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  1. Apparently its another busy period for San Francisco hotels. I considered staying out by the airport or splitting the stay over two hotels. I didn't really want to be giving the money back to BART or lugging my suitcases around on Friday. The Chancellor is a solid location. I've stayed there before and was very comfortable there. I still get emails from them about their sports packages and I'm still in awe by the selection of pillows they have. Of course I used the quick quote box above to get into PRICELINE.
  2. I've never been to Portland so I'm excited about the trip and the hotel seems to an excellent central location for me. The price seems high but I'm totally worn out trying to schedule another trip in San Francisco on a busy weekend.
  3. I had bid $84 for a four star and was offered to rebid at $100. I added a safe zone and got it for $90. I believe this is the same hotel that Hotwire now has for 98 a night and I've been watching that price steadily rise. I paid a price for waiting too long. I've never stayed out by the airport so this will add a little variety to my trip this year. The Sky Train really opens up the areas you can stay in and get around easily. Of course I used the PRICELINE link above to start the bidding.
  4. The hotel is in a bad area for most although I found it convenient. Just outside the Little Vietnam entrance. The hotel has been open less than a year. It's old although they redid the bathrooms. They do have a mini refrig and microwave in the room. A free breakfast with make your waffles and such. Typical bodega underneath the hotel. Better to get a choice of soda and buy some liquor with it then a soda vending machine that doesn't work at most hotels. If the price is right I'll be coming back. I'm not the demanding type when it comes to services as I spend very little time in the hotel room.
  5. Amenities - Complimentary Breakfast, Free Internet, High-Speed Internet Access This has been an extremely hard time to book a hotel for. I keep watching hotels drop off the board. I've never stayed at this hotel. The location would scare some off but I find it convenient enough. Much better than my backup reservation at the Clarion in Oakland! Apparently a smaller older hotel. All the reviews I've found for it mention its a nice hotel in a terrible neighborhood. Of course I linked to HOTWIRE using the QUICKQUOTE from this forum.
  6. Amenities - Smoke Free Rooms Fitness Center Restaurant(s) Business Center High-Speed Internet Access I stayed at this hotel in all four of my trips to San Francisco last year and this year might be a repeat? The hotel is a perfect location for me. I wish they would renovate, but I don't spend much time in the hotel room so I can overlook that stuff. I actually needed five nights, but the 3/8/12 date is looking tough. I'll have to work on that date now. Of course I used the HOTWIRE quick quote above.
  7. For the fourth time this year (between Priceline and LMT), I'll be staying at the Hotel Whitcomb. I find it a great hotel and very convenient. I just wish it wasn't so much money compared to earlier in the year. I had made a $90 bid and they asked for $26 more. I added a safe zone and made it 101 and it went through. It was looking so bad that I was considering hotels close to BART in Oakland or by SFO. Of course I used the PRICELINE link here. I had a five dollar coupon for three + star hotels but nothing was coming up in this range.
  8. I keep rolling the dice and ending back up at the Hotel Whitcomb (used the PRICELINE link here). This will be my third stay there this year (using Priceline and Last Minute Travel). I love the location, convenient to all transportation such as Bart and Muni, Starbucks in the building, and next to a Chase Bank. Each stay there costs more than the last as we move into the busier season. Friday and Saturday nights were the difficult nights, I assume because it's Gay Pride weekend.
  9. This time period was looking tough on Hotwire and LMT so I added my five dollar bonus to a $75 bid and got one of my favorite hotels in San Francisco. Splitting the Civic Center into North and South makes it a lot easier to pick this hotel out, there are several in the Civic Center North that I could have been stuck with. I sure appreciate having a Bart entrance in front of the hotel when I'm arriving from the airport. :)
  10. LMT frequently gives the number of rooms also. The city has a document at http://www.sf-planning.org/ftp/files/publi...ports/18057.pdf that lists all the hotels 100 rooms and over. That's how I was sure I had the Whitcomb when I saw the 460 rooms although the other clues were just as strong. I got the Whitcomb for 61 a night at LMT for March 17-22. Now if only someone had similar rates for May and June! I love the hotel although its a bit short on luxuries.
  11. Of course I used the PRICELINE link from here. I've stayed at this hotel before so I'm happy with it although its more than I would have wanted to pay. This is certainly a bad week to be paying for hotels in San Francisco. I have a reservation for the Rodeway Inn on 9/22-9/24 and had a Motel 6 reservation for this time period. Needless to say I was unable to extend my check-in date at this price. I believe Last Minute Travel and HOTWIRE have the Hotel Whitcomb for the same price and time period but this is a bit nicer.
