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  1. now this was good. accepted on first bid. then offered to extend, so we will just do a day trip to gettysburg instead of looking again. Hotel website is $114.
  2. this has been one frustrating week of trying to get into the philadelphia outskirts. I have gone up to $65 for a 3*, 2.5*, adding practically all zones, going into DE.. and finally dropped down to 2*, lowered bid and was awarded this ESA. ( had bid horsham, valley forge ). Perhaps could have saved a little more.. but am tired and happy since their website is about $100/night. used sb link.
  3. Accepted today on first bid of $45.00 quite happy with this. I THINK i used SB link.. i was back and forth so much this afternoon checking out rates/specials, that i cetainly hope i did. thanks for saving me again a bundle!
  4. Used SavingsBarn.com PRICELINE link, but I hadn't bid for a long time so forgot to do all my homework. Have probably overbid for this 2.5 star.. Started at three star, $55 denied. Added 2.5* and RAISED my bid to $58 (duh)..accepted at Amerisuites BWI, thank goodness, as it could have been a lower quality chain, i suppose. This hotel was not on the list. I am not sure what posessed me to do this this way, but at least the cheapest on Amerisuite website was $161, and on priceline $179.
  5. I have just returned from a short visit at the olympia hilton. i was concerned of its distance from the "center", We only used the convenient bus instead of the further away tube. the bus stop is literally across the street and are very frequent. great location for shopping, notting hill, kensington palace and orangery. it is so easy as there are two or three lines that will take you inevitably near where you want to go. The room was nice, not huge, and the bathroom was typically hilton with evelyn crabtree amenities. Tea, coffee and butter cookies in room daily. we did not use any of the services of the hotel but since i am a hilton honors member i was given a free paper everyday and also bottles of mineral water. sign up free at www.hilton.com very friendly, helpful staff. You can buy the travel card across the street at newspaper shop. also, about 1.5 blocks down there are two persian? delicatessans that have a lot of interesting fresh fruit, etc. they had pommegranates already peeled in paper cups to take away. there is a restaurant across the street called "the hare and the tortoise". we didn't try it but it filled up quickly with locals. There is not much to do in the evening in this area after hours. The hotel bar was spacious but modern and minimalist and it had flat screen t.v.s around. i have no complaints but if you are going to be in west end or riverside all the time, this will take you 20 minutes more on the bus, but it is a pleasant twenty minutes past many monuments, and a safe, quiet area.
  6. I was pleasantly surprised with this hotel. the staff were very nice and our room was, too. we stayed december 2006. we asked to be moved to courtyard side though because i am a light sleeper. although the trains stop around midinight, it was quieter on the courtyard side.( the occasional train did not bother my daughter at all.) it worked out well. nice coffee/tea machine in room. very well appointed and much closer to the tube station than i had expected. the circle line is not as frequent as other lines at other stations, so keep that in mind when going back to airport, etc.. It was also VERY convenient to busses and very easy to get around. There is excellent shopping around and a pleasant walk up to notting hill area, kensington palace. I was disappointed not to receive this hotel again when bidding for same area. I am even further west this time!
  7. That's Hilton Olympia Started bidding yesterday for Jan. 14/17. Started out at $65, then $68 up to $70 always with marble Arch, then Mayfair, and finally Kensington, but rejected. Tried again now starting at $70, then 72, and $75, accepted. Extended stay was offered. I was hoping to not be so far west, but by adding Kensington, this can happen. I think I will change my approach next time in London and try to push the marble arch area. I hadn't seen a recent win with the Olympia, so it didn't enter my mind. But t least I am sure it is a nice hotel. Cheapest web price about $240, so I can't complain! I hope the bus is nearby as my mom cannot walk great distances. Used s.b. link, which YESTERDAY appeared to be hacked but fine today?!
  8. After several days of unaccepted bids. I might have done the order improperly and perhaps have overbid a little? Not sure . $80 Bloomsbury Marble Arch rejected with counter offer of $159 $85 Mayfair Soho rejected $90 and added Kensington, accepted. Total tax and service $220.00 This same hotel is listed at 111 EUROS PLUS tax on www.londontown.com website. Also for 99 pounds with tax and breakfast on their own website i see now. Hope we like it. Used the savingsbarn.com link. London is tough this time of year. We decided to stay at a friend's friday and sat. due to the impossiblity of getting a room. ( saturday even some two star hotels were asking up to 300-500 euros!) but have had trouble getting even for these two nights until today.
  9. well. she just came back, and i believe this hotel has been totally renovated.( free phoneline reservation clerk said so). the breakfast was very good, and she would stay there again. so.. what can i tell you. i believe you. don't get me wrong. just shows that not everyone at a hotel has a bad experience. (also, they had two rooms.. and both were fine) it was so convenient for transport. three important buslines .. and of course the numerous metro lines right there. two highly recommended restaurants "avant gout" and "chez paul" are also in the neighborhood.
  10. i can't get it to work for a few dates in june. is it gone? what dates did you have luck with? i am flexible!
  11. First thing one must do is be realistic as to what type of hotel you will be able to get within your budget. then, read as many reviews as you can on various websites, and just go for one. Our daughter just got a 70 euros incl. breakfast at a new holiday inn express at place d'italie. well communicated, but she was totally unwilling to spend the xtra money to be closer in the 5th, 6th or 7th.( february). i would much rather book something i SAW online or knew good reviews than take the chance of being out at the edge of an area. do as suggested. book yourself a Cancellable rate, then keep looking. if you see good things coming up here on priceline or hotwire, then try again.
  12. Priceline is not very easy in Paris, in my opinion. as often recommended, for that price, you can actually choose your own three star exactly where you want it .. there are so many negative reviews about paris priceline hotels that we finally opted to just choose one on our own. at least we know we will not be at EDGE of a HUGE district. we did do priceline for first night at cdg, while we wait for family to fly in next morning. that was $79 ( plus tax and service) and we got the hilton. however, it is a good deal, but hilton now has an offer for $103 , so .. you CAN do pretty well without priceline someitmes. good luck.
  13. Just did another bid to return to CDG night before morning flight.. First try, accepted. Hope this Hilton is nice. Great price. Very happy. Bid through savingsbarn.com
  14. Bid two days ago at $77 CDG, 4*. Rejected. Bid today adding Orly as free re-bid zone, like pnb did, and tried to go under his winning bid.. and it worked!!!!!!! Bid $79. Taxes 13.15 Total $92.15. I am VERY happy. Used savingsbarn to link to PRICELINE.
  15. Just signed up at www.Palomino.com restaurant page for a free dinner certificate. They sent me by email a non-transferrable $15 to be used only at our local Palomino. Good for 30 days only. Nice gift! Looks like it used to be $20 according to a previous post I hadn't seen. Maybe it depends on the area.
  16. Got this on first try tonight after being rejected last week for longer stay and much higher bidding, using numerous suggested combinations. We have decided to reduce our stay and spend more time with friends. Probably should have started lower.. but I am happy with the result. Bid MTE/MTW $130 Taxes and fees: $29.50 TOTAL: $159.50
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