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  1. My FIRST choice would be 4 star in Arlington and then 3star in Arlington and then the two in Crystal City. It looks like only 3-5 miles between them. As you saw I can get the $77.00 rate without bidding so I''l be happy with a 3 or four star in Arlington for, say $65 (possible?) or $60 in Crystal City. Thanks for reply. I ALWAYS use BB PRICELINE link
  2. Arlington 4 star $87 -Business Center, /fitness center/Free Internet Crystal City 3.5 stars $91 (it is now $92) - Business Center, Indoor-outdoor pool/ restaurant/fitness center/Free Internet Crystal City 3 stars $77Business Center, restaurant/fitness center/Free Internet Actually I don't need any of those features. Would like free parking but don't see that. Happy with Crystal City 3 star or Arlington 4 star. But if any have free pkg that would be best. So how do I bid? Thanks! Steve
  3. I need some guidance. We need a room for one night in or near Arlington, VA. I did a quick check on PRICELINE EXPRESS and found these: Arlington 4 star $87 Crystal City 3.5 stars $91 Crystal City 3 stars $77 I looked at Virginia hotel list on BB and it said to select a region but I don't see either Arlington or Crystal City listed. Where do I look. It's a summer Sunday night so I'm sure there are good deals. But if I bid I should do better than the Express price (right). So what should I bid? Just a note - none have included breakfast. I was able to find a Hampton Inn (cancellable) in Alexandria for $105. I figure a decent buffet breakfast is worth $16. per room. But If I save a lot, then I can eat out. I ALWAYS use BB [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] link. Thanks for guidance.
  4. Thanks Thereuare: I have to refresh my memory as to how to follow a thread. I had a change in plans and was able to get a MUCH lower air fare (using miles) to/from Pittsburgh so I'll be flying and not driving and won't need the hotel. Again, I thank you for your time and I'll be back here again over the summer for your annual guidance on booking hotels in Plymouth Meeting/ Horsham area. Steve
  5. My preference would be for a first try for either a 2 star or 2.5 * in Somerset or Johnstown areas only at $30/night, I would go to $35 night for a 2.5 * is either location. I don't see bidding more than $40 for a two star as the PL fee will bring it in line with cancelable fees. Thanks for a prompt reply. And I WILL go though BB PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links. Also, I don't see how I can get an email alert when you reply. I used to be able to do that. I LOVE BB! Steve
  6. You've always been helpful. Hoping you can help this time. I need a room for one night on Sunday 5/31 near Somerset PA. (There are some in Johnstown but seem pricier). Trying to hold under $50. Here's what I found. Priceline Express has a 2 star for $48. Using Priceline's full list I found Baymont Inn for $64, Days inn For $59.A1Economy In for $59 (not a chain). These are a dollar less than booking through Trip Advisor but no extra fees ($5.00 in taxes though). When I search the BB list I only see one pricey $10 + hotel. The prices quoted above are both cancelable and pay at the hotel. The reviews seem to show that the Baymont and Days Inn might have least issues. Somerset falls in the Altoona-Duncansville Area and is listed as region 3. I don't want another region - though a 2.5 in Johnstown would be acceptable for under $50. I'll take a 2 or 2.5 star at a price that is good discount (could I get as low as $30.)) since there will a priceline fee? Priceline show a 1, 2, 2.5 and 3 as possible ones. Since I can't cancel, I don't want to invest too much. So, did I give you enough info to guide me? I WILL use the BB link to bid. Thanks Steve
  7. Okay I'm back and I want to alert others of some issues with booking this hotel in Horsham. I'm not sure where to post this so please reclassify it. The BB Hotel List shows both Extended Stay America and Days Inn as 2 stars. There is a big difference and - for most people staying for 1-3 nights they should consider these factors. ESA does not provide ANY housekeeping service for stays of less than 8 days. Yiu make yiur own bed, re-use all towels and clean up yiur kitchen. Days Inn - and even 1 star hotels have daily housekeeping. DI has a full hot breakfast and hot coffee in lobby or coffee maker in room. ESA provides a "grab and go" grekfast which is instabnt oatmeal (but no milk - only coffee mate), Coffee and tea - but no half and half. You can get a coffee maker for your room but yiu need to request in advance and they do not provide milk. In the case of the Dresher Road ESA, you can't walk to anything and need to drive 2 miles to get any food supplies. So if all you want is a clean room (upon arrival) with a kitchen (and all cups, dishes and silverware need to be requested at the desk - staffed by ONE person in the morning who also makes the coffee gets the bowls and checks folks out. The ESA will be acceptable. But it certainly is bare bones and not comparable with any hotel that serves hot coffee all day, gives a hot breakfast and cleans yiour room daily.