  12. The amenities were: Remote Control TV with Premium Channels Telephone with Voicemail Radio Alarm Clock Iron and Ironing Board Hairdryer Business Services 24 Hour Front Desk On-Site Dining This is a new hotel for me and I suspect my first time in USE. I look forward to trying it out.
  13. Using the HOTWIRE link supplied here, I booked the following: Embarcadero - Club Quarters San Francisco 3.5*, $69.00, 5/13-5/18/2010 Fitness Center Restaurant(s) Business Center Laundry Facilities High-speed Internet Access Recommended in 75% of customer reviewers It's been over 25 years since I stayed in this neighborhood, so I guess I'm overdue.
  14. The Bay to Breakers is that weekend. I know the price is a lot higher for Friday and Saturday nights than the nights preceding and following. There are 4800 for Citrix and then 11000 expected for the American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists, but that's not a really high number for SF. I agree with you, the price is high. I've decided to wait it out and see if the prices fall. It doesn't have to be the Opal, my preference is for the Civic Center / Van Ness area, but SOMA is fine also. I have over three months to submit lowball bids and hope something opens up!
  15. Thanks for your help, I decided it was too early for this price. I made a backup reservation at a Rodeway Inn while I wait and hope for some lower prices as the date approaches. I tried some PRICELINE bids but nothing comes up for the same price yet.
  16. I'm planning 5/13 - 5/18. I get a $93 offer ($83 with the 24 hour sale they emailed me). Its in Japantown - Civic Center North, 3*: Complimentary Breakfast Fitness Center Business Center Laundry Facilities High-speed Internet Access Recommended in 60% of customer reviews I'm thinking Holiday Inn, Opal, or Cova? I'm not sure the Cova has been in long enough to have enough entries for customer reviews. I sure wish they hadn't closed the Cathedral Hill Hotel!
  17. Amenities: Boutique Hotel Smoke Free Rooms Complimentary Breakfast Fitness Center High-speed Internet Access I had made quite a few bids on Priceline for this time period in a few neighborhoods without any success. I'm quite happy wth this choice although I've never been a big fan of the touristy Union Square area. Of course I used the forum's link to HOTWIRE.
  18. As for the Cathedral Hill Hotel, high on my list, this is from the website's reservation page: CATHEDRAL HILL HOTEL CLOSURE ANNOUNCEMENT - The last evening the Cathedral Hill Hotel will be able to accommodate overnight guests is October 30, 2009. The Cathedral Hill Hotel will cease operations on October 31, 2009.
  19. I've stayed at the YWCA a couple of times and its quite comfortable. Not what one would normally expect from staying at a Y.
  20. Of course I used the better bidding PRICELINE link. I ended up paying the price for waiting too long. I had been watching the prices slowly sink on HOTWIRE so I had been trying for four star hotels in the 70's on what appears to be a busy weekend. Somehow I missed out and the US dollar is falling, so I'll settle for this hotel, its a great location and well worth the money. I had a room reserved at the Y for 94 (CAD), this will certainly be a bit more luxurious and more centrally located on Howe Street for the events of the weekend such as the international fireworks compettion.
  21. As is usually my experience, a great Priceline bid will get you the worst room in the best hotels. The hotel was great with all the amenities and the location was ideal. Of course the room was on the lowest floor with loud music coming in each night. I'd do it again at that price!
  22. The hotel was the best 2.5 * hotel I've stayed in. Yes the tv is small, the outside room is very noisey with the traffic from Geary and Franklin, and the neighborhood is not desirable for some people. I had a great time! I don't travel to watch tv in a hotel room, the noise made me feel like I was home in New York, and sight of homeless people does not destroy my day. The bus connections are excellent, the neighborhood restaurants were reasonably priced, and the outdoor pool area was a huge plus!
  23. :) Using the link here, I bid $75 on a four star for Embarcadero / SOMA. Priceline came back and asked that I add $22 to repeat bid. I added a safe zone and bid $80 and it was taken.
  24. Sorry about that, here they are: Amenities Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center High-speed Internet Access I was very suprised to see this at 2.5 stars. I know there had been a 3 star hotel in this area for slightly less the week before. Perhaps its been downgraded?
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