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  1. Sorry. It's me again. I did look at Payless in Nashville and the reviews were not kind. 1.5 out of 5). Is there a way I can bid on PL and NOT get Payless? Or is it just HW that has Payless.? As I said I'm usually happier with PL.
  2. I'm not a big fan of HOTWIRE - haven't used in years. As long as the location is IN THE Terminal, I think I'm fine. Not driving that much. I just need to get from hotel by airport - 1/3 price per night of in town. I think I got Hertz via PL (and BB portal) a few years ago and I had to wait (along with all the other PL bidders) for over an hour because they were out of cars (late in being returned). the other counters had no lines. So help me start the bidding so I HOPE to get car for no more than $200 all in for 5 exact days. I'm willing to start bidding (and paying now) 7-8 weeks out.
  3. Thanks. My dates are September 21 noon to Sept 26 noon for a compact or mid size (seems midsize are only a about $5.00 more PER WEEK). Again: the BEST Rate I found direct with Payless (in terminal) on line for Intermediate car for 5 days is with Payless for $174 before taxes; $246 with taxes and fees. That's $50 per day WITH taxes and fully cancelable , which seems high. I've got some time to bid but would commit now if I could get a BIG discount since PL would be NON-cancelable. Again thanks for guidance. ThaNKS FOR HELP! I ALWAYS use the BB pl and HOTWIRE link.
  4. I love BB AZnd send lots of folks here but it's usually for a hotel. I need to start bidding on PL for a rental car for 5 days in September in Nashvillle TN (BNA) It would make sense to see recent winning prices (like You have with Hotels). Did I miss that part of the BB site? The BEST price I found on line for Intermediate car for 5 days is with Payless for $174 before taxes; $246 nwith taxes and fees. I should be able to do much better with Priceline, I hope. Thanks for help.
  5. Thanks! Yep you were right. It's Best Western and they list as 2.5 stars. And I'm closer by being in Ft. Washington than in Horsham. And, yes, I used the BB PRICELINE link above!
  6. It's time again to bid or but via extress. Each year I get a hotel in Horsham PA. There are really on;y two on Priceline at the lower level: Days In n and Extended Suites. I prefer the former one as breakfast is poor at ESA. So I looked on Express and there is $47 2.5 star hotel with these amenities: Pets POOL Free Breakfast Restaurant Exercise Fitness Center Free Internet When I look at Days Inn and ESA neither has a POOL (even outdoors). and Free Breakfast and Fitness Center but no "restaurant". the price looksa great - even though it's 4 months away. Any idea which hotel this might be? I'm able to book DIRECT with Days in with cancelable rare of $58./night (plus tax). But $47 sure sounds better. Thanks AS ALWAYS FOR GUIDANCE. So, just to show you I did my research. I looked at BB Hotel list for PRICELINE EXPRESS deals and both above hotel;s are listed as 2 stars. And The Days In n is listed as having an exercise room and Restaurant but no POOL (inn or out). The Days Inn website shows a fitness center but no RESTAURAHNT (other than breakfast) and it has NO POOL. So now I'm trying to pigure out what I'd get for the $47. in the Express deal before I comit to it - non cancelable . Again, thanks! I ALWAYS buy through BB link!
  7. It's time again to bid or but via extress. Each year I get a hotel in Horsham PA. There are really on;y two on Priceline at the lower level: Days In n and Extended Suites. I prefer the former one as breakfast is poor at ESA. So I looked on Express and there is $47 2.5 star hotel with these amenities: Pets POOL Free Breakfast Restaurant Exercise Fitness Center Free Internet When I look at Days Inn and ESA neither has a POOL (even outdoors). and Free Breakfast and Fitness Center but no "restaurant". the price looksa great - even though it's 4 months away. Any idea which hotel this might be? I'm able to book DIRECT with Days in with cancelable rare of $62./night. But $47 sure sounds better. Thanks AS ALWAYS FOR GUIDANCE.
  8. Update to dahammer. As I said, I did write a nice email to the General Manager and she agreed to waive the overnight parking fee for me - since I wouldn't be at the hotel more than 8 hours! So, yes, Wawa will be my breakfast!
