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  1. Another great win :-) Started at $65 cause i'm greedy like that. Took about 6 re-bid zones to finally nail down this rate.
  2. Remembered to use the PRICELINE link this time :) Exactly what I was going for. Started at $51 and just kept adding re-bid zones. Thank you for this amazing website, I have saved a ton of money over the past few years.
  3. First bid of $45 was returned with a one time offer to raise $13 and re-bid. I did and accepted. Used PRICELINE link in top right again. Thanks BetterBidding once again...
  4. First bid in 4 star downtown Atlanta of $62 is a win !! Was just getting ready to grab this hotel on HOTWIRE for $83 and would have been completely satisfied since the current Hyatt rate is $219. I then jumped over to the betterbidding PRICELINE side and saw that they were getting better rates. I also saw that this Hotel charges $24 a day for parking from a BB poster here so the savings from choosing PRICELINE over HOTWIRE almost cover that. Thanks again BB !! :) I used the PRICELINE link this time (upper right corner)
  5. I want this hotel, stayed before and loved it. What is the current star level and bidding process that you used. Thanks...
  6. First bid wins !! $74.49 w/tax, Expedia was $261.25 for the same !! Thanks again BB.
  7. South beach parking is very high for Florida standards, expect at least $15-30 per day.
  8. I payed $60 to stay there too, don't think it would be much lower as it is pretty nice. I am sure you were happy with your stay...
  9. Started around $50 per night for 2 rooms, kept re-bidding while raising $3-5 each time I add a zone. I wanted something else but I did get a good rate. Stayed here before and is not too bad but it is no Gaylord or Omni. Total for 2 rooms for 2 nights was $202 for this Priceline win, $296 for Expedia special rate, saved $94 !! Keep taking the time to post your results or the system will not work, thanks again BetterBidding.com :)
  10. The first does not seem to be the Gaylord, they show childrens activities. My guess would be the Omni, great hotel and worth the price. I got the Omni before and it sounds like the same amenities but you should double check.
  11. Hyatt Regency Downtown Montreal $75 per night, July 12-14. (best online rates listed at $144-$148) Montreal, 3.5* Customer Favorite Amenities: Restaurant, fitness, business.
  12. Not the Hyatt, I just got it and it was a 3.5 star still.
  13. Yes, that's what I did. I was going to include a free bid zone but either area was fine with me. Honestly, did not think I would get it at this price as the rates are through the roof during the week. I also did not want to split up sunday night's bid at the risk of getting 2 different hotels. Thanks...
  14. 4* Boston (Back Bay- Copley) Sheraton $139 ... 7/14/05 Amenities: Restaurant(s) At least one restaurant is located on the premises. Restaurant hours may vary. Pool(s) Property features at least one pool area. (Note: This amenity offering may be seasonal. Please check hours/availability directly with the property.) Fitness Center Exercise equipment is available for guest use. An additional fee may apply. High-Speed Internet Access High-speed Internet access is available in guest rooms (An extra charge usually applies). Business Center Guests have access to business equipment/services.
  15. Nice deal, website has it listed for $279.00. $aved $140..00 on 1 night !! Thanks...
  16. best online rate was 7/10/05 $179 and 7/11/05 $209. $aved $118.00 on a 2 night stay. I first tried the Copley zone @ $124 considering the high weekday rates. Not too bad.... Only problem for me now is the kids will be sleeping on the floor since I don't think this hotel has doubles. We stayed at the Millennium in NYC's Time Square last summer and it was the same case. I think the chains locations are fantastic but the NYC hotel was lacking in size and comfort, hope this one is better. Thanks...
  17. ***UPDATE*** Just got off the phone with PL and they have removed the Sagamore Hotel from their South Beach Resort catagory and informed me that if I re-bid at that level, the Sagamore as of now would not come up. The main reason being is that there is not several dining options as a resort is described as on PL. As a matter of fact there is no dining at the hotel for dinner. I must say that I am very impressed with the level of service I received from PL regarding this matter. They refunded my money and I will be staying in a high floor oceanview at the National for $130 a night !! Got this r
  18. :) Was trying to get the Loews Resort on South Beach and ended up with the Sagamore Hotel for $160 a night for 3 rooms 6/20-6/22. I am not too thrilled as this place would have never been my choice, not to mention it is a 3.5 star hotel and not really a resort imho. Called Priceline and questioned the resort catagory and they told me the Hotel will contact me within 72 hours. Oh well, maybe it will be nice who know's. I could have booked this directly for the same price, my previous bid of $153 was rejected? Seems to have decent reviews on tripadvisor.com anyway. Please add this one to the li
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