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  1. Thanks Aaron: That's what I was afraid of. Based on reviews it's not safe neighborhood and Hotel is only place to park and there's a high parking fee. So we'll probably pass on that one. (Wish PRICELINE would break downtowns from Suburbs. That's reason folks without car rebntal can't use PRICELINE in Nashville. Downtown can mean 3 miles away with no public transport and cab eats up any savings<g.) Steve
  2. Looking for someplace near Chadds Ford, PA but Wilmington is not Far. Can book Doubltree Wilmington Brandywine for $89./night with $50. breakfast credit. See that recent win was about $50. but it is downtown which is out of way. Other option is West Chester,PA (Chadds Ford in middle. But don't look like much there. So my question is (I think I know the answer is no) can I bid on Wilmington-Brandywine and not be stuck Downtown? Thanks! S
  3. Got this on my FIRST try! Shocked me. Last year I paid $47.00 for a 2.5 star. But the 2.5 had Breakfast. Don't think ANY food included here. Still the price was fair.
  4. I've been trying for at least a 2* in PM for TWO NIGHTS (Friday&SAt) and lost for last three days. I use PRICELINE every year for this location and often get the Spring Hill Suites, which I love (even has indoor pool!). Last year I had to settle for 1* on HOTWIRE at $49 for Extended Stay Amwerica. Today I went in and started at $47.00 for a 2.5* and got the Courtyard By Marriott next to the Plymouth Meeting Mall. They even offered me to stay more days at same rate. On Mariott's site their "Summer Special RAte" was $129. No pool but breakfast is included. I'm a "happy camper" :) Wanted to share. I love BB folks! Steve
  5. The dates of my stay are 9/17-9/21. After looking at the Priceline revealed hotels called "Downtown/Convention Center" as well as Hotels.com and Expedia, I realized that Nashville is an "automobile town". Many of those hotels - whether 2 or 3 star quality are actually 2-3 miles from the downtown convention area. All the reviewes were from people who drove. As was pointed out on the Priceline Board but some other people a month or so ago, both Priceline and Hotwires "Downtown Nashville" maps are pretty scary as you probably stand at least a 50% chance of being, not only not walking distance but actually out on a major interstate. So far I've got a $98. blended rate (Wed-Thurs/Fri-Sat of about $92.00 at the Comfort Inn which is easy walk across the highway - and cancellable. I'm wondering if anyone has figured out a way to be at least 95% certain of getting a room actually IN TOWN on PL or HW. Priceline's 2 star revealed is $59. but it's described as follows: Nashville-Daystop West2 Star 2 star hotels typically appeal to the traveler looking for basic comfort and convenience. Guestrooms generally offer amenities such as private baths, television and telephone. These hotels may not offer on-site dining but are generally located near casual dining establishments. Nashville, TN (Nashville Downtown) West just a few miles from downtown is one of the best parts of Nashville. Lots...More The cheapest 3 star is the HI Select Vanderbilt which is $143! Anyway, if you or others have any suggesttions I'd love it! Steve
  6. Hi! Before I started bidding on Priceline I did a Hotwire Search for Nashville. I need to be near the Convention Center as I won't have a car. As has been discussed here before both PL and HW includes Vanderbilt Un in the same as Downtown. I was surprised to see a 2 star hotel whith the "Suite" meaning extended stay etc hotel with a special rate for my dates in September at $49.00! I looked ion the BB HW list and there are no 2 star hotels listed. I know HW rating is less than PL but It will be a chain. I need to get a clean safe room, not luxury. I'd certainly commit to the $49. rate (I'm staying FOUR nights) if I had some idea of what to expect. Not sure how long this one will last. Any suggestions on how to figure out whjich hotel and where it is? I'll also be researching other hotels in the artea and have a Comfort Inn in town reserved as cancellable for Average of $95.00 night. Thanks! I always recommend your site.
  7. Need to research more over the weekend but my dates are Wed-Sunday (in to out) 9/17-21
  8. I need to be near the Convention Center and not out by Vanderbilt without a car. Is there any guidance you can give me before bidding. I need 4 nights in mid September and don't want to get stuck on outskirts. Thanks! You've always guided me in the past experiences I've had on BB and I send friends here all the time!
  9. FINALLY! This morning I bit the bullet and went down to 1* at $40.00 for Two Nights 8/17-19. I got it! Got the Extended Stay America for the $40.00. They offerred me additional nights at that rate but I only needed Friday and Saturday. It's not Springhill Suites and no Breakfast included but it's less than the $59.00 that Hotwire was offering. I noted that there are no 1* hotels listed under PRICELINE on BB Hotel List. (Only under Hotwire). You might want to update it. I did bid through Savings Barn. I'll try to post a review after I stay here.
  10. Today's Update. I'm up to $37.00 for a ONE star and still getting rejected. Not sure rebid zones will help me at this point. Will increase each day and HOPE for less than $40 for the 1 star. Stay tuned.
  11. Plymouth Meeting-No One star hotels, right? If there are no one stars, does that give you an extra bid? I hope this isn't dumb question but since I keep losing out on hotels down to 2 stars and - at least at a cheaper price - I'm willing to accept a ONE star. Does that give me an extra bidding opportunity? If I have to bid higher on a 2 star It'll pay to either drive or use Hotwire and get a lower grade hotel. I just need a safe clean room! :)
  12. Thanks! Great for a weekday night. I think they have FREE happy hour there during the week - not weekends. I got Residence Inn last year (usually I get Springhill). The room I had was HUGE. A little worn but HUGE. Based on other prices out there, I think you got lucky. I can't bid again until tonight but may try $57. for the Sat Night Stay. Actually, last year I was rejected at 2.5 * at about $45.00 and dropped to 2* at same price and got the Residence Inn. Steve
  13. Today Bid $58. for 2.5 star for 8/17-19 Rejected Then 2 * for both nights at $55.00 REJECTED Changed to just the Sat night and went to $58. in 2* REJECTED.
