprised after purchase. I would book a room directly, rather than lose that rate. You gave it a good try. Best of luck, have a great trip! As for a car--you should be able to save at least 25% off PL's retail inventory by bidding. Check that, and offer less, of course. Sometimes HOTWIRE has good deals, and other people use promotional offers/coupons for car rental and do very well. Hope your luck improves there, too. Kauai had bad weather last year (lots of rain elsewhere on islands, too) but Kohala coast has a reputation for being sunny and a lot of people may have booked on BI this year.
  9. Keoni, thanks for that piece of information! Sometimes it IS tempting to stay there when hotels are at sellout or it's just for an overnight and a flight to an outer island. This will make me re-think things in the future and either fly direct elsewhere or enjoy an extra day on Oahu. Really--it's priceless info. Mahalo.
  10. I would call the hotel to verify. It was supposed to undergo a big renovation ($15 Million) to start in the fall and go into some time next year. I don't know if that has begun, but the article I read said it would be 3 floors at a time, creating a luxury boutique, moving from 3* to 4*. Right now it is 2.5* on PL.
  11. I would look at HOTWIRE, and if there is a property there that looks good, and you know it is also available through Priceline, bid on PL anywhere from 10-20% less than Hotwire. If something looks too good to pass up--book it on Hotwire. Things come and go on Hotwire, so you might miss a great deal. It's a tough call. Whatever you do---have fun!
  12. I cannot tell you how many times I wish I could drive to the North Shore just for the burgers. Forget cholesterol. Whaler's Rum negates it. :)
  13. First, I think Thereuare is right about Park Shore and Luana. (Park Shore is renovating). How long will it take to make a circle-island tour? No such thing as a short stop. You are on island time. So enjoy. Shrimp trucks have a long tradition. There was a shack some time ago that was incredible. (you had to order shrimp heads off.) The shack was something else in its day. The trucks are ok--check recent info, though--RECENT not a couple of years ago. Personally, the burgers are IT for me, but if they have Teri Chicken, that's pretty darn good, too. Princeville at sunset is gorgeous. The hotel has excellent maitais, and the sunset over Bali Hai--well, take a picture.
  14. These sound like Ohana, maybe an Outrigger. From what I have read--compare the hotels available to packages available for the same dates, and you will probably figure them out. Do you have any mileage you can use? Check Tripadvisor for recent reviews of these places. I think PL would rate these 2*-2.5* which is fine, if you are comfortable with that. To do a circle island trip and just have a place to crash--really who cares?! The drive will be everything! A lot of fun to cut through the pineapple fields and end up at the North Shore--(Kua Aina for burgers, HOPE they have avocodo, WITH grilled onions and cheese--also get the fries!). Matsumoto for Shave Ice (Lilikoi with vanilla ice cream--don't be a tourist). So, check out Surf 'n Sea and Strong Current, maybe the Turtle Bay Resort, Jamison's at Sunset is great, but so is Halekulani at House Without a Key. Anyway, the drive down the windward coast is great (reverse also) and see the amazing beach at Kailua. You can eat at Buzz's (killer maitais--seriously they limit you), or get an incredible plate lunch at Fat Boy's. BTW--if you are headed to Kauai--Aloha Diner can't be beat. (food is 'ONO!).
  15. Well, you have plenty of time to consider your options. I think Hotwire rates somewhat higher than Priceline on a lot of properties, so price/value comparisons can be difficult. Also subjective. You might be successful with 2* or 2.5* at 80 or so, though I would expect 100 or more for 3* on PL, depending on the hotels that are participating. Not a lot gets reported at 3* level for Hawaii. Sheraton Princess Kaiulani has web rate of 160 for your date, so use that as a guideline. If you see something on HOTWIRE that looks good, and the price is right, I would just book it. Or check out some websites like Outrigger and Ohana for comparisons. Since you will have a rental car, look at parking availability and cost--that might be a greater consideration than the hotel cost. Some hotels are hard to get in and out of, and very tight parking spaces.
  16. Hi. Not a lot gets posted for Kauai, but I have noticed a slight trend with some Sheraton hotels being won on PL at 25% off lowest website rate. In this case, I saw 239--so do the math--around 175-180--if there is availability on PL. Of course there are other hotels that can be won. And you may want to bid lower at first. As for activities--gee a 4wheel do-it-yourself adventure seems like the most fun idea. Lots to see, and Waimea Canyon and Fern Grotto will make lasting impressions. I'm sure other people will have some good ideas to add, as well as where to look for discounted activities. Sounds like a job for LoneStar! :) Best of luck, and have a wonderful trip!
  17. Waikiki Marina Area has been added to Waikiki Beach Area and Waikiki City Central. That should make it easier to bid 4*.
  18. It's a fabulous beach! And a nice hotel. I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay. Saw a web special for 179 at Sheraton Keauhou which is low. It has been won at 140 on PL with rate at 189. Lowest rate at Hilton is 499 for your dates (looks like 299 last day). Stunning success at Hapuna Prince! Good luck on the rest of the stay.
  19. Dina, I checked HOTWIRE for your dates and saw a range of 165-229 for 4* there. Pretty sure the 165 is Hawaii Prince--if so, you might get it for 140 or so through PL. I don't think 70-80 is realistic for 3* either. Of course, with a backup you can bid and see. If you are happy with your reservation, you should stick with it. Check Tripadvisor for reviews. Enjoy your trip!
  20. Looks like HOTWIRE has Hawaii Prince for 169--book it, Dano.
  21. EDIT by Thereuare: this reply will be re-instated once the qmck1999 posts a follow-up to the posts requested above
  22. Great price. The hotel is up for sale and the private feeling will be gone in the future. It has the largest koi pond on the island and beach is great. For romance, try Capische at Diamond Resort-- new garden setting looks incredible. Otherwise, take a chilled bottle of Dom and find a spot. Somewhere. Aloha!
  23. Had a giggle with that, too! I thought Kaanapali was a racetrack 9 years ago--imagine now when you can get a flight from Kapalua to Kahului to avoid traffic!! There seems to be a preference for the activity and nightlife there over the experience at Wailea. Personally, I prefer Wailea, though that area is changing. I would love Hana if there was a more traditional resort there. If you are bidding for a resort, take a look at the rates for your dates. PL resorts in Wailea have been less money, but if you prefer another area, you should go with that. Tripadvisor and Frommer forums have lots of information to help decide where to stay. Thereuare can definitely help you with bidding. Good Luck!
  24. Waikiki City Central has only 3* and under. Waikiki Beach Area has Resort and 4* and under.
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