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  1. bbb, I just wonder how much they charged you for upgraded to a suit room. Did you ask for it or they offerred that option when you check in. I hope you don't mind to share it. UOP1497
  2. Some of you suceed bidding the room at Hyatt hotel in disneyland area. Your post show you use Anaheim Hills, Fountain Valley, Laguna Hills and Seal Beach for rebidding since they all have no 3* Hotels. I just wonder where and I can find the information which show hotel category ( 2*,3*, 4*) priceline offer. I check Priceline website, but unable to locate this information. Please advise.
  3. Hi fraggedbyjimmyjoe, Congratulation on your bidding. I always like to stay at this hotel when visit Disneyland. But so far, I have no luck yet. I just wonder before start your bidding, have you checked the Hyatt website to see if your days ( days, you want to book) are considered low occupancy rate. I remembered Aztecwolvrine's posted a message few weeks ago mentioned something about a better chance to get a room at hyatt Orance county in low occupancy day. Also, Do you have to pay for parking at this hotel? If so, how much it cost? Please advise. UOP1497
  4. Hi, Slruud, I just wonder what is TOBB? Also, I have been follow this HW website for a while and see no listing at Crown Plaza at the price of $39/ night. What date you run the search on HW? is it at HW website or at another website? I am just curious
  5. Crowne Plaza Resort Anaheim - Garden Grove, CA Amenitities:- Restaurant, Pool, Fitness, Business, Laundry Customer Favorite! Check in date 12/23/05 Check out date 12/25/05 1 room @ $43.00 per night x 2 nights $86 ( for 2 adults and 1 chil) Taxes and fees: $17.05 Total Price: $103.05 I will submitted the bill with $30 rebate form to HW . Hope to get a rebate as other has claimed in this website. Will keep you posted.
  6. Please help!!!! Travel date 11/24/05 to 11/27/05. $41/night 2 Adult, 1 child Listing on Hotwire: Customer favorate: Restaurant, pool, Fitness Center, Business Center, Laundry facility ( self service) Do you have any idea which hotel it is? Is it a Crown Plaza? I try to find the listing hotel link using search section, But no listing was found. I wonder if the link was moved or I have been looking in the wrong section. UOP1497
  7. Hello, I am a little bit confuse after reading all the postibg regarding $30 rebate. Please see below for my questions: 1./ I have 2 original rebate coupon from the two Entertainment Book. Can I still use them seperately if I purchase hotel room more than $95 for each purchase? 2./ I tried to click the HOTWIRE link provide here but don;t see it takes me to hotwire website to do the purchase. 3./ Is the rebate over or new rule are apply. IF that is the case, what is the new rule for using hotwire rebate form. thanks.
  8. Oopps... I change the date to 11/25 to 11/28. 2 adult/ 2 children . 4* hotel displays without customer favorite, only best value. near John Wayne Airport. Please see below. The price is now $60. Selected amenities include:Airport Shuttle, Restaurant(s), Pool(s), Fitness Center, Spa Services, Tennis Nearby, Business Center. View complete amenity list and description Many thanks for your help.
  9. Hello, I repost this message again because I cannot find my post anywhere in the board. I though it is lost or I did something wrong. I am travelling with 2 son. They are under 15 years of age. So, I feel much safer if they in the same room with me. However, if I can get 2 room join together, it is O.K. My buggest is around $80/day for hotel room. how much I should start bidding on PL. By the way, I don't mind to stay near south disneyland area or garden Grove. The only thing is the price listed on these mention area is much higher than at john wayne airport. I searched hotwire last night again and see 4* hotel with spa with Restaurant, pool, tennis nearby, business, airport shuttle, No internet access near John wayne airport, customer favorite. I don't know if it is a hayyatt irvine or atrium hotel. What is your opinion. I am welcome all inputs
  10. hello, Please advice what 3.5*hotel it is. See below 11/24 to 11/27 2 adult, 2 children price $61 john wayne airport area, best value Customer Favorite! Read reviews Selected amenities include:silkHotAmenities7: Airport Shuttle, Restaurant(s), Pool(s), Fitness Center, High-Speed Internet Access, Golf Nearby, Tennis Nearby, Business Center. Anyone know how far from this airport to LA downtown. Thanks.
  11. Hello, I am new here and I hope I post my topic correctly. I also post same topic in general forum section I am planning to travel to Anaheim area, near LA with my kids ( total of 4 in my trip). I search for a hotel for 11/24 to 11/27. Hotwire shows the price $61 ( the cheapest) for 3.5* hotel room. The purpose of my trip is side seeing and visit little saigon, near Santa Ana. I just wonder if the price is right and which hotel it could be. Please see below for listing information. John Wayne Airport SNA - Costa Mesa (John Wayne Airport Areas) Selected amenities include: Airport Shuttle, Restaurant(s), Pool(s), Fitness Center, High-Speed Internet Access, Golf Nearby, Tennis Nearby, Business Center. I already select package in order to see the hotel name, but no luck. Priceline show the cheapest 3*hotel is fourpoint, in fullerton area. I am affraid to bid a room at price line because of guarantee bedding for 2 people only. Any suggestion whether I should buy it or keep doing research. Should I use price line to bid the room and how much should I bid for 3.5 or 4* hotal room. How far this costa mesa (airport area) to little saigon and China town in downtown LA. I drive my own car for this trip. Please advise.
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