  14. I'm back. As of today I still have not won. I'm up to $55.00 for Saturday Night and $54.00 for Friday and Sat night not accepted yet. I looked on Hotwire and there are plenty of rooms at 2* for $59.00 but that's Extended Stay America and - not only doesn't have any breakfast - but they have you make your own bed if there for less than 3 days. So I may have to go to $59.00 on PL and hope for the Residence In or Springhill Suites. Will try again tomorrow. Any other ideas? ;-(
  15. I've been bidding for a 2* in PM for over a week for the weekend (Fri-Sun) for two weeks before your stay. I'm up to $45.00 which is really the max I want and shot down every time - even using BB strategy. Sure Hope I can get room soon.
  16. Okay, it's a few days later and I've been bidding daily. Today I bid $42.00 for 2.5* in Plymouth Meeting for the two nights - rejected added Potts town and raised to $43. - rejected added West Chester and raised to $44.00 - rejected LOGGED out. Logged in Again and bid Plymouth Meeting 2* for $45.00 - Rejected The changed date to just Saturday night and bid $45. REjected Will try again tomorrow. I guess I can only hope. If I need to go as high as $50.00 I'll end up being only to afford one night. At $45. plus fees I can stay two nights. I bid through SavingsBarn. Thanks for help. Will report back again. Steve
  17. You gave me the $35.-$38 numbers so I used them (see above)<vbg> but I will certainly go up to $42. or $44. if necessary. Will let you know. Thanks as always. Steve
  18. Just Tried it and even added Friday night only at $38.00 and was rejected. I'll try again tomorrow. I can afford to go up to $42.00 for the two nights. I guess I'm safe as long as I use Pottstown and West Chester as my rebid zones at 2.5* Any other suggestions? Thanks as always. (I used SavingsBarn portal) Steve
  19. DUM ME!! IT was WEst Chester (not Malvern) I meant to type in. WEst Chester and POtts Town are only 2* as Highest. (I had followed the research guidelines.. just typed in wrong name in above reply.). So it sounds like in above scenario. I bid as follows, right?: I would bid as follows: Select: 8/17-8/19 Select 2.5* Plymouth Meeting... Bid $35, if rejected add re-bid zone...Pottstown Bid $37, if rejected add re-bid zone... WEst Chester Bid $38, if rejected close browser and re-access priceline however you did previously. Select 8/17/07-8/19 Select 2* Plymouth Meeting Bid $35, if rejected change date to 8/18 only... Bid $38. Thanks for your patience! Steve
  20. I THINK I'm understanding. Here's my research on the Rebid zones: Malvern and Pottstown both have no 3 or 2.5 stars (2 is the highest Horsham has 2.5* as highest (no 3*) Exton, Plymouth Meeting (the one I want) and Valley Forge all have 3*s So it sounds like in above scenario. I bid as follows, right?: I would bid as follows: Select: 8/17-8/19 Select 2.5* Plymouth Meeting... Bid $35, if rejected add re-bid zone...Pottstown Bid $37, if rejected add re-bid zone... Malvern Bid $38, if rejected close browser and re-access priceline however you did previously. Select 8/17/07-8/19 Select 2* Plymouth Meeting Bid $35, if rejected change date to 8/18 only... Bid $38. Thanks! Steve
  21. I just want to clarify before I try this. Where you say "add re-bid zone" are you suggesting I pick other zones NOT in Plymouth Meeting and bid in the 30s because there are no 2.5* ones in the other zones at that price and I'll DEFINITELY get rejected? And then when I sign in again and go to 2*s's I only stay in Plymouth Meeting zone? I think that's your point. Just clarifying. Will definitely use SB to go through. Thanks! Steve
  22. Maybe. My Max is $90.00 for two nights plus tax plus $7.00 fee. My question was also. If I bid for one night and win, will I USUALLY be offered "extend you stay" or should I always bid for 2 nights if I want 2 nights? Anyway, what do you suggest to a game plan. I'd like to try daily until say Friday and try to get. Thanks! Steve
  23. Oops! I men t 8/17 and 8/18> I'm still not sure how "extend your stay" works. PL puts in a flat fee per REQUEST. So If I bid on Sat night and get it, there's about a 6.95 fee. If I get two nights on the same bid or extend stay, it's $6.95 for whole booking. But I win Saturday night only and then have to bid separately for a FRiday night (I won't mind if I have two different hotels for the two different nights), I pay $13.90 in fees. Sorry for confusion. What I really want is a 2 or 2.5 Star in Plymouth Meeting for Friday and SAt night for no more than $45. plus one fee. Now I need the bidding stratgy. The rooms in July have been going for $39.00 to $41.00 at the Springhill Suites per the postings. Thanks again. Steve in Philly
  24. A bit. Everytinr they reject my 2.5* and when I bid 2* they "upgrade me to the Springhill Suites" which is what I really want. I don not want to pay more than $45.00/night for TWO nights (8/17 and 8/17) or 42.00/night for 8/17 or $44.00 if I have to win them separately (as the PL charge is same for one or two nights. Thanks for help. I'll bid the way you suggest. Steve
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