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  1. I am here. Hotel is nice enough. There are several hotels in a cluster sharing same shuttle. You can walk in 2 directions to fast food or full service restaurants. However, the shuttle did not come in almost 45 minutes, as I saw repeats of every other hotel go by. This hotel is about 3.5 miles from the airport, but that does take almost half an hour with this crazy traffic. price was right but if money is no issue stay at The Hyatt, Crowne aplaza, Homewood Suites, etc that are practically walking distance from the terminal
  2. I forgot the amenities:Free breaks, free parking, free internet, business center, fitness center, pool(s) airport shuttle, smoke free rooms as listed on my reservation
  3. I used your BiddingForHotelRooms link and tried bidding today for 4* at LAX with low bid of $89 as I had seen this HOTWIRE hotel at $104 but I used the 10% off Hotwire promo code to bring it down to $94. ( THANK YOU). Got refused at $89 bid, was not surprised, so went ahead and booked this. It was at $103 then changed to $104 in the few minutes I placed the bid at PRICELINE and then booked at HOTWIRE. I had had not been looking at “Hawthorne” earlier but realized this is also good for LAX.
  4. $86. 4 star Boutique, Shuttle, Restaurant, Fitness, Smoke Free, Free Internet, Hi-Speed Internet, Business, Travel Accessible, Room Accessible, Bathroom Accessible, Handicapped Parking
  5. 100% customer satisfaction. These amenities for a 4 star. Free internet, Boutique hotel, Airport shuttle, Smoke-free rooms, Fitness center, Restaurant(s), Business center, Accessible path of travel thank you
  6. This was with PRICELINE EXPRESS hotel deal. I was able to apply an email coupon for a 10% discount on our two rooms making a total of $146.14 for two rooms. 2.5* Asheville West $64 Aug 31-Sept 1 Gym/spa, Handicap accessible, Internet, Free breakfast, non smoking, free parking, business center This is an EXCELLENT property, newly remodeled, very clean and very nice staff, good hot breakfast..make your own waffle or blueberry pancakes. Plenty of choice of bread or pastries..juice and yogurts..sausage patties and eggs..grits,etc. Nice bed bed and overall great quality for the price i used your PRICELINE link
  7. Sorry it was aug 30 one night. The receptionist actually admitted there were queen rooms but "was waiting for more people to arrive". I was on chat w PRICELINE two separate times...they called but no change without $35 upgrade. I wrote BW on their FB page.. immediate boxed response that their customer care team would get in touch with me. I just want an explanation as to why I could reserve queen rooms online...no way were they all smoking. If this happens tonight I will stop booking . Sorry I was incomplete.I have not posted for a LONG time and will take care next time.
  8. Uses your link.First bid 2.5" Knoxville East for $50. Denied but they counter offered with $58. I added downtown and bid $55. Accepted. Now my complaint .. this is the first time in years s I have been given a smoking room because receptionist said travelweb Requested a smoking room. She showed me the reservation which said 2 queens and some MRS letters..claiming if the NS for non smoking is not listed then it is SMOKING. We were offered an upgrade to king suite for $35. I am quite confident that hotel is not full in queen rooms since I was able to make a fake reservation for several queen rooms . So this seems like a tactic to Priceline customers. She even said "this is what happens when you book your brought third parties"
  9. JFYI.. this hotel is nice but not IN the Valencia Old Town section per se.. it is in a new modern area but easily accessible to the old town, and more accessible to the new Science Center area.
  10. Tried to extend a night from my priceline hotel win at the 2.5* Best Western but the extra night was offered at $46 instead of $34. Since I only had one night to do this I started at $39 for a 3 star and was accepted on first try. I don't mind changing hotels since we are traveling light. I used your PRICELINE link here.
  11. I started bidding at $30 the other day for 3* dropping down to 2.5*, bidding until today at $35 for a 3*, was rejected and then dropped to $34 for the 2.5*. Total with tax $46. Has full buffet breakfast, one of the perks compared to most three stars. I am very happy with this win. Cheapest on any website was $54 including tax for the Country Inn and Suites ( I assume) via Hotwire.. I used the PRICELINE links here.
  12. After unsuccessful bidding at 3.5* ( highest level on PRICELINE NYOP for Uptown) up to $62 I decided to go with the HOTWIRE deal and not wait any longer to finish this one nighter. The amenities were: Free Parking Pet friendly Indoor pool(s) Smoke Free Rooms Fitness Center Pool(s) Restaurant(s) Business Center Laundry Facilities (self-service) High-Speed Internet Access I assumed it was the Sheraton and am looking forward to this stay. I used your PRICELINE and HOTWIRE links here for searches and purchase.
