Priceline Hotel: Bids Rejected - 3.5* up to $80 in Conv Center - Capitol Hill Area


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Hello all..

I have been trying to win two rooms for 5/30 - 6/4 in the Convention Center - Capitol Hill zone. I have used all my free rebids for three nights straight bidding up to $80 per room per night. Is availability just very low at this point for those dates or should I consider splitting up the dates in to two parts (5/30 - 6/1 and 6/1 - 6/4, etc.). Or should I just start working a different zone? I chose this zone because it seemed that people were getting the Metro Center Mariott for $60-70 on and around those dates.

Is my failure possibly due to trying to get two rooms?

Thanks for any advice you can offer!


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I have a trip planned for 6/9- 6/16 - preferably WH or CC-CH areas. I split my bid a few weeks ago and was able to get 6/12- 6/16 Metro Center Marriott for $60. However, I've been trying unsuccessfully every few days to get 6/9- 6/12 and have checked hotel availability; many hotels have no rooms available via their online booking for week days in early June- and some that do have rooms increased their rates quite a lot for weekdays. There may be a few conventions that are using most of the rooms in CC-CH.

You might consider some of the outlying districts. I'm planning to do so, as it gets closer to my trip.

Let us know if you have any luck getting the dates you need

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Based upon current prices I don't thinik $80 is realistic for this stay... have you checked rates thru conventional booking channels, what is the best rate you're able to find thru conventional booking channels?

Whether you SPLITTING YOUR PRICELINE BID or add other zones first depends upon your needs for this stay and how much you view changing hotels as an inconvenience. I do think you have a chance at success at $80 in this zone for the first 2 nites of your stay (possibly the first 3 nites), but the remainder of your stay is likely gonig to cost more, regardless of which zones you select.

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Let us know how you want to proceed and we'll advise accordingly or let us know how it goes.

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Thanks to both of you for the info. This is purely a vacation trip for us and we are pretty "laid back" so switching halfway through wouldn't be too big of a deal for us, especially if it will save a few bucks. I am going to try splitting the bid and see what happens. I will try for the first three nights first and then the first two if I'm unsuccessful.

Thanks again and I will report back my failure / success.

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