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  1. Bid several nights using multiple zone strategy. Tried bidding Airport East but was not successful for 4* up to $ 105, 3.5* up to $ 95, and 3* up to $ 85. Tried Brentwood up to $ 82, the night before without counter offer. Was comfortable with all hotels in the zone after reviewing the winning hotel list. Got this Tues. - Thur. reservation at a 4.2/5.0 rated hotel. Best price that was available on various sites was $ 149. Reservation was done through Better Bidding PRICELINE link.
  2. Bid multiple time up to $ 129 for a 5* for a Tuesday & Wednesday night together and separately. Stepped down to this nice 4 1/2* and got the Tuesday night on the second bid. Priceline would not accept the additional day at the same rate. Bidding was done though your PRICELINE link. This post is mostly for the purpose of updating the hotel list for the Strip Vicinity South.
  3. I bid more aggressive than normal being this is a 2 zone, and the other zone has all the other hotel options also. Bid at 66% of the price being reflected on most sites and $ 35 dollars cheaper than the lowest price reflected on any site. Thanks to your site I knew exactly which hotel to expect and got one with a very good guest rating. The bid was through your site's [url=http://www.betterbidding.com/clicks/click.php?afsrc=1&id=40]PRICELINE[/url] link. I'm bidding on one additional location that is not reflected on you site, so I'm being a bit more cautious on that one and will be reporting the winning hotel next week. Thanks again to this site and we'll be back for the next vacation.
  4. I noticed the updated Car Rental Rate Checker feature and actually used it to get the quotes that I did obtain.
  5. I needed a hotel at the airport for 2 days due to my car reservation strategy. Pricing was all over the place. From $170 for a 7.1 customer satisfaction rating up to $319 for a 8.8 rating. The hotel list is the most beneficial section on this site, being it gives me a certain comfort level when I am bidding. I know nothing is guaranteed. Being that there were up to 8 hotels that might accept my bid, I reviewed the 2 with the lowest ratings to make sure they all were acceptable. Second day of bidding with 3 zones, I started at $115 for a 3 star and $ 95 for a 2 1/2 star and stepped up in increments of $5 until $135, when I got the first counter offer of $170. Stepped up 3 additional increments and the $150 bid was accepted. Got the lower rated hotel as expected, but still cheaper that the $188 for the Express Deal. Reviews indicated friendly staff, clean rooms, and comfortable mattresses, so that works for me. I used the Priceline link on this site. Not what you want to hear, but never bid on a weekly car rental on this site being the rates were excessive. Wanted a full size, with the rates running from $ 481 to $1,137 ($139 of facility and concession cost). Booked directly with off-site location downtown and also saved the parking cost downtown. Booked the rental for $ 236.14 from one of the top 3 majors. Worth the time on the subway being we were going downtown to the Freedom Trail anyway and the agency was less than a mile away. Off to Maine we go.
  6. I had seen winning bids of $60-$90 and started out at $65, and was pleasantly surprised that my initial offer was accepted. I am usually a very patient bidder. I had decided I wanted a hotel in the North versus the South section due to customer satisfaction ratings. Got the highest rated hotel in the city and actually the hotel that I was hopefully bidding for. The hotel listing is the most beneficial section on this site, being it gives me a certain comfort level when I am bidding. I know nothing is guaranteed. I used the Priceline link on this site. The winning percentage is like the old days when hotels could be won at less then 50% of the posted internet price. $ 65 / $ 189 = 34% (pricing last week at the time of the win) $ 65 / $ 151 = 43% (pricing as of today)
  7. Bid via this site's PRICELINE connection. Very surprised and pleased that Hertz accepted the offer. Had bid $ 18, $ 21, & $ 22 several weeks ago and saw the rate had gone up marginally on other reference sites. $23 bid was accepted in 25 seconds on Saturday 08/31. Not big savings, but now I can move on to securing 10 days of lodging for a 10 day vacation thought the Carolina's. Dollar was the only one showing a reasonable price on the Priceline comparison. $ 230.00 Base price $ 101.55 Taxes and fees -------- $ 331.55 Rental car charge Savings $ 40.66 versus Thirty direct $ 45.66 versus Hotwire and Dollar direct $ 394.22 versus Hertz direct
  8. I have completed our initial vacation plans thanks to this site. Used the HOTWIRE link to check on availability and prices. Used the PRICELINE link on each of the winning bids. I am very pleased with the results. In summary, Car rental - 12 days Salt Lake City Various lodgings for a combined 6 nights 2 star hotel - Ely, NV (transit between parks) 4 star & 3 star hotel - Reno, NV (1 night each) Resort - Lake Tahoe (Incline Village) - 2 nights 3 star - Salt Lake City, UT Tried different bidding strategies around the national parks without much sucess. Decided to take the plunge and booked 3 nights at Yellowstone with the National Park Service and 2 B&B's neat Yosemite. FYI: 3 star hotel bidding summary: Mammoth City, CA @ $85 Mariposa, CA @ $99 and I did not get a counter offer I'll be back to this site for my next traveling adventure.
