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  1. Hi All. I have a trip to Manhattan April 23-27. I am travelling with a friend and everything is super expensive. Our budget is ~150n plus taxes and I found the following 3star in SoHo. If anyone has any other mid-town(ish) area 3star + options in that range, I would greatly appreciate it. As always, my bookings are made via the links in these forums. Cheers. 3-star Hotel in Downtown - SoHo - Financial District This Hotel features the following amenities: Free Internet Smoke Free Rooms Fitness Center Restaurant(s) High-Speed Internet Access Accessible for the blind Accessible for the deaf Accessible path of travel In-room accessibility Accessible path from the room entrance to the window, the bed and the bathroom; accessible hardware and minimal resistance to open the door; accessible temperature controls and window coverings Accessible bathroom Handicapped parking Roll-in shower Bathroom has a roll-in shower
  2. After starting the bids at $79, 89, 99, 106, I was successful at $110 ($128 after tax) I used the link when ordering. Hotwire was $121 for the same period.
  3. what hotel did you get at 156? we need 3 rooms, and just wasn't ready to pull the trigger.
  4. more failed bids to $146 on PRICELINE HOTWIRE's best is $156.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. I am considering booking something with cancellation options. I knew it would be tough, especially with the request of 3 rooms for a friday and saturday night. i will update any more fails and/or successes i have.
  6. thanks vb_mom None of my bids have been accepted. and I have selected the following areas: $99, $101, $106. Lake Union Mukilteo - South Everett Seattle Downtown - Pike Place
  7. tried over two days. first attempt was denied at $91. I was not willing to reduce to 3.5 stars or add any other areas so I waited two days and tried again with no success @ $96 I need 3 rooms (6 of us going) for 2 nights. *edit* Used the PRICELINE links on this page as well
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