Priceline Hotel: 2.5* Kitchener Four Points Sheraton Kitchener

By Flipphone,

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Just goes to show ....

Bid for one night at 2.5* level at 38$ and was rejected. One option was to add another zone (Cambridge, Halton Hills, Hamilton) ... Cambridge would have been OK but I can't believe they think that Halton Hills or Hamilton is 'close' to Kitchener.

Anyway, I decided to check :) the 2* category and tried at $39. The result:

Congratulations, you got your price of $39 for a hotel room,

and we've upgraded your hotel quality level to a 2

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Starwood.com is showing a rate of $119 CDN for a CAA/AAA rate and $87 CDN for a Government rate ... taxes added to both rates at, I think, 12%. I make my Priceline bid at ~63.65 all in.

So I figure I am almost $40 ahead of the best rate available from the hotel / chain.


ON, Canada

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I saw the hotel's rate and you got a great deal.

What i was refering to is that you had previously won this hotel just a few days ago (edit: not the case, see next paragraph) for $38/nite. For the dates above you were rejected at $38 but accepted at $39.... i was trying to see if there was a difference in the hotel's rate for each of these stays which would account for the extra $1 needed for this stay.

Upon further inspection i see that this is your first post for a win at this hotel, i didn't look close enough and thought that this KITCHENER FOUR POINTS post was yours too (you'll see that user was accepted at $38). Unfortunately the other users stay had already passed and i wasn't able to compare the rates for their stay and your stay.

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