  8. Hmm. I didn't realize that. I got the Dresher Rd one which is I think where I stayed last year. The Welsh Road one would have been MUCH better for me I think but it is also $10/more a night ($81 vs $71) than Dresher Road. (But those are NOT discounted rates). Also folks should know that when using PRICELINE EXPRESS and it says "Free Breakfast" the ESA's have a thing called Grab and Go. No tables, no hot food. Instant oatmeal, cello wrapped danish and MAYBE fresh fruit. Anyway, it was clean and basic and - since only using for 7-8 hours to sleep, acceptable. Steve
  9. Sorry, I hit an empty reply. I got my room. Here is what happened. I lost out on all the 2.5 star tries. So I followed above plan. After I bid $38 (for 2 star in Horsham, I was rejected but got message saying that if I added 8 to go to $46 I could try again and get it. (Note that 2 star in Horsham is $48 on PRICELINE EXPRESS. But I changed bid to $41 as per above and won the Extended Stay America - Same one at same price as in August 2013. I'd have ;preferred the Days Inn - Horsham which is a bit closer - and where I had some breakfast issues last year - Bi I have manager's name and can contact her to make things go smoothly. Anyway, I DID use the BB PRICELINE link and thank you - as always - for guidance. I always refer folks to BB
  10. Okay. I think I want to try Plan B and MIGHT be able to do myself but you know the ropes. Plan B is to either get a 2.5 in Plymouth Meeting to a max of $48.00 or a 2 star in PM for $44,00max Or if I get a 2 star in Horsham to shoot for $41. Right now There are 2 star Horsham for $48. with PRICELINE EXPRESS. There was a 5% discount code about 10 days ago (it was SUMMER14) but it is no longer valid. I have 2 rebid zones for the 2.5 star but NO rebid zones for a 2. Suggested plan? And I will use BB PRICELINE link
  11. PRICELINE EXPRESS has a 2 star in PM for $58 and -if I go to FT Wash-Horsham (most likely will end up in Horsham - though I'd prefer Ft. washington) there is a 2/5 at $70 and a 2 at $48. (either Days Inn or Extended Stay I'm sure). And - at least last week - there was 5% discount code. So I'll keep bidding up to $48 over weekemnd and then probably go to the 2 star in PM or FW-Horsham and max at $44. - otherwise I can grab the $48 Express. These places seem to go for that every year as it is a weekebd and glut of hotels there. I'll keep you posted and use the BB PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links
  12. At least through weekend. If I went to Horsham for a 2 star I'd max at $43. The Hotwire extress there is only $48. I save 20-30 minutes RT by being in PM. vs Horsham. (unless I got onre in FT Washingtom which is cloer but combined with Horsham. From Ft. Washinton to the Extended Stay in Horsham it's at least 10 miles/20 minutes) Any other ideas? Steve
  13. Okay I did it today - I had used my chances. So I got up to $48 using my two rebid zones (Media and Springfield - which have nothing about 2 stars) and all were rejected. Guess I'll try again in 24 hours and HOPE ;-) Thanks as always!
  14. I did read that earlier but it is the "zone: issue that confuses me. MAYBE I'm understanding you now (a Little). Here are results by all 9 zones 1 3.5 2 3 3 2 4 3.5 5 2.5 6 2 7 3 8 3 9 3 So when you said I have two rebidding zones for PM did you mean zones 3 (Media) and 6 (Springfiekd) because the highest is 2 and I want a 2.5 or higher? THANKS! THAT's what I needed! ;-) Usually "subscribe buttons" are at bottom of pages on newgroup site. But I'm "following!"