  9. Thanks dahammer. I've already emailed the General Manager with a courtesy request. I was up front about using PL - she would see it in the reservation. I did tell them that I'm a Marriott Rewards Member and top reviewer on Trip Advisor (where all the complaints are about the parking). I'll see how she responds. Breakfast was not the big issue, the pkg was. Most folks told me there isn't street parking right there but I seem to remember there is some on or across Fayette street. I wasn't aware of the Homewood Suites deal on PFS site - never thought to look. But too late now. As I said earlier, if folks want to avoid the Mariott Fee they should probably check the Express deals and see if there is a 3 star deal there (I think t was $57, and the went away and came back. And not bid on even a 2 1/2 star in that zone because - like me - you might get "upgraded" at Marriott with an addition $20 cost. Appreciate the reply though. Steve
  10. Well, I tried to work the system and got "screwed". I was doiing my daily (sometimes more) bidding for a 2 star in Horsham and was up to $52 with no luck. I thought I could live with a 2.5 star on Conshocken and get maybe the Residence Inn. I did NOT want 2 star in Conshohocken/PM because it's Extended Stay which is (per reviews) a dump. I looked at PRICELINE EXPRESS Deals this morning in Horsham and there were none underf $100. So I went in (using BB [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] link) and bid $52 for 2.5 star in Horsham. DECLINED. Then I decided to add Conshohocken/PM at the same rate ($52). And my next move would be to log out and log in and bid $53 for Horsham only. BUT, when I bid the $52 for a 2.5 in Conshohocken/ PM I WON - the damn Mariott Conshohocken West (which we have been discussing because it is ONLY hotel in Philly North subburbs that charges $20 for parking! (And no breakfast - not even continental). I should have looked at PRICELINE EXPRESS deals in Conshocken first (my error) as I see it is back at $67. That would have alerted me that I might end up with it. It's a 3.5 star but just for room rating. Nothing else 3.5 star about it. I'll figure out a way to not park at hotel but it is annoying. So you can record the winning bid of $52 for the Mariott Conshohocken West
  11. Okay. I'm back. I decided that I might end up in Horsham and those places are cheaper. The Days Inn is $57 on PRICELINE EXPRESS and the ESA is about $63 there. I'm willing at this point to go to $45 for a 2 star in Horsham (which I HOPE is the DI - better breakfast than ESA and 24 hour desk clerk). So I used BB [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] link and went in and bid as follows: Horsham 2.5* at $45. rejected Lowered to 2* at $44 and got rejected. I guess next time - probably tomorrow - I'll bid 3 star $46, then 2/5* at $44. and then 2* at $45.00 Any better game plan for now? it's a weekend so usually these places have room. Thanks as always! BTW, if I'm now in Horsham, should I change the title. Looks like Conshohocken (I'd got to $50 mix there for 2.5* I don't want a 2 star there. Steve
  12. Congrats on scoring the room. I read your post three times and - maybe I overlooked it but... - I don't see what price you actually got the CI-VF for? And is it in VF or "VF North"? It would also be helpful to others (like me) to know the date (dates) you got and days of the week. Many PL hotels in corporate centers (the areas you searched in) have lower rates on WEEKENDS. Might you be able to provide both these pieces of info? BTW, CI's have great breakfasts
  13. My stay is for the Philly Folk Fest. Yes, Freevb Parking at both. I HOPE for trhe Days Inn - big breakfast vs coffee and boring donuts at ESA. And there is no coffee at night at ESA - but I have gotten ESA for last two years. ESA is the one on Dresher Road in middle of office complex. Days Inn is on major Route 611. As I said earlier I can't think of ANY hotel PM/Conshocken and Willow Grove Horsham that charges for parking EXCEPT the 3.5* Conshocken Mariott. And my guess is that the $53 express deal in Horsham is the ESA (especially if a weekend.). If that is acceptable yiu should be able to get for $49 or less. I'd start at $43. It's clean that's for sure but boring for needs like evening coffee and breakfast. Hope this helps.
  14. Here's how my situation is similar but different from yours. Since I've booked a Friday and Saturday in August for the last 10 years on PL, I'm sort of "educated" now. I need to be in either Plymouth Meeting (the BEST for me) or Conshohocen - a little further. When I have won PM it is usually the Courtyard which is in an office complex and free parking or the Residence Inn in Conshocken - also free pkg. I think the ONLY PL hotel in PM/Conshocken is the Mariott and that is why I raised my question. I have no reason to be in VF (out of way for me. I'm better off in Ft. Washington or Wlillow Grove/Horsham. I can't think of any VF hotel with required paid parking. In Horsham I have gotten the Days Inn once (liked it) and twice I got Extended Stay America - Dresher Road. It's an extra 10 miles out of my way but $20/night cheaper. The only problem with ESA is the breakfast id crummy. It's called grab and go and is high fat packaged donuts and coffee. That it. So If I lose out on Conshocken/PM up tio $52 for 2 star, I'll head to WG/Horsham or Ft Washington and should get one in low $40s. Fully cancellable are running $65 and PRICELINE EXPRESS are about $60
  15. Thanks Romelle but cancelable rates are really high in that zone (over $100). I'm looking to top out at $51 for a 2 1/2 star or $45 at a 2 star. My backup plan as it gets closer is to look at Willow Grove-Horsham which is 15 minutres further away for me but in past years I've gotten either Days Inn or Extended Stay (which has a crummy breakfast!) for $41.00 So, since I don't need for 8 weeks I can keep on bidding. I might have bought the Mariott in Conshocken via PRICELINE EXPRESS at $57 but the $20 pkg fee changed that idea. ;-)
  16. Wow! I didn't know that. Still trying to stay under $50 for 2.5 star in PM/Conshohocken. We'll see. I have time. Steve
  17. Thanks! Actually I feel better that the Mariott $59 is gone on Express (though I could end up with it if I bid high enough. I used to also get the Courtyard which is near PM mall. No free breakfast but free pkg. So, for now I'm bidding daily and stating in the 2 1/2 to 3.5 star in the "up to $50 range). I only use the room to sleep in (1am to 9am) and breakfast. I do live IN Philly but don't want to drive all the way home from the Folk Festival (in Schwenkville) which is reason for annual trip.
