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  1. ok thanks, I'll pass this info on to the group director and she can decide. Lonestar, thank you for the offer of a PM.
  2. many apologies for causing confusion. I am unclear on what I need to do at this point. I clicked on the "THIS POST" from thereuare and circle back to my other post. Pls advise. thanks
  3. I am looking to travel from Phildelphia to Hawaii in june 2007 and picking up another party in Salt Lake City. I'm flighing Delta as they route through SLC. I am finding the flight from PHL to HNL routing thru SLC is $540 each, where as the flight if booked from SLC to HNL comes up to $730 each. I called delta and they said that is just how it is. Does anyone know of a way to get the lower fare for the SLC folks? thanks
  4. Does HW have NYOP? I did not see it as an option? thanks Meant this to be under hotel forum
  5. thanks Meant this to be under hotel forum
  6. since HOTWIRE is owned by Expedia What is the benefit of using either? Meant this to be under hotel forum
  7. Thanks, it seems the flight is about what I should expect. For lodging, I have seen some rentals which look fine. Since hotels max out with 4 people/room, two rooms are required and that seems to be more cost with less benefits. Any other ideas? thank you.
  8. with current airfares, I am seeing about 570 per person. I am looking to stay in Kailua and house rentals run about 250-350/night. I'm looking to stay 14 days from june 5-19. I am open to waikiki, just wanting to be in the less than beaten path. I have an activity list, so just looking for help in getting there. any suggestions? thanks
  9. I have group of about 30 kids going from PHL to DFW in June 2007. Would PL or HW give much of a discount for that many tickets? My organization also uses a travel agent. Any suggestions? thanks
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