  15. I'm sorry to sound like a dummy here - and I read the links to rebid zones but I'm sort of limited to one Primary Zone (Plymouth Meeting) where there options for 2.5, 3.0 and 3.5 (ignoring a 2 for now there). For Fort Washington-Horsham there are options for 2.5 and 3.0 (ignoring 2 for now). In all honesty, I'd prefer a 2.5 star in PM to a 3 star in Horsham as it's further away (previous message was a typo - it's 10 to 15 minutes each way - or 30 RT) to be in Horsham. So I understand your FIRST step above. Amnd I would bid $40 for PM. but I'm confused. You say PM has TWO ZONES. What is the other? I only see that I can rebid a lower or higher rating. So are you saying above: Select 2.5 in PM and bid $40 and if rejected just increase star rating to 3 and bid $43 in first pass and then close browser? and repeat this process? Rwally I'm confused on the words "bidding zones" (and yes I read the BB link on it) PL uses "zones" for different areas so that PM is one zone, Ft-Washington is another" and "Valley Forge is another" and these are numbered. Thanks for you patience with me. BTW, one LAST semi-related question. I thought there was a way to be notified when a reply is made but I can't find a button to "subscribe to topic" Steve
  16. The goal is the least expensive 2.5* or better for this trip! So ready for advice. I'd LIKE to get a 2.5 star or better in PM for $48 or less Back up plan is a 2 star in Horsham for $42. (because it's 1-5 minutes each way further than I need to be Open for guidance Thereuare
  17. Thanks Romelle: Never knew to check rewards - I only use PL about three times a year (always through BB link of course). Nothing in my rewards. The PRICELINE EXPRESS has a 5% off code but I think I'll do better bidding. I did ask if my plan was a good one or if I should bid a specific amount ($45) for 3 star and then raise amount to say $47 and drop to a 2.5 star and hope I get upgraded as there are no 2.5 stars in Plymouth Meeting? I figure by next week I'll think about Horsham 2 star and go for the $41/.night I got last year. I'll also keep eye out for discount codes. and lastly, I always wondered if Thereuare was male or female. Now I know ;-) Steve
  18. I LOVE BB and go through you every year when I book in August for 2 nights in this area. I've stayed at the Extended Stay (really basic) as well the Spring Hill (Love it but rarely win lately), Courtyard. (okay but NO breakfast) and the Residence Inn (always nice and great breakfast). Last year I extended area to Horsham- further than I needed but cheaper. Days Inn there is nice but was disappointed with frugal breakfast at Extended Stay there. Last years was $41 win at Extended Stay. So now PRICELINE EXPRESS shows PM at $58 for 2 stars. This is probably Extended Stay. For Horsham they show a 2 star for $48 (less 10% promo). It could be the Extended Stay or Days Inn. The BB Hotel List shows only one 2 star in PM and that is Extended Stay (which I don't really want). All the rest (including Residence and Spring Hill - which USED to be 2 1/2 ) are 3 star. My first try - knowing I'd have low chance was to go to PL (via BB link of course!) and bid $48 for 3 star in PM. I lost. I added the 2.5 star and bid $49 and lost again. I don't want to go to 2 star there cause I'll get Extended Stay there (It's worse than the ESA in Horsham). Plan B is to go to Ft. wash/Horsham and start at $43 for a 3 star, then $42 for 2.5 and then - if need be - $41,00 foe 2 star. I do have some time. So... is there a better plan to get me the best price for PM (below $50 and at least 2.5*. Thanks for help. Steve
  19. Just curious. Was there feee breakfast? Having won a few times over the years in Plymouth Meeting I learned that when I got the Residence Inn I got nice free breakfast. Then one year I got the same category but got the Courtyard by Mariott. It is in a business park and Breakfast is about $10 -$12. Courtyards are probably the only hotels now with no free breakfast. Since I'm looking for Cheap (in the $50 range (and I've gotten these on weekends) I count on the free Breakfast.
  20. I haven't used PL for a while (6 months) but I ALWAYS go through BB link. I looked at the regioons on PLs map now and there are TWO Valley Forges! One is Regular VF and the other says "Valley Forge-North". I know they are building lots of hotels in the suburbs but there none listed for Valley-Forge-North in the PL Hotel List on BB. Does anyone have an idea of what hotels are there and in what star rating. I need to be north of VF or near Plymouth Meeting but the PM hotels are MUCH higher this year. Thanks as always.