  18. But based on experience - staying in Conshohocken at the Residence Inn - the rooms are just as nice and breakfast - included - is great and Free Pkg. I don't need a $70 room. I'll keep you. I use Price.line to get a hotel at the best rate I can for lowest level I'll accept. I was using the forum to just advise others bidding in this region that the only 3.5 star hotel is the Marriott and - when comparing to 2.5 or 3 star ones, they need to know that their cost will be $20 more per night. I'll keep bidding on PRICELINE at lower price and lower rating. And will keep you posted. Steve
  19. I'm not sure if this is appropriate place to post this but I wanted to alert folks looking - as I am - at Conshohocken-Plymouth Meeting. PRICELINE EXPRESS is currently offering the Marriott (a 3 1/2 star hotel) for $59 for the nights in august that I need. That's a good rate for a Marriott. I have traditionally gotten the other 2.5 star and 3 star hotels in this region for around $50 on weekends. The problem is that the Mariott is not near any on-street or free pkg and they charge $20../night for parking. So at even $50 by bidding, you are paying $70/night with parking. Also, the other PL 2.5 and 2 stars all include breakfast (Residence Inn, Spring Hill Suites) which is certainly worth $8.00 pp. ) This makes it difficult when bidding this zone (at least for now - when the PL EXpress rate is $59.). If I bid - say $50 and even start at 2.5 stars, I might end up with Marriott which would, in the end, cost $70 night. I'm still coming up with a plan but I wanted to share this with those looking for the lowest rates in this region. Steve
  20. That's sort of what I was asking you? How low do you think I can start? It seems to me that if I can get $59 without bidding I can get for less bidding. I'm thinking $45, then $49 24 hours later. I can have second bid because I'm at highest there. Or - am I corect that I could bid $45 for 3.5 star PM/Conshocken and if rejected add Horsham at 3.5 star at $49 since there are no hotels in Horsham over 3 stars I'd be safe, right. Or do you think I'm being unrealistic at $49 bid when pl Express is $59? (I'm still thinking about that parking fee if I can't find street pkg). I really don't need a 3.5 star but if it's MUCH cheaper or same as a 2 star I'll take it. Thanks for your thoughts.
  21. HI! I’m back for more help and guidance for my annual August trip. I need a single room for two nights 8/14-16 near Conshocken/Playmoth Meeting, PA. I have stayed as far away as Horsham in the past (at the Extended Stay – Dresher Road) – Last year $41. On PL. on 7/21 )(a month before) I need at least a 2 star. It’s two months away but I thought I’d look hoping for a better rate. Here’s what I found. On PL regular there are no rooms less than $105 in Conshocken and Plymouth Meeting. The Days Inn in Horsham is $67 and ESA-Dresher is $76. On PRICELINE EXPRESS the BEST deal is in Conshohocken – a 3.5 star for $57. Using PL star listing I’m guessing it is the Conshocken Mariott. Nice hotel but no breakfast buffet (worth $3.00 to $5.00) and on site parking is $20!!! (but there may be street parking a few blocks away. (Note that I use the room from 1am to 9am only). Per Hotel. Parking is included in room rate but NOT through third-party sellers. In past I’ve gotten the Residence INN Conshocken for about $50, the Spring Hill Suites years ago for same price but have stayed at Days Inn or Extended Stay in Horsham for $40-$50/night So a question: since it appears I can get the Marriott through Express Offer for $59, can I bid and try for less and what would your guess be? I would only bid on the 3.5 level as that is highest. Is that right? On Regular PL the Marriott is $150! They must have no events those nights. If I can get it down lower I might be able to pay for the parking and still have a good price. Thoughts? I ALWAYS always bid through BB [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] link.
  22. Thanks! Got it on Second Try. I bid Annapolis 4 stars for $65. REjected but suggested I bid $77. Instead I lowered to 3.5 stars in Annapolis ans bid $65. I got it. I was given the Key Bridge Mariott. With taxes and fees it was $80.46 And yes, I used the BB [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] link. Thanks as always for your help. Steve
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