Austin Tx Airport; failed to get rental in 3 bids-rebids

By dthomasla,

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I failed at the following bids and re-bids; $20 for Mid-size, 25 for Standard, 25 for Midsize, and 30 for Full Size; all within a half hour. The rules say you can't re-bid by just changing the price ( you have to change the car size or time/dates) so I was surprised that it let me bid a second time for a mid-size. On my final bid (30 for full size) I wasn't allowed to bid on mid-size or standard. I didn't want a compact.

Tomorrow I'll bid $25 for Mid size and rebid 30 for standard and 35 for full size.

I may have been unsuccessful because some rental companies are closed at midnight so there is very little competition. But I have rented there normal prices at this late an hour on a previous occasion

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So your pickup date is 6/20 12:05AM with a dropoff 6/23 10AM (total of 4 rental days)?

A $35 bid for a fullsize with taxes/fees = $201.09

Using the 50% off weekends promotion at hertz.com (PC code 104182), you can get a fullsize for $142.84 total with taxes/fees.


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