  21. I'm not sure if this is exactly on topic but I had to keep myself from falling off my chair laughing when I read the following. And thought it might add a smaile to your day: When I looked at details of the America's Best Inn in Norristown(one of the 1 star hotels) it said: "In addition to a concierge desk and self parking, Americas Best Value Inn Norristown/Philadelphia features air conditioning in public areas." Ooooooh. You don't see too much air conditioning in public areas now, do ya? :)
  22. thanks. Actually I will be coming back late from Philly Folk Fest and arriving at 1am and leaving at 9am each day. So just wanted clean CHEAP room! :) I remember when ott's was in Philly in Olney in the 1960s and 70 before they moved.
  23. I just wanted to update you. When I went back to PRICELINE's EXPRESS deals the Ft. washington/Horsham 2* (obviously the Days Inn Horsham) had dropped to $35 for Friday night! (I paid 37 for Saturday). I used your PRICELINE link and bid on the 2 stars in Plymouth Meeting up to $48. (it's 8 miles closer than Horsham) and was rejected 4 times. So I grabbed the Days Inn via PRICELINE EXPRESS (with your link) and decided I couldn't do any better. BTW, Hotwire keeps listing that Days Inn as $60 and if you go to Days Inn site it was only $59. I always appreciate your guidance and send lots of folks to BB. :)
  24. Rather than using my profile, I went in today to search again using the Express Deals. The hotel - OBVIOUSLY the Days Inn Horsham is now down to $35. for my dates! And the Amenities I rember are still there. Here is a Copy: Horsham - Fort Washington Area $35 per night 2.0 Rated 7.0 out of 10 (or higher) Map it This Hotel has: Free Breakfast | Free Internet | Free Parking | Restaurant | Fitness Center Hope that helps you. I'll try your bidding technique but it may pay for me to grab the Days Inn at $35. for Friday and drive the extra 10 miles or so. I'll let you know results. Steve
  25. Last things first (because of space): I'd like to get a 2.5* or above - but will settle for a 2 star in Flymouth Meeting zone ONLY for no more than $53 for a 2.5 or above or $51 for a 2*. Now as to the Amenities for the Days Inn Horsham on PRICELINE EXPRESS: Here they are: Days Inn Horsham hotel details more photos amenities 245 Easton Road Horsham, PA 19044 Hotel Features This four-floor hotel is home to 171 non-smoking and smoking rooms with some smoking-hot style for a value-rate establishment. Taking a modern spin on classic style, rooms are outfitted with simply elegant mahogany furniture and soft, subtle palettes for an upscale feel. Free Wi-Fi, cable with HBO and microwaves and mini-fridges come standard. A little naughty, a little nice, the complimentary breakfast includes pastries and baked goodies, along with fresh fruit, hot and cold cereals and, of course, loads of caffeine. Beyond the comfort of their rooms, guests can ascend to the impressive four-story atrium lobby/hospitality area to watch TV, fire up free Wi-Fi and relax in front of the fireplace. A fitness room and business center keep guests ship shape. Parking is free. Pets are accepted with an additional fee. Guest Favorites Priceline guests say the Days Inn Horsham is "cheap and awesome," offering convenience to top guns including NAS Willow Grove and Temple University, "friendly staff" and "clean and comfortable" rooms. 24-hour front desk Accessible facilities Air conditioning Alarm clock All news channel Bus parking Coffee/Tea maker Coin operated laundry Complimentary coffee in lobby Complimentary continental breakfast Complimentary high speed internet in room Conference facilities Dry cleaning Exercise gym Express check-in Express check-out Free parking HBO available High speed internet access High speed internet connection Ice machine Interior corridors Internet services Ironing board Maid service Onsite laundry Outdoor parking Pay per view movies on TV Pets allowed Photocopy center Recreational vehicle parking Remote control television Restaurant Satellite television Security Smoke detectors Truck parking Vending machines Wake-up calls Wheel chair access Wireless internet connection
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