Priceline Hotel: 4* Las Vegas (Strip) Westin 10/15/04

By crsshiplover,

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I have tried to bid on the Venetian for 10/15/04 for one night up to $130. No luck. I incremented by each zone, but excluded those two that had resorts (but no 5*), because I wasn't sure if they would automatically be included as an option if I did include the zone. Any insight? Also, now that I've bid and been rejected, is there merit in going through all the zones again when I rebid, or should I just start higher and not try to add as many zones? Still learning the system, with your help. Also, I absolutely want the Venetian since I have several nights before that already reserved there. If I thought I was going to end up somewhere else, I'd not be bidding for a hotel right now, but looking at other options. Thanks!

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Well to clarify for other users/newbies that may be reading... you are bidding for a 5* hotel in the strip zone, and not the Venetian in particular, but the Venetian is the only known hotel to have been reported in this zone (and most agree that if the Bellagio or Ritz Carlton were ever received (it's not believed that they participate with Priceline) then it would be worthwhile switching).

I add the above to avoid confusion since we've had a few posts lately about bidding on specific hotels.

To answer other question: i would start low again and go thru the zones. If the Venetian released $100 inventory immediately following your bid, you'd end up overpaying if you started off where you finished. We've often seen users bid the same prices for weeks and finally get accepted at a price lower than their maximum bid just a few days earlier.

However, right now rates are substantially higher for your date.

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I'd also track the rates for your particular dates on the Venetian website and on Hotwire.

If the price starts to go down on both of those websites for the dates you want then there's a good chance priceline's price also went down.

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Good thoughts, friends. That's why I asked. I'll keep my eyes peeled. The rate right now is $349 on the websites. I realize I'm not guaranteed the Venetian, but based on all my research, it is the only 5*. I know, anything can change at any given time, but something's got to be said for history, which is what I'm banking on. A gamble-appropriate for the location!

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There is a 20,000 delegate AAPR convention at the Sands Exposition Center from 10/14 through 10/16. The Venetialn and the Sands Center are next door to each other (and are owned by the same company) and are connected by walkways etc.

Plus, 10/15 is a Friday, and some hotels don't favor single-night reservations for Friday (I'm not sure about the Venetian).

I'm not saying it's impossible, but please do consider these factors as you make further bids. Best of luck and safe travels!

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I was watching prices on the Venetian and noticed Hotwire had it for over $400 and the Venetian website had it for $469 today. Decided to skip it knowing I didn't get it at $165, it just isn't worth it to me to pay that for a place to sleep. So, I got the Westin for $135 + $21.26 = $156.26. Started bidding at $100 and got offered the "one time option" for $149. Obviously, I didn't take it and kept bidding. Am pleased with the Westin because I love the heavenly beds and showers, I'll get over the minor inconvenience of being off the strip. It still seems pretty accessible to everything. Good luck!

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Let us know how the property is (and maybe some pics of the 'small' rooms?) :)

Thanks for posting your win, glad to see you at least have a roof over your head for the nite.

Good Luck in Vegas!

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