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Priceline Hotel: 4*, San Francisco (SOMA-Moscone Center) Marriott Marquis

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By resipsa99,

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I'll start by saying that I'm going to a conference that is being held at the Marriott Marquis and I'm traveling with a less-traveled friend, so on this trip there couldn't be too much chance-taking experimentation, it had to be figured out fairly quickly (she was getting nervous about not getting a hotel - I assured her it wasn't likely, but... :) ) and I kinda wanted to see if I could get the conference hotel...just at a lower rate.

"Special" conference rate was $311/night all-in (!! not so special if you ask me) and the Marriott's best rate was $288/night all-in (same as Expedia's Special Rate and PRICELINE's direct book rate). Cheapest 4* in the area through HOTWIRE for the dates was $173 plus taxes/fees.

Someone here had succeeded on the Marriott Marquis for the Friday and Saturday for $95, so I was somewhat hopeful, but not too hopeful having seen the lack of cheap rates on HOTWIRE and knowing that it was a HUGE conference and that our stay was quite a bit longer.

So I used the PRICELINE links on this site to start my bidding and ended up at $121 on my second day of bidding. Mweh. Fantastic deal for the hotel and the convenience...but as in m previous post...I've gotten used to super-hot-smoking deals. :) Thanks to everyone for this site and supporting cheaper travel!!

Bidding strategy:

$95 for 4* SOMA - unsuccessful

Added USW at $100 - unsuccessful

Added USE at $106 - unsuccessful

Added Financial District at $113 - unsuccessful

Added Fisherman's Wharf at $117 - unsuccessful

Next day:

Bid $121 for 4* SOMA - successful

Later saw BEAV's post here: Priceline Bidding San Francisico Think I may reach out next time for suggestions!!

It gave the option of extending at the same rate (but didn't use it).

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WOW. You did great! Sept/Oct can be the toughest months of the year to bid San Francisco, yet you managed a decent price for a 4 star hotel for a stay of six nights. Congratulations

For others reading, if the "Marquis" throws you a curve ball, Marriott recently renamed this hotel the Marriott Marquis (like the one in Times Square NY). It was no doubt to differentiate between the new Marriott Union Square (USE zone) that was formerly the Crowne Plaza and Hotel 480.

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Congratulations on your success!

Nice to see you got a great deal and at the conference hotel... i'm sure your friend is impressed! :)

Thank you for sharing your win with the board and using our PRICELINE link to begin your bidding.

Enjoy your stay.

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Thanks for the feedback - good to know that this was a great deal for the time/dates...now I'm working on booking a convertible for Sat the 16th to surprise her...she's never been to California and if the weather cooperates a scenic drive with the top down will be fantastic! :)

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