Priceline Hotel: 3* NYC (Times Square-Theater District) Sheraton Manhattan

By kbmcquain,

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Just posting for others to reference. No luck so far. Looking for 3 rooms. Started at $95 and increased up to $120. Last year during this time, winning bids were between $105 and $120 (for MTW). I know it's a different year but I'm not in a hurry. Airline prices dropped in the last few days. Maybe hotels will follow. Will try again in a few days.

Used the PRICELINE link.

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Tried again. Nothing.

One question. One convention for that weekend (from the Javits site) is the VisionExpo. I went to the site and they list quite a few (21) hotels with conference rates in their program. The reservation deadline for the conference rates is February 23rd. So, have you seen a relationship in the past between the main convention deadline and when the hotels release rooms to Priceline?

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Unfortunately, there's no way to know. I've seen plenty of convention instances where rates remained high up until the convention and others where rates drifted South a week or so before the convention occurred. Depending on the size of the convention, the traffic may be isolated to the hotels within this area.

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Tried again, up to $120. No luck. Also added MTE, up to $120. Nothing. I have been tracking the hotel rates. A few have dropped in the last week. Hilton MTW went from $299 to $269. The SHoreham, $299 to $275. Omni Berk, $232 to $210. Three others have gone up, but 3 of them less than $10.

Looks like I'll wait another week.

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The NYC hotel market is generally not driven that much by conventions, and i would think the city could fairly easily handy 15K. Something like Fashion Week which attracts 100K+ for each of their semi-annual events has an effect on hotel prices, but i'm guessing 15K at the Javitz Center is not having too much of an impact on hotel rates, imo.

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Hey kbm,

I'll be exhibiting in the Vision Expo and am also looking for 2 rooms at a 4* hotel in the TS area. I might add MTW if it's tough to find a good price.

I've bid up to $130 two or three days ago without any luck.

Obviously I wasn't really expecting much cause were are 6 weeks away. I'm bidding for 03/14-03/22.

Another problem I have is that the stay is too long and as far as I know, priceline doesn't like that.

So I might have to divide it up in two and bid for 4 days and again for the rest 4 days.

I don't mind changing hotels in the middle of the stay.

I guess the best way to go about is to reserve, as a back-up, a 3* hotel nearby and if we can't get any good bids until a couple of days before we arrive, then we'd just go to the 3* hotel.

Like some people mentioned, you can't really get good bids until 3-4 days prior.

And like the other person said, the Vision Expo is not that big of a show and I don't think it will affect the hotel prices that much.

Let's keep each other posted with any new updates.


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I've been trying on and off the last 3 weeks with no luck. I'd go up to $125, 4*, in MTE and MTW. Hotels during that time have creeped up a little. I also needed on of the rooms to have 2 beds and was seeing the 1 bed / 2 bed prices start to drift apart. So, after seeing someone else get the Sheraton Manhattan for $90, I decided to try that with 4 rooms instead of 3. Got it at $90.

Sheraton Manhattan Hotel At Times Square

790 7th Avenue At 51st Street

New York, New York 10019


Check-In Date: Thursday, March 18, 2010

Check-Out Date: Sunday, March 21, 2010

Your Offer Price: $90.00

Number of Rooms: 4

Number of Nights: 3

Subtotal: $1,080.00

Taxes: $202.92

Fees: $27.48

Total Charges*: $1,310.40

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