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  1. I was looking at this same one for July. HOTWIRE has a very limited area for this zone. I did a search on Hotels.com and the only hotel that matches is the TownePlace Suites By Marriott Lakewood 800 Tabor St Golden, CO, 80401 866-539-0036 Really good reviews on Hotels.com, 3.5 on trip advisor. They allow pets. This is my best guess. I thought about bidding on PRICELINE but I'm afraid of getting the Holiday Inn which is too far east (wadsworth). The HOTWIRE zone only goes to Kipling. I would go for the Golden zone but 85/night for a 2.5 star does not seem like a good deal. I got a couple of rejected bids on PRICELINE for 3.5 star. I'll start a new post for that.
  2. I got it today with first bid of $100 Nh Barbizon Palace I like the location right next to the train station. I thought this would be the hotel since it currently has the lowest price for my dates. Not the worst hotel with priceline. I'm pretty happy with the price.. =D Thanks for all your help. Used PRICELINE link
  3. 80 rejected 85 rejected 90 offer We searched hundreds of options to find your hotel room, however we can't accept your offer of $90 per room, per night. Your credit card has not been charged for Request Number ###-###-###-##. If you are willing to raise your price by $22, you can try the same request again right now. 95 rejected used PRICELINE links each time will try again tomorrow i'm in no rush :)
  4. This topic has the stay for over a year so it's coming up everyday on the calendar. Priceline Amsterdam Marriott
  5. I've been back and forth on whether to bid on Priceline for a Paris hotel. I don't really mind where I stay since I can ride the metro everywhere I need to go. This is my 3rd time to Paris and I know you mostly only sleep and nap in your room so I'm not so picky and I don't want to spend a lot of money. I noticed there is a VERY large difference between these large hotels
  6. Tried bidding today using the PRICELINE Link for Central Amsterdam. 60 rejected added north zone 65 rejected added south 70 rejected added school zone 75 rejected No price offers just straigt up denied. I will try again tomorrow.
  7. First I want to say this is a great site! When I use Priceline I always come here first, then I go to Trip Advisor. I notice you have links next to some of the hotels for Trip Advisor reviews. I always try to choose a star category or area with the best group of trip advisor reviews so I don't get a dud. It would be so nice if you had trip advisor star rating on the Hotwire/Priceline lists. This would be great cause then I would only have to go to one website! I don't know how involved something like that is, I suppose you would need permission from Trip Advisor. Also it would nice to be able to see winning bids for specific hotel by day of week. Like on the map feature or next to the topic post. Again great site and I'll always use it no matter what!
  8. I also do this with hotwire. Sometimes it will say 150+ reviews last review July 2008, or something like that. Then you can match them with the trip advisor. I do this when two hotels with have the same features. I've never purchased on HOTWIRE. I just use it for a reference for PRICELINE.
  9. All rejected sorry about not having the details as far as adding zones and such 150 175 185 192 200 205 At this point I got some ridiculous counter of like 400 and I gave up.
  10. Sorry the details are a little fuzzy on this, it was part of a 2 week honeymoon and I was doing lots of planning at the time. I orginally bid on this hotel back in January Bid 130 rejected Next day bid 165 rejected add zone bid 180 counter 234 next day bid 200 rejected add zone bid 210 rejected at this point i decide that I should of taken the counter offer, the dollar is starting to get really bad next day bid 185 get counter 239 I take it I also use the option to add one more night for the same price
  11. I just stayed in this hotel off a PRICELINE bid for a very similar price in May. I got put in the priceline room too, not good. I went to the desk and asked to change rooms and they moved us. The new room was much better! Just tell them when you check in that you would like a room that does NOT have a window in the bathroom.
  12. I ended up booking a hotel room through priceline. Intercontinental Los Angeles Century City 4-star Beverly Hills - West Hollywood Check-In Date: Sat, May 26, 2007 / After 03:00 PM Check-Out Date: Sun, May 27, 2007 / 12:00 PM Your Offer Price Per Room, Per Night: $110.00 Subtotal: $110.00 Taxes & Service Fees: $23.71 Total Charges*: $133.71 Bidding $105- Rejected Offer +$22 Rebid- add zone $110- Accepted Also, I called for this room and got it changed to, two queens and it was no problem.
