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  1. Assuming the pickup/dropoff times are the same, a $20 bid for a compact for 9 days = $255.36 total with taxes/fees. Using the $30 off coupon from this page: http://www.alamo.com/index.do?action=/hotD..._ecoupons_offer and the contract ID 7014182 at alamo.com, gets you the compact for $235.32 total. Szymon
  2. So what is your total with taxes/fees from Hertz? Szymon
  3. Alamo charges a penalty and may recalculate your rate if you return the car early. With coupon the Alamo web site has an Acadia for $261 for the 4 day rental. Szymon
  4. 5/22 - 5/23 is Thurs/Fri which is considered a weekend in the rental car world. 5/27 - 5/30 is midweek - this is when business travelers rent and their companies are willing to pay top dollar for rentals. That is why it will be difficult for you to find a good deal. Szymon
  5. You need to click through the Alamo reservation process to the page where you see the final quote. On that page, up top, you will see (1) additional driver included. On the Alamo page where you pick the car, scroll down to the drop down at the bottom - there you can select "midsize hybrid" which is the Prius. The rate with the additional driver is $657.31 total. Not sure how much driving you'll be doing and whether the Prius is worth the savings. A fullsize from Hertz is $424.30 total for example - so you're paying $230 for the priviledge of the Prius. Szymon
  6. If you go to BJ's, you will find the Dollar code is BJ3013. You go to Dollar.com, put in the code under "corporate", and on the "step 3" page you will see the following: "INCLUSIVE ITEMS ARE DRIVR " which means 1 free additional driver is included. I tried this for your dates, but unfortunately dollar.com does not show the midsize SUV to be eligible for the BJ's discount. Regular rate is $640.28 at dollar.com without the additional driver. If you go to VacationOutlet.com, click on car rentals, and use the Alamo link, you will see a $15 off Alamo coupon. Click through that and you will get 1 free additional driver included. Total for a midsize SUV for your dates is $626.83. Szymon
  7. That drive is no fun at all... the buses from/to Atlantic City run either on the hour and half hour - check out the academybus.com site for the schedule. With the casino bonuses (cash back when you arrive) the bus would be a really cheap way to go. Szymon
  8. So I assume you are bidding 6/13 noon - 6/17 noon (4 days) @ $17 for economy car. That is a total of $113.52 including taxes/fees. If you go to Orlandoinfo.com and sign up for their free Magicard discount card, you can get an economy car from Thrifty using their code for $126.78. This may be a good backup for you to reserve while you wait for prices to decrease. If you book a pickup/dropoff in MIA and then take the car elsewhere you will be charged steep fees - do not do this. Szymon
  9. Lowest I can see from 4 major rental car companies is $220. Avis, Hertz, and National have special rates for pickup on Sunday night in New York and drop off Monday at EWR - but I would assume (haven't checked) that the 2 day one way EWR -> Manhattan would cost quite a bit so you wouldn't be close to the $140 quote you already got. Szymon
  10. If you're a member of BJ's, their code includes a free additional driver. What are your dates/location for this rental? Szymon
  11. While I cannot comment on your specific coupon, I've never seen a rental company coupon that would allow an upgrade to an SUV or minivan. The Enterprise coupons I've seen state "economy through full size cars only". Note you will usually not be able to combine the 10% off discount with the upgrade coupon. Enterprise.com prices out SUV's/vans at $365.68 total for your dates for the 8 day rental. If you rent from Hertz for 9 days (returning Monday, as they are closed on Sunday), you can get a midsize SUV for $344.25 total using the Southwest Airlines frequent flier discount number 205418 and the $30 off coupon from hertz.com (115275). Szymon
  12. I assume you have a 3 day rental so at the $30/day Budget rate your total for the fullsize is about $130 with taxes. If you use the Alamo $15 off coupon from VacationOutlet.com you can get a fullsize for 3 days for $95.18 total - this also will give you 1 free additional driver. ($95 is equivalent to a $20 Priceline bid). Szymon
  13. The car rental located inside the Monte Carlo is Dollar. Szymon
  14. Avis, Budget, Dollar, and Hertz all have locations on-strip and their web sites will allow you to price out a one way rental returning to LAS. Szymon
  15. If you use the $20 off coupon from Alamo.com, and the VacationOutlet.com contract ID 7014182, you can get the midsize SUV for $281.25 total. This rate also includes a free additional driver. Szymon
  16. Your $576 with Alamo looks like a great deal for a minivan. I couldn't get it to price out that low on the Alamo site. I would wait to see if regular prices decrease further - I think you already have the best price for now. Szymon
  17. I don't believe any rental company offers that service - there is a Hertz location within walking distance of the port you could've booked through. Szymon
  18. Sorry I was unaware you need a 4 day rental - I gave you quotes for a 3 day rental. Szymon
  19. Do you have AAA? $259.19 from Hertz using AAA code and $15 off coupon from hertz.com. Alamo has a minivan for $265.03 using $15 off coupon at vacationoutlet.com. Both of those are lower than the HOTWIRE price. Szymon
  20. According to Priceline's web site: Rental Cars booked through our Name Your Own Price
  21. You cannot assume that there will be no drop-off fee. If you need to drop off in EYW, then you have to book it as such. $66 total with fees is the best I found. I agree that $55 is unrealistic with current rates. Szymon
  22. Nope. Alamo.com - contract ID 7014182 (VacationOutlet.com) and $20 off coupon (AD1336ADK from alamo.com) = $384.60 total price. Szymon
  23. President's Day weekend is tough - very popular time to go to Orlando. Dollar.com has a promotion for AMEX cardholders - a minivan for $177/wk = $225.96 total. If you have an AMEX card I believe this would be your best deal. Szymon
  24. Using the American Airlines code 7014006 at alamo.com you can get the economy car for $762.03 total. Szymon
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