Priceline Hotel: 3* Wilmington (Newark-Christiana) Hilton

By MisterBill,

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I had made a reservation at the Christiana Hilton for next weekend through Priceline for $45, which was a little higher than I had paid on recent stays but still a great deal considering it is parents weekend at the local college. I just got a call from Priceline "quality control" telling me that the Hilton was overbooked for next weekend and was cancelling my reservation (as well as many others, it seems). They moved me to a Quality Inn (2*, I might ad) in New Castle, which is an extra 10 minutes from where I need to be. Because I have no choice, I decided to accept the new reservation but I am NOT happy about it. I did get PL to give me a $10 coupon for a future hotel stay, but it does not make up for my inconvenience (and really being pissed, the Hilton is a great place).

I've never heard of anything like this. I will admit that I haven't read the PL T&C but are they allowed to do this? HHow can the hotel do this for a paid in full reservation?

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Please post the dates of travel for this reservation.

It is not out of the ordinary for hotel customers to be "walked" if a property is overbooked. However, moving you to a lesser hotel and only giving you $10 for your trouble is certainly less than is usually done.

I would strongly suggest calling PRICELINE back and asking for a better resolution to this.

Please use the site's HOTWIRE or PRICELINE links for future purchases and let us know how it goes.

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The reservation was for October 9-11. It's University of Delaware's parents weekend. We had rooms for $45 ($25 in my case since I had a $20/night coupon) and I would not be surprised if all of us were bumped (we discussed the booking on a college discussion website and at least one other person has reported that they were bumped and the rep told me they were calling several people).

In theory I got $50, $10/night for up to 5 nights. But it's only a coupon, not a refund. And I would be a lot less unhappy if they gave me a comparable quality hotel. I talked to the PL person (sounded like out of the US) until I was close to blue in the face (as did the other person who reported their experience) and their response was that our only two options were to take the hotel they were offering, or cancel the reservation. I am pretty sure they could find us a better hotel, but not at the $45 that we paid, and presumably PL was not willing to eat the cost of a better hotel for us.

I did post a comment on the hotel's Facebook page. :)

Oh yeah, and I've had the reservation since early August. So this is a matter of shedding the cheaper reservations (on the hotel's part). Not that they booked too many reservations and forgot to stop taking them.

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