  13. Check in: Wed, Sep 5, 2007 Check out: Sat, Sep 8, 2007 Complimentary Breakfast, Pool $94/night What do you think?
  14. I usually end up booking the Venetian directly through their website. All my bids on priceline always get rejected. If the Venetian announces a special for your date I would suggest booking it, you could always cancel it. I doubt the prices will drop for priceline if it is on a special rate day. I booked the Venetian for 6/30 with their online special, I get a room upgrade, coupons, etc for $199/nt (Saturday). I noticed someone else got the same nice on priceline for $169, savings of $30, but I get the upgrade and the coupons for me that was worth it. I bet if you went onto priceline now and tried to get the Venetian for $169 on 6/30 you wouldn't get it since the special has been sold out on that date. Venetian :) <--Me
  15. Details for your 3.5-star hotel in Beverly Hills - Westwood - Century City Hotel Details Check in: silkCheckInDate:Sat, May 26, 2007 Check out: silkCheckOutnDate:Sun, May 27, 2007 Hotel name: 22% savings PricePerRoomPerson:$156 per room per night Retail: $199.00 You save: $43.00 Boutique Hotel,golf nearby,tennis nearby,high speed internet Trip advisor review 3.5/5.0
  16. $42 bid accepted Holiday Inn Denver International Airport I was hoping for the Marriott, but I got this place. The reviews look very scary, :) but it's only for one night...
  17. $40 rejected add zone $47 rejected add zone $53 accepted Sheraton Denver West Hotel
  18. Bid $50 Rejected add zone Bid $55 Rejected add zone Bid $60 Rejected add zone Bid $66 Rejected :) I just got served by priceline Very strange that I got no bounce back for pricing. :) I know one of the hotels in this zone had rooms for $138/night. It's getting to rich for my blood and I think I'll just get a 3* in Denver West. Do you know how long I have to wait till I can bid on Denver West. I used the zone for one of my rebids. Thanks Much!
  19. It's the Golf Industry Show, it's going to take up the entire convention center. I just want to go to Disneyland :)
  20. Travelzoo has a really good deal up for the Omni. I recently stayed down there and if you park in the parking garage right next to the Omni it's a lot cheaper than the valet. Also on the weekends parking isn't enforced so you can park on the street. Just make sure to read the signs carefully. Funny thing about the parking garage by the Omni. It says the fee for a lost ticket is less than the maximum they can charge you. I asked the guy when I was leaving if it would of been better for me to loose my parking ticket. He just smiled and said "I guess it would".... interesting. So the Omni doesn't have all they dates you want but maybe you can split up your stay. The Omni really is the nicest hotel I've stayed in down there, by far the nicest! :) Best here's the travelzoo link http://hotels.travelzoo.com/california-hotels/272950
  21. Have you seen the packae the venetian is doing on their website? http://www.venetian.com/promo/gwin11/index...9&year=2006 It comes out avg. 206/night and you get all these extras with a Venezia tower upgrade. =O Your visit will include: Venezia tower upgrade featuring: express check-in, complimentary shoe shine, daily newspaper delivery, & daily turn-down service Buy 1 Gondola Ride get one at 50% off $25 in promotional slot credits or table match play $7 off admission for two at Madame Tussauds The Premier Passport incentive booklet, featuring thousands of dollars in shopping and dining savings at more than 130 locations in The Grand Canal Shoppes and Fashion Show. I booked this for October I think it's a really good deal. The only thing is it's not offered saturday so I don't know if you get the upgrade for two nights. I would call and ask they are really nice on the phone. VEGAS :) <--ME
  22. Tried and failed again for the Veneitan 1st bid 90 then 95 (got offer for 146... no!) bid 100 nothing. I gave up and booked direct for an online special (Mannhattan Nights) at NYNY.
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