Priceline Hotel: Vegas Help - March 14th - 18th

By Blujaay,

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I'll be heading down with my cousin from March 14th - March 18. It's a super busy week in Vegas during this time. March 13th is the Nascar race, March 15 - 19 is the CONEXPO convention with an expected attendence of 135,000 people, and March 17th is the start of the NCAA Basketball tournament.

We're looking at either 4* or 5* on the strip. I have a budget of about $150 US per night, which may seem out of line at the moment.

Current rates:





No Rooms Available



No Rooms Available


No Rooms Available

Treasure Island






New York New York


I am really to start bidding immediately. Thanks!

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At current prices (things may change between now and then... for better or worse) i don't think $150 for a 4* is do-able. You can try, but not a high probability bet.

Most of ECT's deals are "on request" and i'm not so sure how likely they will be able to get additional rooms given the high demand dates. As a back-up, they do have Circus Circus available at $129 (i know not exactly what you are looking for, but if budget is a primary factor this could be a fallback if nothing else comes thru).

HOTWIRE has what appears to be the Stratosphere for $150/nite or so, but obviously this isn't cancellable.

Not sure if you want to raise your limit, wait it out, or go with the Circus Circus above. You can also use our EASYCLICK TOOL to look for other Vegas properties and request some 'on request' properties.... worst that can happen is they say 'no availability'.

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Thanks for the feedback.

Coincidentally, I had already booked this 3 star "Off the Record Property" at ECT last week not knowing it was the Circus Circus. Once I booked and realized it was the Circus Circus, I cringed and immediately thought of refunding it once the exchange rate improved a bit and I could make back the foriegn exchange fees on the credit card transaction. But if you think that $150 must not be a reasonable offer, I might just hold on to it for the sake of having a backup. I love the fact that you can get a full refund with ECT.

Since my cousin and I are attending the conference at the Convention Centre and are on somewhat of a budget we wouldn't mind staying in the Convention Centre area if it might translate into considerable savings. We wouldn't mind going down to a 2.5* in the Convention Centre zone as they all seem like decent non-casino type hotels (excluding the LV Hilton).

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Remember that you could easily get a 2.5* hotel (and maybe one that you don't want) that is not yet on our lists... so there is a risk in bidding that area and/or star level, especially since it's an under-bid zone with most people choosing to stay on the strip.

HOTWIRE does have what appears to be the Boardwalk for $165/nite. A little more than your budget, but at least it puts you a bit more on the strip.

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I like the Circus Circus over the Boardwalk as I can cancel the Circus Circus while with Hotwire i'm pretty much stuck.

I am thinking there is a lot of the inventory that the convention is holding, they will release closer to the date of the show if they any extra rooms, and hopefully at that point prices will come down a bit and maybe i'll have some luck with Priceline.

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