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By like2cruise,

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I am a frequent member on Cruise Critic and this is my first visit to this board. I am impressed. I usually pay too high of prices for hotels...but I am anxious to use Priceline for my one night cruise in November and again in March 04.

My main question is when is the prime time to bid for a hotel? Is the November date too far away?

We love the Hyatt, have stayed at the Sheraton and initially were going to book the Marina Park Holiday Inn as it had the best price. If we could get the Hyatt for $27.00 we would do the happy dance.

Any step by step assistance would be much appreciated! We aren't too picky as it is really only for one night, we just want to be close to Bayside for dinner :)

I am trying to understand the rebidding, but I wouldn't want to change the zone...so I just need to be patient and wait 72 hours. Right? We have friends going with us...so we each could take turns bidding for 2 rooms at a time right? Hubby could use his computer at work and a different credit card right?

Thanks for any suggestions you have!

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Welcome to BetterBidding, we'll provide all the help you need and answer whatever questions you may have.

If you haven't read this explanation of re-bidding already, check it out: Bidding Again before 72 hours . This is one of the best "tricks" of Priceline. By adding certain zones, you can bid again but ensure that you won't get that zone (because they don't offer any hotels at the star rating (or higher) that you are requesting). If you have questions after reading the above, feel free to ask. As i write this, there are 2 re-bid zones available when bidding Downtown Miami.

This is another good read Should i Bid Early or Close to Arrival Date . I would definately try bidding your November stay now, but don't obsess about it daily at this point (or you'll likely get frustrated quickly).

If you only want the Hyatt, i would try for 3* and bid $27 and use one re-bid at $30.

If you're also willing to accept the Shearton, i would try for 3* and bid at $27, first re-bid at $34, second re-bid at $40.

(disclaimer: a new hotel could always be added or a zone will change and you'll get something not mentioned above)

Of course, before doing either of the above, make sure you have an understanding of re-bids (feel free to email me with what you think are your re-bidding zones to confirm them) and of course, post any add'l questions you may have.

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I booked two nights in October a few weeks ago. I don't think it is too early at all-I like to get stuff done and over with. I got the Doubletree Oceanfront in Fort Lauderdale for $52.00 per night. It was so easy that I was dissapointed! I wanted to barter some more- my 2nd bid was accepted!

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