  13. 3.5* Downtown Riverside - UCR The only amenity is Pet friendly Gets 100% Hotwire satisfaction, 4.0 at Tripadvisor. Thanks
  14. We spent one night at this hotel. It is new, crisp and very clean. We had three adults in the room. The additional bed was a full size twin on a normal mattress. The room was very modern with good lighting. The front desk staff was pleasant. Luckily we registered just before a busload of cancelled flight passengers arrived. We did not partake in the overpriced mediocre- looking breakfast but walked across the street to the right 100m to eat a hot breakfast at the delicious café connected to the Makro store there in this industrial park. I was unable to get a cup of coffee n the htoel except in a plastic cup form a vending machine.There is a sister hotel next door with a cafeteria, but only serves buffet breakfast until 10:30 a.m. There is not much near this grouping of airport hotels except the Makro cafeteria ( open Sundays form 9:30 am also) without walking 10 minutes to a large shopping center. The airport shuttle is every 30 minutes but do not forget to reserve it ASAP as it only holds 19 passengers and is shared by both hotels. There was a scale near the lobby to be able to weigh your luggage. Overall this is a good, inexpensive hotel for an early morning flight.
  15. go to the hotel's own website and it will say "contact". you can write there to request two beds. You will WALK to the terminal. Very lucky win! You will love the hotel and location.
  16. I'm back from this short trip and this hotel is perfectly fine. We did not buy the overpriced breakfast but walked out the front door and down across the street to MAKRO that has a fabulous café attached to it ( also open sundays) that was full of local business men and other hotel guests from the area. Fresh orange juice, grilled croissant, Spash ham on toast.. fresh omelets, churros.. you name it.. they had it. There are numerous hotels in this area with airport shuttle but I can confirm that Hotwire is no huge bargain in general in Spain, and definitely not at the airport where one can get same rooms with free cancellation for $4 more. We had a triple and the third bed was an actual full size mattress and single bed just like the other two, albeit the room was a bit tight with it squeezed against the wall as you came in. The bathroom and entire hotel were spotless and new. Staff very pleasant. Free wifi throughout the hotel. If going to T4 on the shuttle give yourself a bit more time as the shuttle first goes to T1/T2.. and THEN makes the 10 minute trip over to T4. You MUST reserve for the shuttle. It is shared between the two hotels and space is in demand, something quite common in these airport hotels. The shuttle runs every 30 minutes.
  17. The hotel manager was able to keep his promise of trying to get us a room that would have a sofabed so we would not need to share. I am glad he did as I would not have been very happy sharing the double ( or was it a queen?.. seemed too small..not sure) bed with my friend for four nights. It all worked out great . I really liked the hotel, staff and neighborhood.
  18. The amenities of this new hotel to your list were : free internet pet friendly Airport shuttle Business center Laundry facilities Hi speed internet access Accessible path access In room access Wheelchair access Accessible bathroom Handicapped parking roll in shower This was a triple room request. I was hoping for the Novotel or Crowne Plaza.. but got this one. It is only a teeny bit more on their website as a cancelable reservation. Although it gets good reviews, I was initially disappointed. This hotel has a sister hotel next door that is more luxurious.. and also 4*. 'll do a report when I come back. I used your HOTWIRE link.
  19. The 5* Warsaw Westin gives great non refundable pre-pay rates most weekends
  20. What a bargain and what a delight! The beds were absolutely amazing. We didn't want to get out of them in the morning. Staff were very nice. I wrote ahead and the manager complied and gave us a two bedded room, which was greatly appreciated. This hotel is so well located you can walk most places. Michigan Avenue Bus 151 takes you to Union Station so if coming by train or Megabus you have transportation practically to the door if you do not want to take the $10 taxi (non rush hour). Free coffee mornings in lobby and in-room wifi. There are many good places to eat nearby, including a simple Thai restaurant as well as fun music venues. You will not be spending gobs on taxis when at this hotel. The Hancock is also nearby. We did not have a FANTASTIC view, but it was better than looking at a wall like happens in some places! I would be very happy to go back here, especially at the ridiculously low price they offer off season ( winter).
  21. There is a convenient local bus that takes you to the center if you prefer above ground not too far from the hotel. A lovely museum walkable from your hotel and open on Mondays is the Lazaro Galdiano, http://www.flg.es/.. then enjoy a stroll through the upscale shopping area in the Salamanca district, walking past the US Embassy along Serrano. This museum houses an amazing collection of paintings, fire arms ( open the drawers in the various rooms for more pieces, and many period accessories. This is a lovely noble mansion .. you can see how the wealthy lived in this masterpiece.
  22. Be sure to re-chcek re-bidding zones daily as a new hotel can be added or taken away at any point, changing it's * levels compared to an earlier search in some cases.
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