  9. Limited options between Yellowstone & Yosemite. Got the hotel expected, being it was the only one indicated that had accepted a Priceline bid prior. Bid for various days at increased rates (single zone bidding). Up to $ 75 on a 2 1/2 star and no counter offer. Was $ 97-$ 100 on the sites. Bid up to $ 45 on this 2 star, and received counter offer of $ 53 received. I knew I could get it for an incremental $ 3 - $ 4 higher bid 24 - 48 hours later. Bid next night at $ 48 and accepted. $ 10 savings - 18% Was $ 56 -$ 72 on the other sites.
  10. Ths is more for the purpose of updating the accepting hotels in the zone. Bid $ 69 and was rejected and received no counter offer. Bid $ 75 and was accepted (had used zone options with increased bids for several nights without success). I bid hoping to get a counter offer and was accepted. Got a 4* for Wednesday on a prior bid for $36. This 3* for Saturday night for $75. $22 dollar savings versus Hotwire @ $97 22% savings Interesting that this hotel is no longer being shown as available for this date on Expedia now. I wanted to get a hotel done, being there are 50,000 biking enthusiasts scheduled to attend the Street Vibrations Fall Rally that week, Wedenesday through Sunbday.
  11. Confirmed. Bid $ 36 for a mid-week stay, Wednesday 09/19, and was accepted in 23 secs. The projected rate for these rooms on weekends is extreme.
  12. I would not leave home without using this site. Got the hotel I wanted by reviewing details on your HOTWIRE site, but bid in on your site's link to PRICELINE. Originally was bidding for 3 days. Bid with the extra zone options the 3 last nights from $ 89 to $ 145 without a counter offer. Hotel's price on line dropped from $ 191 to $ 180 including the weekend for supposed a 48 hour period. Thursday night was $ 159. They accepted by $ 129. Was very surprised that they accepted the additional night for $ 129 versus $ 180 price. I took in consideration the $ 25/night resort fee. For reference purposes this same hotel is going for $ 305 this coming weekend.
  13. Rejected @ $ 17.00 1st day attempt Rejected @ $ 18.00 2nd day attempt Accepted 3rd day atempt. $ 19.00 + $ 3.00 bonus cash available = $ 22.00 bid $ 216.78 for weekly rate $ 387.42 published rate for Hertz (Range had been as low as $ 266.52 for a competitor) $ 170.64 savings (44%) Had seen Hotwire offer at $ 22.95\day. Question? - Sorry that I was unable to use the link to bid PRICELINE. Should the $ 3.00 bonus been reflected on the screen when I originally started my bidding process? We will however be booking all 7 hotel stays while we are doing our "leaf peepers" tour through the 6 New England states.
  14. WOW. I waited to late to book for Saturday, being that it is the peck autumn viewing weekend. Decided to drive straight through from Niagara Falls, so got Thursday & Friday rates. Was planning on using my two extra free zones and get rejected and then book what was assumed to be the Sheration on Hotwire. The Holiday Inn got good reviews so I'm statified to get a nice hotel at a reasonable rate in the high demand period so late. $ 192.70 versus $ 392.84 equals 49% P.S. - Yes I did use Better Bidding, as I always do, as was the case for for Niagara Falls (Sheration) and the car rental (Alamo). $ 29.00/day for a full size wasn't much of a savings versus $ 33.95 - $ 35.95 that had been available direct. A few dollars here and there helps.